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GIRL TALK: Help! I'm A Stress Mess

Okay, I feel hopeless. My life is a mess. I couldn’t be more confused. I am hopeless at keeping my room clean (which doesn’t help...
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First of all, this could be because you are way to busy. Do you do an after school activity almost every day? If so, think about cutting down your activities to only the ones you are truly passionate about and would like to continue doing for a while. If your grades are slipping, talk to each of your teachers seperately about how to get them back up again, and how to not procrastinate. Here are some suggestions: no TV until all homework is done, and create a routine when you get home. A 10-15 minute break is ok, but get right down to business after that. Messy room: make cubbies/boxes for everything, and label them. Have a place for everything, and about once a month, go through your whole room, eliminating things that are just junk. Here's a way to determine whether to keep it or not: if you haven't used it for one year, it's probably time to go. Remember, putting things where they belong will mean less work for you later, when your parents tell you to clean up your room. Also, if you're constantly stressed, make time for just lounging around, or inviting friends over, or doing something that is calming and relaxing to you. I hope some of my suggestions work for you!! ;)

by Kayla on 4/16/2007 6:07:01 PM


mod please help!

Im so stressed....

i have been in dance 10 years and softball 4 years..and my mom always says dance is first before softball so i had to miss a few softball practices in the last year..but now this year i get to play infield and im soo excited! but alot of my practices are during dance class and if i miss too many im afraid my coach will make me play outfield again..which i REALLY dont want to do. plus i dont even like dance anymore and this is my last year. PLEASE HELP!

Talk to your mom and let her know that you don't enjoy dance anymore, and that you'd rather play softball, and this year you are playing infield which makes you really happy, but if you miss too many practices, you might not get to play infield anymore. Basically just tell her what you told me.

<3 Jessie M.

by steph on 3/25/2007 2:51:31 PM


relax, try not to worry so much. It doesnt do any good.
It will do nothing but upset you and sometimes maybe even others. just remember,
**********************(RELAX and BREATHE)******************

by Tonya on 3/25/2007 2:34:30 PM


hey kelsey!
sounds just like me! your not alone.
Just wanted to let you know.
have a great day!

by Tonya on 3/25/2007 2:30:52 PM


Im bored. Sombody please talk to me.

by Tonya on 3/25/2007 2:27:57 PM


I am always sooooo nervous about everything and some of my frends call me a worry wart!!!!!!!!!!!!!
WHAT SHOULD I DO ???????????????????????

by Kelly on 3/25/2007 1:13:17 PM


Kelsey- Also, if you have a spring break or something like that coming up, take a vacation. Relax. Foget about everything that's stressing you out. Focus on having fun. You'll feel a whol lot better, trust me. :smile:

by Maria on 3/24/2007 7:39:21 PM


stress is a bad thing to have and it can be frustrating. its up to you thiought to eliminate this stress. this is bad comin from the worst procrasinator in the world, but try getting things like home work and projects done as soon as you get them. i hope you werent considering suicide! that would be horrible! as for being an unpopular homebody, just put yourself out there. make it a goal to introduce yourself to 5 new people a day! and dont you ever pretend to be someone you are not! it will come back and bite you in the butt! its normal to feel out of control at this stage in your life but making friends and eliminating stress will help with that.

by millie on 3/24/2007 6:27:59 PM


Ashley- Oh sorry! That was supposed to say Maria instead of Annoymous :oops:

by Maria on 3/24/2007 3:31:01 PM


Ashley- Plus, it's hard to not care about what other people think of you, but sometimes it best to somehow ignore it. I know it hurts your feelings, but maybe one thing you could do to help with that is to explain to your friend that theres not much you can do about it and if she could lay off a little it would make you feel a lot better. And maybe you could ask her if she could help you stand up for her with everyone else teasing you. Sometimes people tend to "back off" when they're faced with more than one person defending another person.

by Annonymous on 3/24/2007 3:30:19 PM

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