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Be the Best Paid Babysitter on the Block!

Now that you’ve snagged some clients, you have to keep them. To get in with the good families—the ones who tip generously, and keep the...
154 Comments | Add Yours

im staring baby-sitting next year and i am not sure what to start the price at so this helps a lot.

by tally-wa on 6/16/2009 5:53:33 PM


i just get whatever my clients give me. i don't really have a babysitting rate. hey girlies, if you need any advice about babysitting or anything, just ask!

by Sydney on 6/9/2009 9:28:42 PM


hey everyone,
an idea for all...if u don't kno exactly how to get clients...then make up business cards stating ur name, phone #, and that ur occupation is babysitting...then go around ur neighborhood..and put them on door of people that u trust..AND that have kids! hope this info helps!

by koalamama1 on 6/1/2009 6:57:43 PM


Would it be ok to put posters around your neighborhood with a phone number?

Hey girl,

I think it would be alright, but you should check with your parents first to see if they're okay with it! If they're not, ask if you can make a separate email address (it's free on and gmail) just for babysitting, and put that on the flyer.

xo Lisa
Lisa B.

by miss_nerdie on 5/19/2009 7:47:40 AM


I have a neigbor that said a few weeks ago that I could babysit for them on a Saturday, but then the mom came to my door and said that she didn't need me to babysit because her husband was coming home. I was really, really bummed because it would have been my first gig at babysitting. I cried. My mom said there would be more chances, but I was still sad. Do you think I'll get another chance soon?

Hey Girlie, I'm sure you'll get another chance soon. Talk to all the local fams that you know and put the word out at your parents jobs and at school. xo Annemarie
Annemarie D.

by delias on 5/10/2009 9:10:45 PM


I'm 11, 12 in June. I really want to make some extra $$ and I think babysitting would be great. I'm organized, I have my own transport and I'd certainly compromize in price. I don't work with babies and preferably 5+. I'm just not sure how to A-tell my parents that I really wantt this responsibility; B-charge a certain amount;and C-not take away biz from my other babysitter BFFs.


Hey girl! It sounds like you've really done your hw on the whole babysitting thing. I think your parents would be really impressed. Tell them everything you've figured out. You should probably charge by the hour. Why don't you ask your friends what they usually charge and base your price off that. Make flyers and put them in mailboxes around your neighborhood and in local businesses. People who already have babysitters won't respond. The ones who need a sitter, will!


by ambersoars on 5/2/2009 9:57:48 PM


hey mod??????????????????????????????????? How old do u have 2 b 1 babysit? I'm taking a course this summer, and i love kids and i am really good with them 2. when do u think i should start???????????????????????????????????????????******************

by bakerGirl508 on 4/9/2009 8:58:02 PM


i think $4 an hour for the first kid and $3 an hour for every additional kid sounds good. oh, and then for infants, $6 an hour. is that fair???

by disneychik on 3/30/2009 11:30:03 AM


I'm 10 years old. Do you think I could do it with another 10 year old?

by mj777 on 3/24/2009 5:54:51 PM


I am going to start babysitting as soon as I turn 13, because I am Red Cross Certified (I took a course and everything-it's free, so all you girls should def check it out!), but you have to be at least 13 to legally babysit a child under 8, unless its a family member.
xoxo andi

by doodlebug897 on 3/24/2009 9:05:09 AM

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