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Living with Diabetes

The fight of her life: it's easy to fall into the self-pity trap when you feel sick. But that's not what Caroline Rowley, 15, did...
60 Comments | Add Yours

My sister has had type 1 diabetes for 3 years today.

by katynmolly on 3/18/2011 12:06:48 PM


I have type 1 diabetes too i got it this summer i have 2 sisters with diabetes one had it since she was 1 and one had since she was 4 i hate having to check my blood all the time and talking shots everyday it's hard and especially at skool i'm 11 and i just started middle school this year and all my friends are used to me not having diabetes my mom said i have to take my blood at the office cuz i have to eat lunch and take blood when my grade is out 4 recess and i didn't tell most of my friends that i got diabetes cuz it's kinda wierd talkin about it and whenever my friends walk by the office and see me eating they ask y i'm thre and if i got in trouble which i HATE but i have to deal with it it's really ironic though because ever since i was 5 till i was 10 i used to got to the doc with my sisters and donate blood every 3 months 4 research to help find a cure diabetes isn't the worst thing in the world it has it's ups n downs but if u live by a balanced diet it's perfectly fine!

by nicegirl100 on 12/27/2010 2:42:12 PM


I have type 1 diabetes anyone who needs a diabetes buddy can comment on my profile

by Less Than 3 on 9/26/2010 5:19:44 PM


thak god i just got diabetes about a yaer ago and i felt like i was the only one that had diabetes in the world but its nice to know that some one is fighting it just like i am Smile thanks for making my day~ Smile

by kits651 on 9/23/2010 5:57:58 PM


girl i totally fell for you... the same thing happened to me but when i was 10...n one in my family has diabetes so the symptoms went on for months and i was at the doctors several times until they finally checked for that time my room was filled to the brim with water bottles and food wrappers and such and i had lost 30 pounds... and whats worse people thought i was faking sick because none of the doctors tested me for it.....its all good now though and I use the insulin which is MUCH better than shots!!

by books4ever on 7/18/2010 10:50:37 PM


i have diabetes since i was 4!

by angelbear333 on 7/18/2010 4:48:15 PM


My mom had diabetes when she was pregant with me. I know that if you eat a lot of sugar and junk food you can increase your chances of getting it. Im scared because I eat a lot of sugar and I dont want to get diabetes and if I do the biggest problem will be the shots hate them how do I deal with them if
I do get diabetes.
P.S. If diabetes runs in your famliy you are more likely to get it.


I think for now you should eat healthier. Since you know it runs in your family, you should try to prevent it rather than assuming you will get it. The shots would be hard at first, but you would just have to relax while doing them and people who have diabetes probably get very used to giving themselves shots when they need them.

Vanessa J.

by toby1 on 7/17/2010 11:21:17 AM


I was just diagnosed with diabetes and its kinda scary. Like today my sugar went super low and now o feel super sick.

by gababby on 7/3/2010 3:10:15 PM


I have just been diagnosed with diabetes. (this week) If someone with diabetes would be willing to talk to me, it would be so helpful. Please visit my profile. <3 Emily

by ea2797 on 5/6/2010 8:46:33 PM


Mod Mod Mod My dad said that my family may have daibitesor heart promblems plz wat if I have it will people tease me cuz my friend has diabeties and people tease her. Plz REPLY


hey girl. i absolutely can't believe people make fun of your friend! you don't have to tell any one about your probs, that will help, but if they tease you just say its a prob ltos of ppl have and it doesn't make you any different than any one else, really!

Hallie R.

by cre8tive_2114 on 4/6/2010 4:05:41 PM

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