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Get Gorgeous Skin for the Holidays!

Here’s our ultimate how-to on concealer—whether you wanna tone down Rudolf-life spots or under eye circles. Flawless skin is seconds away!
52 Comments | Add Yours

ok, since i have really dark brown eyes and light skin, should i use brownish blush or pinkish

by tap_dancer on 1/11/2009 6:16:48 PM


Thanks AnneMarie!
BTW, you give the BEST advice!





No problem, girl! xo Annemarie

Annemarie D.

by tap_dancer on 1/11/2009 6:08:40 PM


I was wondering if i should use light or dark brown eyeshadow to bring out my brown eyes





Hey girl, Try a light brown or burgundy shade. You'll look awesome! Also, try a Moss Greenish shade! xo Annemarie

Annemarie D.

by tap_dancer on 1/11/2009 5:58:28 PM


i started to wear eyeshadow but by midday it is already off and my eyelids are oily. idk what is wrong. do i need better eyeshadow?


Hey girl!

You can use primer to put on before your eyeshadow.

<3 Brianna

Brianna G.

by sunshinelover43 on 12/22/2008 6:35:04 PM


my mom uses that stuff, and so do i great stuff

by vollyballcrazi26 on 12/17/2008 5:22:45 PM


I just acne with all this little pimples in one big patch so do u know any good products to make my acne go away fast??



Hey girl, Do not touch them- spreading is the number one way to get more pimples! I would use a heavy duty night cream like you can find at the drug store. They are not that expensive and do the trick. xo Annemarie

by cbb123 on 12/14/2008 7:24:33 PM


smart lime
i would say "ya" then laugh like cutly sorta flirty if a boy asks and maybe wear eyeshadow so they would notice that
but id thing u hav to wait if u got it use it

you will feel awesome about urslef!
hope this helps!

xoxo Smile

by friends r 4 eva on 12/14/2008 6:20:09 PM


i cant wear makeup (mom and school rules) but i hate my skin but its not bad enough for the dermotologist
any tips i tried 3 clen and clear things and stridex and some other things but nothing works
what product will??




Hey girl, Please post questions only once, okay? It takes longer for us to go through all of them otherwise. Why not try a more sever system like Proactiv? xo Annemarie

by friends r 4 eva on 12/14/2008 6:17:42 PM


Mod, I have tried over and over again to get rid of my blackheads. I really do. They are on my chin and nose, especially, and I'd love to get rid of them and have flawless skin for my crush before Christmas Break. I need some tips on products, though! Thanks~ ~Peyton~


Hey babe,
     Make an appointment with your dermatologist if it's that severe. I figured the blackhead strips would be enough but if they continue to grow back you may need to seek professional advice.<3 Sherryn D.

by peytonroxx24 on 12/14/2008 11:37:56 AM


OK so i have been thinking about using mineral makeup to cover up some of my ance.My mom is going to let me so that is good....but i haven't been wearing make up all this year to school and i don't want to be asked if i am wearing make up because people at my school just don't in my grade.What should i say to people if they ask me...or should i just wait until winter break then come back wearing make up...but still what would i say if some asks me?

by smartlime101 on 12/13/2008 8:30:11 PM

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