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Wait, waiter!

One time I was at Bertucci's with my family eatting dinner. We had a really cute waiter and my brother agreed with me that he...
75 Comments | Add Yours

Ha ha!!! I would've killed my dad if that happened to me. It's a good thing you may never see him again Wink.

by music191 on 11/6/2013 6:46:13 PM


and hotv was soppose to be hot okay

by siana on 9/25/2007 6:38:33 PM


when the first word was hi it was sopposed to be i but i said this because i just thought u didnt understand this so bye eveybody

by siana on 9/25/2007 6:37:29 PM


hi saw this hottttt guy his name is timothy we just call him tim and he is soooooooooooo hotv and i didnt tell him if i love him because i was shy so i waited and waited and then i was a about to ask but no i was so ssssshhhhhhhyy and i wish when we grow up i would like to marry him sooo badly. i love him so badly he is a hotty and a cutie

by siana on 9/25/2007 6:34:48 PM


yeah my dad embaresess me too...its like there job...or main goal in life......that just sucks...

by me on 7/27/2007 6:49:40 PM


OMGawsh. Ma dad always does dat 2 me wheneva I ask a stupid question. 4 example, ya no in restaurants when they giv ya da check in a little tray? Well I asked ma dad y they put it in little trays so ma dad called da waitor and asked him so LOUD dat otha ppl could hear! He sed, "My daughter would lyk 2 no y u put da check in trays" OMGawsh! I wish I could just die rite there in ma seat! It wasn't worth livin 4! Da waitor just said dat it looks formal and good in little trays than just handin it out. Dats so weird. R all dads lyk dat? Cuz it sure does seem lyk it. heh-heh. Smile

by Lisa on 5/7/2007 2:48:16 PM


wow cookie baby r u like really gorgeous?

by lilmissunshine on 3/14/2007 7:52:04 PM


I am SOOOOOO sory.My dad hasn't realy done anything like that to me.Probly becouse i'm only 11.Bt my little sister;UGH!!!!One time she told my crush that I wanted to go out with him.

by Adriana on 2/27/2007 5:04:08 PM



by shelly on 2/17/2007 10:16:06 PM


Ooch!!!!! my dad would never do that but he would laugh... but not when the waiter was around!!!!!!!!!! LOL!!!!

by lexi on 1/29/2007 10:22:10 PM


OMG!! That is really bad. My dad is the same way. he's like, who do you like and i say the guy i like( i'm not goin to say the guys name because my friends will find out who i like!!!)
And then, when the greatest time to blurt something out he's says it. I think you should go back there and tell the guy it was a misunderstanding, or, you could go and tell him how ya feel!

by Brittney on 1/28/2007 7:05:02 PM



by Kelsey on 1/28/2007 3:15:37 PM


Oh Wow! Hey, How old was he!!!!!!!!lol!

by Emily H. on 1/27/2007 10:43:57 PM


Look on the bright side, the waiter didn't know. He's just a stranger. If he was your crush pr something, then I'd really be mortified, but in your class, no big deal, just forget about it.

by kitkat12 on 1/20/2007 4:29:14 PM


OMG i would have been soooo embarased u must have soo mad and humiliated i feel ur pain

by baygirl on 1/20/2007 3:03:58 PM


omg that's embarrassing, but now u no 2 never discuss that kinda stuff w/ ur fam...that's 4 friends~not dad's, i swear those dad's r out 2 get us!!!!

by Kara on 1/19/2007 10:49:18 PM


O M G!!!! that would be sooo awful i feel ur pain....but it is kinda funny lol. wat did the waiter do?

by SweetAndSassy on 1/19/2007 6:36:34 PM


Wow! That must be perty embarrasing. Probably not as embarrasing as the time I went to pinch my mom and pinched the hot waiter instead.

by Rachel B. on 1/19/2007 5:44:41 PM


i feel ur pain!

by girlygirl16 on 1/19/2007 2:45:53 PM


i hate it when dads do that! my dad is so loud when he talks and he is always joking around in public!

by ila on 1/18/2007 11:52:18 PM


my isnt really that imberising hes not that much but he can be at sometimes...

by Cutie pie on 1/18/2007 11:44:13 PM


SO is mine I know how u feal .......................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................

by Cutie pie on 1/18/2007 11:39:59 PM


One time I had a boyfriend and we went out for like 1-2 weeks and this girl knew I was dating him and she asked him out and he said yes so at lunch he stood up and said Its over so I just turned my head at was like I dont really care if he broke up with me.

But the next day I got this really HOTT boy friend so it didnt really matter if that fag b-f broke up with me egleast I got a HOTT B-F!

by Cutie pie on 1/18/2007 11:37:17 PM


omg!!! i would just die if that happened to me!! but st least u wont see him again!! my dad does things like that to me allllll the time!!!

by beach babe on 1/18/2007 10:59:14 PM


can someone help wi lew66 long problem above

by lew66 on 1/18/2007 10:24:56 PM


i know

by brianna on 1/18/2007 9:37:45 PM


oh that sucks, but you'll live and at least you did actually know him. Once my mom and i were in a store and i saw this cute guy that was in a couple of my classes, we both saw each other and smiled when my mom blurted out "OMG you think that guy is hot dont you?" it was so embarrassing!!

by candy on 1/18/2007 9:33:50 PM


HAHA ii feel ur pain girly wow at least it wasnt someone from school your dad said that to =]

by Rachey on 1/18/2007 9:28:45 PM


That was hilarious! (sorry if that makes you felel worse) next time if you wana talk cute guys dont do it in front of your dad!

by Rose on 1/18/2007 9:05:08 PM


omg! my dad always embarases me!

by hulagirl on 1/18/2007 8:47:28 PM


omg that is sooooooo something my dad would do except he would make it 10 times worse!!!!So i feel your pain but at least it waznt someone u actualy new!!!!You just shouldnt go to that resterant like....lets say EVER Again!!!!!!LOL

by Alex on 1/18/2007 8:42:16 PM


whenever i say anything like that my dad only tries to change the subject. i guesse im lucky!!! Smile

by charlene on 1/18/2007 8:38:27 PM


Crushed, just face them. they will get over it! Go talk to that guy and be like, i had a sore throat when i alked to you and i wasn't being flirty, you were and if you keep elling people that about me i'll tell them you encouraged me to flirt w/ u cause you were flirting first!!1

Can you help me with my problem above? it has to do woth guys!

by lew66 on 1/18/2007 8:35:06 PM


i think u should talkto your dad about that!!!

by bowlerpup on 1/18/2007 8:28:23 PM


omg that is soooooo embaressing!

by catherine on 1/18/2007 8:20:58 PM


He always seemed to like me and flirt in a way but I guess it was all to mess with me

by Crushed on 1/18/2007 8:12:23 PM


ps....I have liked him since umm 7th grade...were in 8th grade now,,but yea it sucks so much...

by Crushed on 1/18/2007 8:11:49 PM


Help!!!!!HEY here is my sitch again!

So there is this hott Smile guy and i am not sure if he is going with anyone at the moment. he used to ignore me but now he is talking to me and being kinda nice. He told this guy to get his junk off my desk. + today he even told the team captian to put me on his team during class! I am very shy and only talk when giving the answer. Like an hour ago i was playing wall ball wit my lil bro and a guy who is like 3 yrs. younger than me and he walked out and saw me.(we were playing right otside the dinning hall!) he looked shocked cause i don't appear to be the jean wearnin baseball thrower kinda gal. he thinks i am ttly devoted to school! I just like school cause i can hang wit does kids! anyway, he nodded at me and walked away. he NEVERtreated me that way before break, now he is acting nicer to me and i like it! (He was never mean or anything he just didn't pay any attenton to me!) Does this mean he likes me? He is also 2 years older and my dad is kinda the boss of his dad. + we are neighbors and i have had a crush on him since sept.!!!!!!
Or does he jus want to be my friend and help break my outer shell? Help!!!!
I left out stuff before! p.S. i am a big fan of copy and paste! tat way i don't need to retype anyting!!!!!!!

How can you tell if a guy is flirting with you?


by Lew66 on 1/18/2007 8:10:17 PM


Well today I totally feel crushed about a guy I have a crush on..He is totally super cut,but he made me feel horrible.this thing started about 6 weeks ago and then I called him for like an hour and 30 minutes and he seemed kinda flirty...but the next day he was totally shy and seemed to not care and avoid me....then he always startes at me and I think he likes me,but I guess now I called him up and he was like I gotta go ok..which I think is a sign that he doesn't like me...awww I feel crushed and My little heart aches...He is telling everyone now that I called him and was flirting with him and it is embarrasing so I am risking alot here people stare at me[only guys know] and i feel uncomforatable and I wish I can just move away...ahh..the sad thing is this is the first guy who I actually told I have feelings for them myself and I always felt scared too and now that I got crushed I feel like I can never do this again,,,there are a ton of guys who say I am hot,,,but either have girlfreinds or are too shy to tell me anything about it soooo..I feel like a loner ..all my firends have boyfriends and seem happy and I feel bummed out ahh...This sucks...How do I face people again

I need advice pronto...thanks

by Crushed on 1/18/2007 8:08:42 PM


P.S. I want it to snow, i is 40 degrees and is kinda raining!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I want snow

by lew66 on 1/18/2007 7:50:23 PM


Hey i have a Problem on he otherr page!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! the boy scouting page!! i am lew66 and i need major help, i do have class withhim tomorrow and i need help!!!!!!!!!

by lew66 on 1/18/2007 7:48:56 PM


my dad teases me w/ having boyfriends when i nver had a bf and he doesn't want me to have one! i don't get it

by cherry on 1/18/2007 7:42:23 PM


That is awful. My dad hates me likeing guys but he would never ever do that (I hope)
Hopefully you got a date out of that or at least a new boyfriend. Don't let this keep you done start getting back at your dad. Tell him you have a new punk boyfriend or that you want to die your hair pink to join a rock band. Have fun!

by tt on 1/18/2007 7:42:08 PM


thats terrible... I would scream at my dad!!!

by shelly on 1/18/2007 7:39:45 PM


oh and i agree with guitar lover you need to tell us how he reacted! =]

by tay on 1/18/2007 7:37:14 PM


wow that stinks! =]

by tay on 1/18/2007 7:36:10 PM


never ever EVER let your parents know your 'like' feelings if there's chance they can embarras you

by LittlePrincess on 1/18/2007 7:29:35 PM



by bluedragon on 1/18/2007 7:29:07 PM


He gutiarlover
i left a prob for you on the other page

by lew66 on 1/18/2007 7:17:06 PM


That sucks!

by KT on 1/18/2007 7:16:48 PM


I'm sorry, that is HILARIOUS!!!!!

by Emily on 1/18/2007 7:06:53 PM


I my god. Mine is EXACTLY like that. He does not care if it embarrasses me. He just speaks his mind. Whatever that may be!!!!!

by anonymous on 1/18/2007 7:04:33 PM


NICE ONE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

by kyrsten on 1/18/2007 6:57:16 PM


that aint the worst a parent could do (trust me)bot it made me happy :mrgreen:

by CrazziePants96 on 1/18/2007 6:54:47 PM


Well as long as you don't know him from school then you pry won't get a bad reputation from a...big mouthed dad. My dad doesn't even want me to have a bf so count yourself lucky your dad supports it in a...goofy way, well goodluck, maybe he just got shy and thought you were hot too! Lol that'd be awesome. Your dad may have just opened the door. Well have a nice time if he does become your bf.

by VolleyBallChick on 1/18/2007 6:40:29 PM


That would be so embarassing if my dad did that to me!That's why you never say ANYTHING like that in front of your dad.(especialy mine,lol).What did the waiter say whe n your dad said that?♥

by Rose on 1/18/2007 6:26:04 PM


thats really embarassing! but hey, at least you didn't know him or he would have ratted u out to his friends at school, and his friends you would probably know! anyway, dads LOVE to embarass their daughters around guys, so just don't let it bother you! act like you didn't say anything or do anything, and nobody will ever know!!!!!! :oops: for you!!!!

by candi on 1/18/2007 5:57:25 PM


doya know the muffin man

by JOJO on 1/18/2007 5:32:28 PM


ouch thats bad. my dad does stuff like that. no worries. I think everyday dose that to his daughter every so often. lol :oops:

by cupcake on 1/18/2007 5:27:49 PM


That is messed up Dad's should keep secrets not spill them this way and that I feel your pain and I think that you should tell him that he needs to keep things like that secret because that is a dad's job.

by Jessi on 1/18/2007 5:05:57 PM


That would be embarrising! Well you might want to keep feelings like those to yourself from now on. This will keep anyone else from spilling how you feel.

by limitedEdition on 1/18/2007 5:05:25 PM


ooh! im sorry that really sucks! but atleast u didnt really know the guy, and its not like ppl from skool were standing right next 2 u or anything.....just tryiing to think on the brightside! :mrgreen:
xoxo, mel

by melanie on 1/18/2007 4:58:59 PM


OUCH! i would never say anything like that around my dad or brother.

by Meghan on 1/18/2007 4:50:39 PM


aww ii feel you painn :] that so seems liike somthiing mii dad would do!! dads can be such dorks lol


by kasey on 1/18/2007 4:46:47 PM


wowo well my dad probably would never do that cuz' he knows i would probab;y give him the cold shoulder for the rest of his life! lol still this is you so how long ago did this happen?

by ashley m. on 1/18/2007 4:37:26 PM


wow thats realyl bad! i would never say anything like that around my dad, i cant beleive you did, lol

by Anonymous on 1/18/2007 4:22:49 PM


hey! its cool, just chill, and dont worry about it!

by hi on 1/18/2007 4:18:24 PM


WOW!!! Embarrasing!!!! NEVER say anything like that around your dad...he is bound to embarrass you

by Aly on 1/18/2007 4:12:24 PM


Keep going to the restaurant and act like nothing ever happened. You'll be fine.

by Jenna on 1/18/2007 4:02:03 PM


Keep going to the restaurant and act like nothing ever happened.

by Jenna on 1/18/2007 3:58:39 PM


that sucks that your dad said that to him! i think it'd be fine if it was like, your friend or someone else.=D

by Erika on 1/18/2007 2:39:39 PM


Just pretend it didn't happen and if you go back to that restuarant and see him just act normal.

by Sarah on 1/18/2007 2:11:11 PM


Never say anything like that around dad!!!

by lew66 on 1/18/2007 1:13:23 PM


hehe...i never say anything like that around my dad, cuz i know he'll do that! but it's not that embaressing, at least you don't know that wait or see him again...hopefully Laughing
first comment again?! HORAY! :p

by cherry on 1/18/2007 1:07:50 PM


Yes first comment!!!!!!!!! Totally embarrassing never go back to that restuarant

by Lola on 1/18/2007 12:49:53 PM

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