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Gift Sitch

This is my first Christmas with a boyfriend, and I don’t know what to get him. He’s into football. Any ideas? BILL: Early...
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so my BF loves sports....Baseball. soccer. bball... anything!... so i got him a Nike gift card for Xmas... is that totally lame???

by ~Ashley13~ on 12/26/2008 8:33:49 PM


I need major help! I don't know what to get my boyfriend for christmas. My friend said he got me an amazing gift... but all i can think of is a gamestop sounds soo unthoughtful! Please help...he's into sports Smile thanks x1000




Hey girl, Does he have a videogame system? Maybe an extra controller or a game. Or how about tickets to see a sports event in town ? xo Annemarie

Annemarie D.

by LovinPink14 on 12/23/2008 8:14:07 PM


I have been helping my little bro with Christmas presents but were kind of stumped on what to get my dad. Any ideas??




hey girl, Is dad a reader? You can try a gift card to Barnes and Nobles or even for another book store. xo Annemarie

Annemarie D.

by magicgirl545 on 12/23/2008 11:38:48 AM


There is this guy who asked for my number. He told me he liked me and thought i was really pritty and cute and stuff. I said sorry but i not intersted and he was up set but still fine with it. He then did somethn "inapropriate" and i told him i didnt appresaite him especially bc i intersted in him. He said sorry and we started to talk again which he was happy just being freinds. Now he isnt texted me...and i dont c him alot so what do i do!? HELP PLZ!



Hey babe,
    Call him up and make plans to hang out with him. It doesn't have to be a date at first, invite him to chill with your friends and see where it goes from there.<3 Sherryn D.

by bluezmycolor on 12/14/2008 12:06:46 PM


i got my bf, a chicago bears hoodie.
thats his fav team .
and he allways needs clothes to wear .
so it works (:

by rich and famoose on 12/12/2008 10:09:00 PM


Your magazine is so inspiring to me! Everytime I read it I want to go out and accomplish all of my goals! My goal is to one day be a singer/musician But one problem is I live in a small town and you can only get so far here....everyone here tells me how great I am but I don't really know whener to go from here. Any advice on how to get farther? Thanks!



Hey girl, Try some community theatre for now, and if a touring company comes into town, speak to them about going on tour in a show. For now thats all you can do, but soon you can look into performing arts high schools and colleges and get outta that small town! xo Annemarie

by jonasbrothersluvr3615 on 12/12/2008 8:13:26 PM


ok there is this guy that i like but the thing is the thing he is the class trouble maker and he gets bad grades says swear worgs but is the best guy and i have never likes andyone more in my life. i was going to ask over to my house with some of my friends but i dont know how my parents would like him!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!



Hey girl, If he swears and gets bad grades and is a trouble maker why do you like him? Mom and dad may know best on this one. It's too easy to get involved with the bad boy and mess things up, trust me on that! xo Annemarie

by bubbles1997 on 12/12/2008 7:01:17 PM


You could always get your BF one of those "openable" Christmas tree ornaments, and put a nice note iniside. (Thats what I'm doing for my bf... but the note says I Love You)

by bikinggurl on 12/12/2008 5:08:46 PM


i think that you should do something simple and sweet, that always works for everybody. bake him some cookies and put them in a football-themed tin. just make sure that you dont spend every single sent you have on your BF, you have other friends and family members to think about! im sure he will understand if you get him something simple,and hell probably get you something simple, too. think about a money limit, and this way, you dont have to worry about if you brought enough money while christmas shopping.

by chelle123 on 12/12/2008 1:05:29 AM


AHHH! I need help like soon! My BF doesnt like Football so I have no idea what to get him. He told me to surprise him but I am so bad with surprizes!!! I need HELP! SOON!

by hlwaskow on 12/11/2008 7:33:17 PM

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