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Summer camp survival guide

Leaving the ’rents behind and heading off for the first time to that overnight odyssey we all know as sleepaway camp? Don’t stress, bunk-bed beginner...
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i just got home from my fourth year of sleepaway camp and i love it!!!!!!!! camp is always my favorite part of the year! the bonds i form with the girls in my cabin are amazing and it's the one place where i can truly be myself!! plus i know some of the girls like the back of my hand: every year we have "the bunkmate game" where you and your bunkmate are tested to see how well you know each other--i now know that she wads her toilet paper!! (wad or roll is a classic question they ask.) also at my camp everyone is sorted onto two teams: the Buffs and the Greens. I am a proud member of the Green Team and every saturday we have team competitions...but you love the other team as much as you love your own!! gahhh i could go on forever about my camp i just love it SOOO much!!!!!

by Quince_playa on 7/21/2011 7:07:56 PM


I've gone to a sleep away camp for six years now and I'm only thirteen so I started young and I'm pretty used to it. My camp doesn't allow electronics but I don't miss it, there's so much to do instead.

by devadev10 on 7/15/2011 1:22:50 AM


Ok so This my first year at Hoop Mountain!! I'm EXTREMELY nervous. I'm shy... but some of my friends said they might go but if they don't what will i do?????????????????

Hey babe! Just be calm and confident and you'll have a great time. If your friends don't go reach out to others and make new friends! xoxo 
Jess W.

by AppleFrizzle22 on 6/30/2011 11:00:45 AM


I used to go to church campp and they said no electroincs but ignored them because without my ipod i wouldn't fall asleep, and i only tecommend bringing your own food if you have a food allergy. As for the mean girls, that happens everytime i go somewhere with my Girl Scout troop.
Tabi B

by Bubblez9722 on 6/28/2011 8:08:03 PM


I'm going to summer camp for the first time this year!! I can't wait!! As for getting used to sleeping with other girls, I share a room with my 4 little sisters (the 3 year old snores like a hog :/) so I'm totally used to it! This camp doesn't allow Mp3s/iPods bummer... But I have all of my fave songs memorized so it souldn't be too big of a problemo Laughing

by JpnGrl~4ever on 6/19/2011 12:10:19 AM


um ya pretty good but u usually can't have food in the cabins or electronics, period.....this is my 3rd year @ sleep away camp.

by watevest on 6/17/2011 1:41:15 AM


HEYY! i'm goin away to a prep school for hs next year nd imma b boarding there but heres the sitch... ive never used or stayd at a place wit a community bathroom!!!! all the girls on the floor share one bathroom (not many users but still!!!) with a few stalls, couple o sinks, and some showers.. tips on how to make it less awkward and stuff like tht?
thxx so much <3

Hey girlie,

I'm an only child, so I had to deal with that too when I went off to college! It's a little weird at first just to get used to having people around you all the time, but you adjust really fast just out of habit - you don't have any other choice, so you gotta make the best of it! The best thing to do is just to take a deep breath and go for it - go into the bathroom with your head held high and take care of business with confidence! Some tips: buy a shower caddy (to transport your soap, shampoo, conditioner, etc. easily) and a pair of "shower flip flops" to keep your feet away from any germs Smile
Lauren C.

by cheerkat22 on 6/2/2011 6:51:20 PM


yah ive been to sleepaway camp 4 times and these tips r good but most camps dont let u bring electronics....


by readerhi1234 on 6/20/2009 2:28:08 PM


Omg camp was soooooo fun and now my summer is over sigh i dont know how to do a frowny face

by Brunettee on 8/25/2008 6:48:28 PM


i wanted to go to a camp this summer, but we didn't have enough $$$. Frown we spent it on going to the pool instead ... which was totally bogus.

... next year i can go though ! SmileSmileSmileSmile

by _savvygirl_15 on 8/14/2008 10:01:09 AM

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