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FUZZ FREE FRIDAYS! Wax on, wax off!

Waxing is definitely intimidating. Just the whole concept—hot wax and, gulp, what happens if ya make a wrong move? But sometimes a girl gets sick...
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my skin is sooo sensitive and i have LOTS of skin allergies! im even allergic to eucerin! know of any waxes that i might be able to use without getting a reaction?

That may be something you would want to ask your doctor. You dont want to get hurt. So talk to your doctor to see what your exact allergies are so you can find a wax that works. xoxo kerra 
Kerra S.

by strawberrysmiles on 3/4/2010 9:40:30 PM


MOD! Oh, also, any advice on how 2 ask my mom if I can wax my upper lip? I've mentioned it bothering me before, so.....yeah.


Hey girl! Mention it again. And ask her if she has any ideas of how to get rid of it. If she doesn't mention waxing, say, "I've heard waxing works really well."

Jess H.

by bubbles_go_POP on 5/12/2009 6:59:19 PM


thanx Smile

by volleyballhannah on 4/6/2009 6:01:30 PM


***Mod*** how long would waxing your legs keep the hair off? like if i used the last kit?


Hey girl! It'd prob keep your hair away for about a month.

Jess H.

by volleyballhannah on 4/6/2009 4:04:45 PM


I wax and after a couple times, you get used to it. Waxing is so much better than shaving because it stays smooth for about 3 weeks. And you don't get bumps like you do with shaving...actually ive never shaved before, only waxed.

by naughtynautica on 6/16/2008 6:40:11 PM


i hav a lotta hair "down there". recently i went swimming and realized it was so long it peaked out of the bottom of my bathing suit! i REALLY dont want to be constantly shoving it back in. its the only place i WILL NOT wax and i think im too young to shave it. can i trim it w/ sccisors?

You can try that or shave, just be careful! And make sure you're allowed to before you do! --Sammi

by Half Blood Princess on 6/16/2008 11:59:14 AM


I want to wax but I don't want to have to ask my mom to buy some. I already asked her to get Veet but she got Nair because it was cheaper but the Nair didn't work. Help!

by glitzygal on 6/2/2008 11:14:18 AM


people shaving is way easier. its painless ( most of the time) its quicker,its cheaper and really the bottom line is this-waxin is PAINFUL! Smile

by gislup on 5/28/2008 3:11:07 PM


What are ingrown hairs (on your legs) and how do you get them?


Hey girl. Ingrown hairs are hairs that get twisted or don't break through the skin, but continue growing from the root. You can get them from shaving the wrong way or an unusual amount of friction in the area. Careful, you can get them in the bikini area as well.

*~Lauren L~*

by oreosweetie8 on 5/28/2008 10:27:29 AM


The way I feel about wax-

Super painful. Time consuming if you do it at home.

And if you go to get it done, its a big waste of money! Doesn't it make you feel shallow? Shaving isn't that bad, I just shave like 3times a week and im good. Though I do know how you peeps feel, I spend like 10minutes to do a complete shave. Cuz I have ot get under the knee and all up the back of the leg as well and the kneecap is tricky too!

by Jen on 5/27/2008 1:25:52 AM

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