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Breaking Dawn by Stephanie Meyer

So, like a lot of people, I was totally unaware of the Twilight saga until it became this crazy phenomenon a few months ago. Now, I'm totally obsessed!
184 Comments | Add Yours

1.No I really wouln't change the wedding sence,but maby change it to alices pov so you could see how she sets everything up and such
2.She wanted to be one so bad and she knew what was going to happen to her like the pain and the thirst and everything else. And because of her power to have a sheild that the sheild almost protected her from that
3.UUUUHHHHH!!!! HE DIDN"T JUST DO THAT DID HE!!!!! OME!!! I was/still am mad that he did!! If you go back in the book he agrees that Bella should get rid of that MONSTER(mad he called her that and Nessie) so I think he should have never done that since he didn't want Bella to have her anyway!I hate him for calling her Nessie that bugs me SSSSSSSSOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO-------- much!!!!!
4. OOOO!! Thas a hard one!I would probaly have Alice because it would be cool to see the future, and it wouldn't be as annoying as Edwards, plus Alice is my fav!
5. Alices pov bcz I LUV her and just to be able to see how she does everything for parties and such, plus to be able to see the adventure she and Jasper went on when they left of the Cullens in Braking Dawn!!!!

by annaelizabeth on 7/6/2009 7:16:45 PM


1. I loved it.
2. Because she anticipated them
3. Kewl....
4. Jasper's, definately jasper's
5. Renesmee. Or alice, Emmett, possibly rosalie. They all have different veiws on the subject.

by penguinrok on 6/25/2009 5:09:08 AM



by tatertot71798 on 6/8/2009 5:33:09 PM


that cover is different than mine. mine has a chess piece on it...anyone know when "midnight sun" is coming out???

by jinjiejune on 4/7/2009 5:37:05 PM


I loved the books! Breaking Dawn wasn't my favorite. The first part from bella's point of view was way awkward.
1. I loved the wedding. Alice is amazing. I just got really mad at Jacob for ruining it, and well i like jacob.
2. I think bella could control herself because she had the choice to become a vampire, it wasn't chosen for her. She was also extremely afraid of hurting one of her human friends.
3. I was totally Happy for Jacob. I love him, so i hated to see him get hurt.I am going to add that i have always been team edward though. He can now be apart of bella's family without anyone getting hurt.
4. I would love to be able to read others minds. Liking to know exactlty what they were thinking about me and other things.
5. I would love to hear the story from alice's point of view.

by renesmee7 on 1/10/2009 8:21:41 PM


1. Was the wedding scene what you expected or would you change anything?

yes I thought it was beautiful! And i think its funny because usually it is the man who doesnt want the wedding. lol
2. Why do you think Bella was able to control her emotions and thirst so well as a newborn vampire?

I think it was because of everything she knew about Newborns and especially Jaspers story probably had an impact as well.

3. What was your reaction when you found out that Jacob had imprinted on Renesmee?

Well, sadly my friend told me before I read the book, but I didn't really mind much. I was just glad that he backed off of bella. But I loved Quil and Claire's imprinting. It is sooo cute!

4. Which vampires' powers do you find the most interesting? If you could have one of their powers, which would you choose?

I would choose Jasper's. I just love his power! It is really cool and very controlable unlike Edwards and Alices even though theirs are cool too.
5. If Stephenie Meyer were to write books from another character's perspective, whose would you want it to be (besides Midnight Sun from Edward's perspective)?

RENESME!!! Yea that would be cool. And also I think it would be cool if she had some little books about each of the other characters past lives especially Esme's and Emmett's because you don't hear much about them.

by M1sspink135 on 12/31/2008 5:36:19 PM


Hey everyone. Yeah, I read the book, and I thought it was pretty good. Not like, amazing though. I'll put the books in order of how I like them: Twilight(That book was just really awesome! I loved the chapter on when they were in the meadow!) Breaking Dawn(That book was really awesome also, but it was like 200 pages too long. And the whole thing with Jacob imprinting on Rhenezme(spell check) was just stupid.) Eclipse(That book was great! It never seemed to get really boring or really exciting all of a sudden like the first two, it was thorough all around) New Moon(Like 3/4 of the book was just down right boring! I wish you could hear more about what Edward was doing when he was gone!) All in all, I'd rate the whole series a 7 on a scale of 1-10. Mainly because the plot and the characters are just so unrealistic. Like, someone can't fall that in love with someone if they've been dating for oh, two months!?!? And like, even though Edward is a vampire, no one can possibly be soooooooo beautiful like that. And I agree with whoweheart, it seems like everyone loves Bella, but it's like, why?! She's not that amazing, and she seems to get like, everything she wants. Just let her have something not go her way please! Then readers could relate to her a little more. But yeah, the book was very good. Smile

by volleyballgirl102 on 12/22/2008 7:24:59 PM


Can anyone use proper spelling and punctuation and grammar on here? It shows that you are a smart, educated individual, and people will therefore take you more seriously.

by ♥whoweheart on 12/14/2008 1:55:25 PM


Twilight is just terrible. It's full of Mary-Sues, under-developed characters, a teenage girl who's full of herself and always has to have Edward swoop in at the last minute and save her, and it's popular! I can't believe this got past the editor's desk! If anyone's seen the Twilight Rant , they should know what I'm talking about. Bella=Beautiful (Name meaning is what I'm talking about). So her name literally means "Beautiful Swan"- are you kidding, Meyer? Are you serious? That's so unbelievably corny that I'm actually laughing right now. And that's only the tip of the iceberg. The series is horrible. Bella is a Mary-Sue, which is basically a character who has no flaws (I know what you'll say- she's clumsy, that is not an actual flaw, I'm talking about a personality flaw or something that makes her a three-dimensional character, which she doesn't have), EVERYONE likes her, she's soooo special because for some crazy reason that I don't care about, Edward can't read her mind (If Steph had made him able to, it could have made it more interesting). Another thing- this isn't romance. I've read romance, this is teenage infatuation. I know, because I've gone through that, and when I read Twilight, it felt like that. Bella is a shame to women EVERYWHERE. And yes, I've read it. That's for anyone who's going to be all "I bet you haven't read it, you've got no idea what you're talking about"- yeah, I do know.

by ♥whoweheart on 12/14/2008 1:50:17 PM


omg i hope they make that a movie i really think the should put renessme because i believe renessmewould make a good wife for jacob

by angiley5567 on 11/25/2008 8:04:10 PM

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