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Hi. I don’t know but I need some help. I have liked this guy for years and last month, he asked me out at a...
117 Comments | Add Yours

omg someone help! im super shy and my last bf broke up w/ me because i did not talk. help me b more outgoing. PLEASE?

by sexylady on 11/11/2007 9:35:22 PM


Maureen Allot of fellas are shy but I tell you this my guy friend is shy but he never shuts up
maby you should start a conversation first then he might talk I hope this helped it works for me and my guy friend and he is sort of really shy but he's not shy around his girlfriend , his family or me

by susan on 7/28/2007 10:44:02 AM


I had this same problem! He would never talk to me at school, but we did talk almost every night on the phone. This is what I did: I figured out what his hobbies were (like his was football). So I assked him questions about it and asked if he could teach me how to throw a football. Let me say he was totally impressed of my sudden interest and that really broke the ice! After that we actually started acting more like a couple than ever!

by Taylor on 7/27/2007 2:58:11 AM


is anybody on? i need some help. ok, wenever i like a guy, i obsess over him for a few months, and i tell my friends that me and the guy are soulmates and stuff. then as soon as another guy comes along, i fall in love with him. and by then the first guy i liked is starting to like me. its really getting annoying, but i cant help it. i hav no idea wat to do, and i want to stop falling madly in love with every guy i meet! somebody please help me!

by Marissa on 7/26/2007 11:34:01 PM


hehe i forgot to answer my own question...
yes i believe in love at first sight, and i think i had it and lost it. it happened 2 years ago, and i still feel reallllly sad about it sometimes

by Bebe on 7/25/2007 9:13:07 PM


hey chicas:
i just have a qq for all of u
do u believe in love at first sight?

by Bebe on 7/24/2007 2:12:46 AM


r gonna do nething like the guy shockers again?? they r the best thing iv read on this site, and thats saying something!!!

by Bebe on 7/24/2007 2:04:10 AM


ok thankx. idk if i can do that though...it would be wierd.ish. lol Laughing thank you so much for ur help

by Megan on 7/22/2007 9:42:48 PM


Like i got that part and i put my hand were it it was BARELY touching his and he moved it. but he told my bff, elle, that he wanted to. i do all that. and im kinda scared to just grab it. any other ideas?

You could mention how it was so cute when you saw so-and-so holding hands the other day. Just an idea...

xoxo, Robin H.

by Megan on 7/22/2007 9:38:01 PM


how do i try to get my bf, micheal to hold my hand??? he wants to (he told my friend) and she told him i wanted to. but he is SHY

Leave your hand out on an arm rest or someplace pretty obvious between you two. Put it very close to his when you two are walking side-by-side. And if he still doesn't go for it, brush his hand once in a while, in a way that could be an accident. That should encourage him to go for it, but if not, feel free to do it yourself!

xoxo, Robin H.

by Megan on 7/22/2007 9:32:49 PM

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