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You love The Tiger Series...now see how it started! Colleen Houck pins for GL

 It's no secret that the girls at GL are obsessed with the Tiger's Curse series. (Want to get caught up? CLICK HERE.)
And now that we just got our hands on Tiger's Destiny (CLICK HERE for deets on the newly-released final book in the saga), we're thinking back to how it all began. The exotic locales, the magical forces, the swoon-worthy romance...how did author Colleen Houck weave such a rich tapestry in her tales?
We asked...and she showed us. 
Colleen guest curated a custom Pinterest board which showcases all of her visual inspiration for the Tiger's Curse saga. Check out the meaning behind five of her favorite images below, then click any of them to visit Colleen's full Pinterest board for GL.


Tiger's Destiny U.S. cover
"I always knew Destiny would be my fire book, so when my publisher debated what creature to put on the front cover, I didn't hesitate in suggesting the Phoenix. It's hard to imagine a more majestic creature than my tigers, but I think the Phoenix comes close. Another of my favorite parts of the Tiger Series covers is the scrollwork at the top of the book. I love running my hands over it and the fact that it's also carried through on the hardcover is awesome!"

An intimate scene
"This image reminds me of a very tender scene between Kishan and Kelsey in Tiger's Destiny. They get a brief reprieve from pursuing the end of the curse and take some time out for each other. Kishan lays out his heart here in a way that would make any girl melt."

"When I set about to create Ren's human form, I imagined an Indian version of Superman. But as I stared at my Ren inspiration, this white tiger, Ren changed into something more. I imagined the man trapped for centuries and a poet emerged. Kelsey needed to be as entranced by the man as she was by the tiger. How could you gaze into the blue eyes of this tiger and not fall in love?"

The fire realm
"In Tiger's Destiny, our heroes enter the fire realm. The trees glow, the rivers are molten, the waterfalls made of lava. In this place, water becomes a weapon, so it's fortunate that Kelsey has acquired Durga's necklace. She uses it to not only cool down the lava tubes that lead to the fire realm, but also to save Ren and Kishan from a beautiful but deadly Rakshasa queen."
"In the fire realm, Kelsey uses the Divine Scarf to impersonate one of the citizens of Bodha. Her skin is golden with a green tinge and gemstones cover her eyelids and trail down her cheekbones to her neck and shoulders. She's beautiful...and Ren and Kishan aren't the only ones who think so."
The saga continues...
Can't get enough from Colleen Houck and The Tiger Series? We have your fix!
  • CLICK HERE to get caught up on the series
  • CLICK HERE to check out Tiger's Destiny
  • CLICK HERE to view Colleen's exclusive Pinterest board
  • CLICK HERE to enter the Tiger's Destiny Epic Fantasy Sweepstakes! Enter as much as you'd like before October 4, 2012 at 11:59pm EST. One girl will win a Nook Tablet™ and signed, limited-edition boxed set of the Tiger's Curse saga.
  • Join GL as we chat live with Colleen on Thursday, September 20, 2012 at 6pm EST. Check back on September 13, 2012 for more details!

BY GL ON 9/7/2012 12:00:00 AM

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