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Be the Best Paid Babysitter on the Block!

Now that you’ve snagged some clients, you have to keep them. To get in with the good families—the ones who tip generously, and keep the...
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by twilightfan11 on 2/21/2009 11:16:17 AM


i think it should get certified if you're that young..
so the parents can trust you...

and that's a bit underpaid..but i think with the young age that you are, it'll be appropriate.

by smiles are contagious; let's start an epidemic on 2/16/2009 11:02:53 PM


i'm 15 & i've been babysitting since i was 10. hah.
it's nice to get a few families that you're loyal to, b/c then they pay you more b/c they know and trust you (and sometimes they pay you in different forms-gift certificates, truffles *i got those from my main family*-and christmas prezzies too-i got a 50 dollar gift certificate to borders once. plus my pay!)

saturday i babysat two adooorable kids (hah) that i babysit all the time (like, every week!), and i got 50 dollars. i babysat from 5 to 10. soo. yeah. i would suggest a little less than that ESPECIALLY b/c i live in a wealthy california town.

by smiles are contagious; let's start an epidemic on 2/16/2009 11:00:44 PM


I started babysitting when I was like 10 years old. It was the summer before 6th grade started. The family i sat for had plenty of money too so they payed me 10 bucks an hour. so does the family i sit for most often. i just got back from sitting with 50 dollars. For anyone who wants to start sitting I'd just go over and introduce yourself and say that you love kids and are availabe if they want to go out anytime. Leave your number and smile and they'll call ya back.
Make sure that if you have little sibblings that they see you with them having fun not yelling and pushing them on the ground.

by skijumper4life on 2/14/2009 4:40:11 PM


o yeah. Sometimes my favorite clients take me oon vacation with them. They pay for me, but they still pay the $2 an hour that i am sittin for them!
xoxo, Kate

by coolestsis on 2/14/2009 4:06:28 PM


age 12 to babysit yourself
age 13 to babysit 1 kid
age 14 to babysit 2 kids

I have a form I made that says everything about what im willing to do and my price and all that important stuff so i dont have to talk with my clients too much. I also give them a paper that they fill out about the kids (allergies, phone #s, ect.) That way I look resposible. I have a first aid kit, kids book, game, and if im sittin for girls mani and pedi kit. I take this stuff with me for every job. I charge $2 an hour. I know its cheap but my clients are now regulars. I watch their kids after school every day and on weekends too sometimes. I pays of cuz if the kids look really happy and say they had a great time when they come home then I get a big tip!
xoxo, Katie

by coolestsis on 2/14/2009 4:03:27 PM


One time after the kids were asleep I went to their basement and cleaned it up. After the mom saw, she called my house and thanked me very much.

by cowgirl98 on 2/14/2009 11:43:25 AM


This is really good info because I am starting baby sitting in april and was wondering what to charge the person per.hour.

Check Out My Profile!!

by snowgirl5659 on 2/12/2009 8:30:03 PM


im 11 and at our local hospital they have babysitting program and it has cpr but my sis who's 15 would probably tag along but i can only sit 4 people know but one fam lives in a bad area of town and another has the fam of a nation so i have no idea how im ever gonna get 2 sit

by cecily on 2/11/2009 7:53:59 PM


My aunt wants me to help babysit with my older cousin (i'm 11, she's 14). I still have to find classes, but I dont know if I should. Do you think that learning from my cuz is okay? (she babysitted since 12) The cousins I'd be babysitting for are ages 10 months, 3, 6 and 8. The three year old is cute but stubborn. Mod (and other gals) please help me!

by superstar911 on 2/7/2009 2:35:29 PM

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