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Teen Pregnancy Resources is a great resource for info on teen pregnancy and parenting. Head to the site and click the "Research and Resources" tab for tons...
45 Comments | Add Yours

GL, Are you ever going to update your Teen Pregnancy Resources or have more of them? Its kind of an important thing.

by fashionqn on 1/13/2013 1:16:21 AM


I'm 11 my BF is 13 we both are really in love and we've been going out for 3 years and we have decided to do it... Except we have no idea where! Where should I do it?


 Hey girl, I understand that you both really care about each other but what's the hurry to have sex? Sex can have so many consequences that you just aren't ready for. The biggest and scariest consequence is pregnancy. At 11 years old, you just aren't ready to have a baby. You can get pregnant the very first time you have sex; you can get pregnant on your period; you can get pregnant when he pulls out, and if you aren't really careful about following the instructions on birth control, (and sometimes even if you are really careful about following the directions) you can get pregnant. You def. want to be smart about these things and you need to talk to a doctor about the pregnancy issue ASAP. Too many kids end up pregnant because they don't think it can happen to them, and then it does!Think about trying go to school AND take care of a baby. Way too difficult! Goodbye date nights, homecomings and prom. In addition to pregnancy, you will probably find yourself extremely emotional after doing it. There are just so many factors to think about that you might be more prepared to handle when your older.


Try talking to your mom, aunt or grandmother while you think over this decision. They might be able to help ya think things through and prepare yourself. You might be nervous to talk to your mom at first, but it will really help to talk about this big event in your life. Think about it this way, if you're trying to hide it, doesn't that make it a little bit sketchy?  If you're having trouble getting the words out, write it down on a piece of paper and hand it to her. Overall, I honestly don't think this is a good idea. If you have a great relationship now, you'll have a great relationship without sex. Waiting will only make your relationship stronger while jumping into sex before your ready can complicate things or even cause things between the two of you to fall apart.

Lauren I.

by sexlvr on 11/2/2012 1:15:30 AM


i'm 16 and pregnant.go to and go to the parents section,and click on pregnancy and newborns.there's alot of info there,along with a pregnancy calender so you can track your baby's growth.

by gremmagirlie123 on 11/20/2010 5:46:50 PM


Share your sad stories on teenage sex and pregnancy on my page.

by rahrah351 on 7/17/2010 10:10:48 AM



this guy is bad news sending pics of you naked is illegal and not a smart thing they could end up all over the school. plus hes older than you by alot so he could be used to other girls "doing it" with him. i would stay as far away from him as i could chica.

by jewelsrox on 5/25/2010 9:25:58 PM


i'm going to wait until after i get married to get pregnant

by creativekid123 on 5/20/2010 7:06:17 PM


avrilgirl8888, I am not sure what I would do if I saw pictures of my brother naked like you did and not just one but a bunch of them. That is so wrong but I know some couples share pictures like that when they are dating, but that is still doesnt make it right. I just read this survey and they said about 35% of teens do that sort of thing and send naked pictures of themselves, so you could look at it like your brother is just one of those people.

And I have seen pictures of guys I know at my school naked and doing things because they sent them to their gfs or friends and it is just weird to see that. Especially when you see them after seeing them naked, its just plain weird. People should have more sense to not do that or send them to other people.

by luckykel on 5/1/2010 11:03:10 PM



by ronnie3 on 5/1/2010 2:19:08 PM


wow........ sometimes ppl are dumb and have unprotected sex cause they think that they can't have babies! when u get ur period it means u can have a baby!!!wait until u can support and are ready for it and know what ur getting into!!!!!!!!!!!! BUT if u can't wait and can't stop the desire to have sex USE A CONDOM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

by graceygirl77 on 4/19/2010 8:02:48 PM


ok, so, the guy i like... just asked me out yesterday. i was really really happy (of course!!)
but..... then he started saying stuff lik "im gettin u in bed" and "ur boobs r hot". normally i'd be ok wi tht!! but im kinda not now...

yesterday afternoon he sent me a pic of him w/o a shirt on, saying "ok, now its ur turn". so, i sent a pic of me in a bikini. then he was lik "no, tht doesnt show enough.." so then i sent 1 of me in a bra. he was happy w/ tht.

But idk if i should have done tht.. i mean, he'll be 15 may 22nd and i'll be 13 oct 14th!!

he also want to do IT wit me... and i kinda do wanna w/ him also...

plz help. any advice???

by cheyz09 on 4/9/2010 1:39:16 PM


MOD i feel prego but it is physically impossible because ive never done it i took a quiz and it said most likely so what should i do i mean im 12


hey girl! if you havent come in contact with semen, you cant be pregnant. wait until your period is late/ is missed, then take a preg tesT!

Hallie R.

by Angel07 on 3/30/2010 12:30:41 PM


I hate how guys will "do" girls and not care because it's likely nobody will find out they're the dad. having a baby is b/c your in love and you can make this commitment fully and know you'll love your child to the ends of the earth. I would wait till I'm married. I know i will be tempted b/c everyone is, but i'll be strong yeah yaya!

by ajago12598 on 3/7/2010 9:32:07 PM


My aunt works at a school, an eighth grade girl and a seventh grade boy "did it" and now the eighth grade girl is pregnant! I couldn't believe it that is so sick!!!! Seriously and now the boy doesn't want anything to do with her!!!

by cavadini on 3/7/2010 1:34:35 PM


MOD... please help
k. so my family shares a computer, and when i got on, my bro left his email on.
he was on a file that looked like a test, so naturally, i told my mom. (i hate cheating) While trying to find the sender, we found pictures of my brother. naked. and tons of them about his.. down there parts, sent to his gf. then there was a video of two teenagers that i don't know having sex. My parents don't know how to deal with this (we kinda violated his privacy) and i'm just shocked. i could barely even sleep...
so how would say that we should deal with all of this?

Hey babe, this is intense. It's important to confront the issue instead of keeping it secret in denial.  Hopefully you can share your shock with your parents and talk about it and why he was doing these things in the first place.   
Megan R.

by avrilgirl8888 on 3/1/2010 7:31:02 PM


all the kids at my school are like i hooked up 4 times in one week she was "hecka" hot and good/excperienced and she is like way older than us and 99.9% of the time it is unprotected sex that they think are wearing the condom right but as usual NO they are not but still think about this over $230.00 a week are spent on babies try paying for that b4 u can get a job and the guy NEVER ever helps!!!!!!

by myohmy101 on 2/23/2010 8:02:09 PM


seriously people. unless you want to be the next teen mom star just don't do it.

by kgirlpanda on 2/17/2010 4:19:29 PM


Sex is something that is unnecessary at our age. In my opinion, teenage pregnancy is only ok when you are married in your teens (like age 17, 18, or 19) and got pregnant during your marriage. Believe it or not, some people today were married at age 17 and had a child shortly thereafter. If you can handle it, go for it. Remember that some things aren't forever, and that it's best to wait.

by pointeprincess on 2/17/2010 4:10:19 PM


Thats sad! people should watch the Secret Life of an american Teenager,, 16 and Pregnant and Teen Moms. My health teacher once said and this is true she said " your body is a sacred temple, you must love and protect it because you are stuck woth it for a long time and you only have one life". SO True! people who get pregnant or think about sex at that age are insane. 35% of teen moms finish school the other 65% of teen moms don't. Think about how your life would change. A baby is a huge responsibility. A baby outlives you! if you wait for the right guy at the right age you will be SO happy you did! Did you know 50% teen moms are in debt 5 years after having the kid

by puppylover111 on 2/17/2010 1:04:18 PM


I want to help these people who get pregnant as teens but I dont feel much sympathy you should know not to have sex until ur older and if you do with or without protection its your own fault if you get pregnant

by emandemf on 2/16/2010 10:23:01 PM


i know i used to want to have sex but then i realized it is stupid and i should wait until i am married and that little time of having sex could ruin and change your life forever so jusy comment on my page!!!!!!!!

by monons on 2/15/2010 4:15:41 PM


i saw that movie the pregnancy pact. those girls are so stupid i know an 8th grader with a child i feel so bad for her and i found out one of my used to be friends might be having a baby

by japanrox12 on 2/13/2010 2:33:47 AM


Hey Girlies!!
You guys know me, Ellie, Ive been giving advice on here for about 3 years now and i have lots of experience. Well, not only do i have experience but i no have an entire Healthy you profile FULL of helpful tips and room for questions from you girls called The Guide to Girl Problems. Here there will always be great tips in two different section called Healthy Lifestyle and Problem/Solution to periods and girl body. Also featured is a section for you girlies to tell me your questions that you think lots of other girls have questions on that i will answer for everyone, and to finish it off i have the normal advice section. Come check it for details!!
Lots Of Love,

by hugatree95 on 2/12/2010 8:09:05 PM


I saw part of the Pregnancy Pact. Those girls were so bold and wanted to get pregnant so bad. I was reading online about a girl who was 13 and couldnt tell who the father was because she was having sex with 4 different guys. I think that was just crazy. I think sex is great and is meant to happen in a relationship with one person not 4 different guys. It must be that people get confused because sex feels so good and they dont realize how important the emotional side of sex is.

by luckykel on 2/12/2010 5:38:19 PM


omg this is so sad. why do people do this? it's just so crazy...

by bubblybecca on 2/10/2010 8:41:50 PM


I don't know why so many girls that are our age are so pressured to have sex. Its crazy! Its crazy that ssssoooo many young girls are getting pregnant. Have you ever seen the pregnancy pact? Where all those girls get pregnant that was based on a true story! It was all over the news. I think you should wait atleast until you are an adult with agood job. Babies cost alot of money. Is it even worth that ten minutes. Is it?

by Katiekins130 on 2/10/2010 12:32:30 PM


One of my teachers is really informative and she told us about a 9 yo and and 11 yo who were in the news last week because they got pregnant and had babies. Some of us didnt believe her but so we looked online and its true. That is even worse than teen pregnancy, that is pre-teen pregnancy. And we were all shocked, she tells us things to wake us up and shake us and that did.
I was wondering if you heard about this, because when I think about that it just makes me sad and scared at the same time? Do we just need to be made more aware of whats going on so if we have friends or we are thinking about doing things like having sex we can help them or us make the right decisions?


Hey babe, Yep, I heard about this. so sad! Frown And I totally agree - I think it's something that's important for girls (and boys too!) to be aware of, if we want to stop unwanted teen pregnancies from happening. It sounds like your teacher is doing a great job! You're really lucky to have her. I bet those kids you read about wish they'd had someone warn them.

xoxo Allie
Allie S.

by luckykel on 2/9/2010 7:05:34 PM


so sad!

by h2oaddict on 2/9/2010 5:44:44 PM


Just watch Teen Mom! All those girls have gone through a ton and people really don't realize how hard it is. It helps if you have someone like Tyler. He is adorablee. Laughing

by RMLuvvr on 2/9/2010 4:34:45 PM


hey kt_cat of my really good guy friends mom got pregnant with him when she waz 15 and his dad left her...its so sad.

guys make the baby too...they should have to help raise it just like the mother.

by b ball girl on 2/8/2010 8:14:55 PM


i think my mom might be pregnant but im not sure how can i tell. i think so just cuz i have this "feeling" how can i tell though


Hey girlie,


There's no magic way to tell, especially if she hasn't been pregnant for a very long.  Just let her know that you've been curious, then ask her!  She can set ya straight Smile

Lauren C.

by Angel07 on 2/5/2010 4:24:34 PM


Yep, my bff had sex. then he dumped her. saddest thing i ever saw. =[

by mizlizbiz on 2/3/2010 9:00:55 PM


Thinking about and wanting to have sex is normal because thats what happens when we go through puberty but there are so many great reasons to wait. Like not getting pregnant or a std.

I guess what I am scared about is that some of my friends who I never thought would start having sex when they did now seem addicted to doing it and I just couldnt deal with that now. I mean we didnt make a pact to stay virgins but I thought we all would have started much later.

by luckykel on 2/2/2010 11:01:09 PM


I watch the serCet lifE of he american teen ager and have seen what can happen if you have sex and after seeing all amy went through i am not having sex until im married and if my bf cant understand that then they arent the one for me!!! WORD UP

by hmmc296 on 2/2/2010 9:49:14 PM


i believe it's ok to think about having sex but u should wait,i mean i want to,but then i don't bc my emotions change all the time.make sure ur first time is perfect and with the right person.(who u love)

by boysloveme on 2/2/2010 9:41:27 PM


its sad how many girls do this just dont have sex that is how you prevent it

by emandemf on 2/2/2010 5:42:00 PM


its sad how many girls do this just dont have sex that is how you prevent it

by emandemf on 2/2/2010 5:41:27 PM


Why do girls have to suffer from unprotected sex. The worst thing that can happen to a guy is an STD. They can easily hide that from friends. But girls can get pregnant also. Its not like you can go around with a pregnant belly and not expect ppl to notice. I know babies are a gift from God but for most guys, if girls get pregnant and the guys are the father, a lot of the guys will leave the girl. It doesn't seem fair to me.

by kt_catlover on 2/2/2010 5:21:11 PM


Heyy Fellow Girls,
If You Need Help Or Need Any Advice Plz Please Comment My Page. I Promise To Help As Soon As Possible. If It's Super Urgent Make Sure To Put !!!!!!!! Just A Bunch Of Exclamation Points So Good Luck To All My Fellow Teen Sistas
Muchh Luvvv To All Girls out There,

Comment My Profile I Give Good AdviceSmileSmileSmileSmileSmileSmile<3

by mileycalyx on 1/30/2010 4:23:44 PM


Wow girls are way too young to be having kids

by karatejenn16 on 1/28/2010 4:34:14 PM


i'm to young to have a baby

by lil miss thug on 1/26/2010 9:30:50 AM


i am staying away from it for along time. i am not ready for this yet.

by 4Bear24 on 1/24/2010 9:06:54 PM


Those are all really great sites. You could spend all day just learning and understanding teen pregnancy and how to prevent it. At my school I am amazed by the people who have gotten pregnant and even more surprised by how many of my friends have had pregnancy scares. But when you see the facts about teen pregnancy you kind of realize why so many people are getting pregnant.

30% or all 9th graders are having sex
40% of all 10th graders are having sex

And then when you see how many of them arent using protection like the pill and the condom you see why it is happening to many of the people we know.

by luckykel on 1/24/2010 5:56:25 PM


3rd comment

by pink cat on 12/23/2009 2:46:34 PM


2 comment! insanium in the cranium,dawg (from tv commercial)

by icechamp54 on 12/4/2008 3:41:56 PM


first comment! lol

by sparky4me on 8/25/2008 4:57:48 PM

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