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All I want is some privacy

I don’t know why, but I’ve felt like I need to back-talk my dad because he has so many rules—and most of them don’t make...
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DumbBlonde07458 i say try to like someone else

by music lover on 10/26/2008 8:35:13 PM


Mod I like my bro's best friend but he's younger and has a gf.
what should I do?


Hey girly, it's totally normal to have crushes. And it's even okay to have crushes on people who are in relationships. The important thing is not to get involved with someone who is in a relationship. You wouldn't want someone trying to flirt with your BF, so it's important to respect other people's relationships and not try to move in on someone else's BF. Us girls have to stick together after all. Good luck!

Lauren I.

by DumbBlonde07458 on 10/26/2008 8:27:40 PM


my grandpa died last night and the funeral is on friday (halloween :-\) anyhoo i need to know what is acceptable to wear and how to act. PLZ PLZ PLZ I REALLY NEED YOU TO ANSWER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!



Hey girl, I'm so sorry about your grandfather. I know having someone pass away is really tough. What you should wear kind of depends on the funeral. Some people prefer funerals with bright colors to try to keep the gathering less sad to celebrate the person's life. Most prefer that you wear something simple in a dark color to represent mourning. You could wear a black dress, pants, skirt, or blouse with another basic dark color. If you don't have black, any dark color would be fine. Some other funerals don't have a preference for clothing. Just make sure that whatever you pick is modest and apropriate. Ask a parent about your outfit if you are unsure. As for how to act, there are no specific rules. If you are feeling sad, its okay to cry or be upset. If you want to talk about the happy times you two had together, it's okay to smile and enjoy the memory.  Good luck at the funeral and we at GL will be thinking of you.

Lauren I.

by Furler Fan on 10/26/2008 8:09:27 PM


hey i know what you mean but yeah just do what she said and pretend you underand thats what i do. lol.

Hey look at my profile and leave a comment!

by bandgeek1194 on 10/26/2008 6:48:24 PM



I'm wondering if you can test my advice skills?? give me a senario and I'll give you an answer Smile thanx xoxo Smile Tong

by mirandasbiggestfan on 10/26/2008 5:20:41 PM


srry this is so long but i really need help.
OK so i have this problem. my birthday is coming up and and i always have my birhtday parties at my moms house (my rents our divorced) but this year i want to have it at my dads house. i asked my dad and he said i could also have one at his but that would mean having 2 parties and i dont really want that- i mean whats the point. i know this is really important to my mom and whenever i try 2 talk to her she ends up yelling at me 4 somthing and i dont want to hurt her feelings. the reason i want to is cuz my dads house is bigger and i would b able to invite more of my friends since my moms house is to small so i can only invite like 4 or 5 ppl but i want to invite like eight or nine.
my dad also has a hottub and he always lets us just do our thing and would probly go in his room 4 alot of the night.i really dont know how to tell my mom. i really dont want to hurt her feelings cuz things like that r really important to her.
(srry its so long)
please help.
thanks in advance

by ads04 on 10/26/2008 5:02:36 PM


MOD!! Ok I want to go on a foreign exchange trip to Spain next year but my Dad is totally protective and I have to find a way to let him let me go! I'm paying for half of it, I'm learning Spanish but he thinks I'm too young even though I'll be 15 at the time! How can I convince him? He won't let go of his so called 'baby girl'. Thanks in advance!



Hey Girl, have a talk with him and let him know how mature you are why it would be a greaat experience for you, also let him know you wall talk to him everyday either online or calling him . *Cara T*

by hazel_hottie on 10/26/2008 2:51:22 PM


MOD please I really hate galsses (on me). I have had glasses since 3rd grade and I am in 8th. I have been saving up for contacts. I have enough money to get them really soon, but my parents never want to talk about it. What should I do? Thanks, ~K



Hey Girl, next time you go to your eye doctor just let them know instead that your ready for contacts and see if he will give them to you. *Cara T*

by sparklestar4ever12 on 10/26/2008 2:14:07 PM


My profile is being approved but my pic isnt showing up. Why isnt my pic showing up?


Hey there babes, your avatar will not show up till your entire profile has been approved by us mods. xo Annemarie

by swimmergirl1627 on 10/26/2008 12:50:33 PM



Hey girlies my name is samantha!! and my passion is giving adviceSmile I want all you gals to know that I wanna help you out with any issues you might be havin Smile The only problem is my profile isn't working. Don't worry though because I have a plan. all you have to do is go to the ask lucky page and go to the acne issues section. Type my Name in big letters at the top of the page likethis **SAMANTHA** just like you would for the mods. Then all you do is spill. I hope to be of help xoxoxoxox Samantha Smile Tong

by mirandasbiggestfan on 10/26/2008 12:05:42 PM

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