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Flirting 101

G-Blog’s Guide to Giving the Googly Eyes I spy, with my little eye… one very cute guy… …Now what? We’ve all been there: spotted...
343 Comments | Add Yours

So I really like this boy in my class. I want to flirt with him but I think he thinks of me as more of the queit girl. Any tips on how to show him Im really more then that? Please help! Thank you!

Hey girl! Maybe you could just try to find other ways to talk with him in class and stuff. Or before school/after school. Once you start talking with him more regularly, it would be easier to flirt with him. But make sure he starts to get to know you first, otherwise I think it would seem a little random! 
Kelli S.

by PrettyinPinkox on 5/8/2010 12:14:20 PM


i really like this guy and i think he might like me too. we eat lunch 2gether and he makes me laugh and he is always really sweet (except for when he's teasing me but i still think its funny). sometimes after class i spend a long time packing up and he never has a lot to pack up but we *magically* get out of class at the same time. he walks with me to my classes sometimes and whenever i'm in a class he always seems to be standing near me. but he is also my bgf and i sometimes see him talking to other girls. does he like me? does he see the other girls as *just friends*? i really really really don't want to ask him or anything b/c i don't want him to know i like him unless i know for sure he likes me. plz help!!!

He might like you! I can't really tell you about the other girls though.  
Kayla C.

by kayal124 on 5/7/2010 8:31:20 PM


MOD MOD MOD MOD i really like this guy in 8th grade (in in seventh grade). i take a higher level math class and i sit next to him in it so we talk alot. i havent really flirted with him(i think). i dont even no if i should go for him or not. HELP!!!
PS i've never had a bf

Hey girl, why not? 
Kayla C.

by FBM013 on 3/27/2010 11:13:50 PM


MOD ok so umm what i ment is that the 8th grader lets call him bob. Well me and my friends went to this football game and bob called me over to tell me he liked my BGF"s GIRL FRIEND So he started tring to put his arm around her and flirting with her. So thats why i was mad. i DO NOT LIKE my best guy friend. sorry for the confusion. do you mean i should just let him go or still be friends with bob.HELP!!!!!

 hey girl, oh sorry misunderstood the first question. I think it would be best to talk to your guy friend because if she's taken, that's not cool for him to move in. But if he keeps asking like this, I would probably move off from him for a bit. 
Lauren R.

by luvs13 on 3/27/2010 6:37:31 PM


MOD MOD MOD PLEASE HELP ME.I need girl advise on this one guy any one can help. Ok so at our school dance i waz just dancing with my friends untill this hot 8th grader came and wanted me 2dance with him naturally i siad yes and we danced the whole dance i even had my guy friends want to dance with me and he grabed me and told them shes my girl get ur own. He made me cumfterbul coplemeted me and never let me leave his sight whithout him running up and grabing my hand. I felt rel speacial consedering ivc always been the guy friend like one of the guys. So its been 9 weeks from then and well the next week and he flirted with me and now after spring break and after i have gooten rel atached to him and his friends he never asked me out.To make matters worce he has just recentlly told me right now he just wantes to be friends. I am still not shure he wants to always stay friends or be friends for now and posibly go out later. But wat really got me mad was when my best guy friend told me he likes his girlfriend. Now i am not shure if we still be friends or if i should never speak to him again. I am best friends with his they all like me and say im perfect for him and he cant see wats in front of him. They are so sweet to me not like most crushes best fiends. WHAT SHOULD I DO MOD PLEASE HELP ME.

Hey girl! This sounds really complicated. The 8th grader totally led you on to believe that something would happen. It's really unfortunate, but if he really does just wanna be friends, maybe you just need to let it go. His actions and his words clearly don't match up, and you don't wanna be stuck with an inconsistent guy. I'm a little confused 'bout your second question ... your bgf likes WHOSE gf? And why are you mad? Do you like your bgf now? I think you really need to sort out your feelings before doing anything else.  
Kelli S.

by luvs13 on 3/27/2010 12:34:52 PM


There's this guy who likes me but I don't like him. He's so obvious that my hall knows that he likes me. He sometimes stalks me. And he is not my type because he draws all the time in class and tries to talk with me but I don't even like his attitude. I want him to back off but in a nice way. What can I do ?

Hey Girl! Try not to be mean to him in any way, that will repel other guys! Try writing a secret note, and when I say secret, don't tell your friends. As much as you think you can trust them, they will def tell other guys and make this sitch blown up into a big deal. Write him a note, telling him he's a nice guy but you don't think of him in that way, you hope you two can remain on good terms but will wait for him to compose himself to establish a friendship. Hope this helps xo Lizzie  
lizzie n.

by 4yah101 on 3/24/2010 12:55:26 PM


I have a total crush on my BGF but i have no idea if he likes me cuz we used to text constantly but after the middle of the valentine dance where we had a moment where he sent away his friend while my friends were getting their photo taken he asked who liked him (i've been holding over his head who likes him (me)) but i said that i would tell him on v-day. he has been avoiding me ever since. BTW i'm pretty sure he likes my friend tessa if that help figure things out. I REALLY LIKE HIM (since 4th grade)HELP!!!!!!!!!!!!


Hey babe,

I really wish I could answer your question, but us mods are super busy right now.  Definitely take advantage of all of the awesome chicas on GL to answer your question!  I'm sure many of them have been in your tough sitch before.  If you still need some help later on, feel free to come back and post again <3 Lots of love!
Lauren C.

by kno0063 on 2/26/2010 6:44:30 PM


MOD!!MOD!!MOD!!MOD!!MOD!! I REALLY like this guy(Jacob).How do I show him or tell him I REALLY like him whithout making my friends do it for me????????? HELP!!!!! THANK YOU!!


Hey chica, let him know through your flirty ways. Try sitting next to him when you get the chance. I know it seems cheesy, but gently hitting him on the arm will work. Give him compliments and say little things to let him know you're interested. You could say something like "I can't believe you don't have a girlfriend. You're so sweet." or "We should hang out more." Give him your cell number too and when you're ready ask him out! Hope this works for ya! Smile

Lynae P.

by SelenaMariefan2498 on 2/24/2010 6:10:06 PM


MOD MOD MOD!!! i really like this guy, but i know he doesnt like me. i am really shy so that doesnt help. plus it seems no one in my class likes me, im not that attractive. im smart and kind. but it seems whenever i say something, someone gets upset. HELP ME PLZ!!!!!!!!!


Hey darlin, you need more confidence in yourself.Your kind and smart, two very valuable qualities. Start saying hi to people, This will help you gain confidence in talking. Once you become more confident in your social interactions, you will start to hold your head higher and people will notice. xo JANA

jana k.

by catsrule450 on 2/23/2010 9:30:55 PM


I liked this guy and we were texting. At first it was really cute and flirty and he even asked me to come watch him at a big game. All the signs were there that he liked me. Then, he got all cranky when I texted and always ansewr with whatever. I just texted him and his statues was i love Sarah g. I asked him who she was and he said nobody. Is he already over me. I rwally like him. Frown

Hi darlin, it doesnt sound like he likes you. Give it a break for a week and maintain radio silence unless he talks to you. He might just be overwhelmed right now. xo JANA
jana k.

by Katherinexx3 on 2/8/2010 9:48:22 PM

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