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hey girls

my names jodi, and i've been told i give super great advice on everything so if u need any go to my profile and post a comment telling me your problem. i will right back for sure!

by jodij123 on 9/6/2010 10:14:50 AM


Hey girls!
my names Jodi and i've been told i give super great advice on everything, so if u need any go to my profile and write a comment telling me your problem. I will for sure write back!

by jodij123 on 9/6/2010 10:11:30 AM


MOD!!!! I babysit for a brother and a sister. The brother thinks he can play with is sisters toys but she can't even think about touching his& he always calls her names. So I always have to get on to him. Also the sister always wants to play with me and he never does. But he thinks I don't like him. I heard him talking to his sister in her room when i went to answer the phone saying that I hate him and likes her better and that always happens to him so he's going to tell his mom to get another sitter. It's not true! I told him that! How can I fix this and make it better? I feel bad that I always get on to him. If the sister does something I get on to her too but it's just not as often as the brother. PLEASE HELP ME!!!!!!!


Hey chica! Unfortunately, little kids can be so hard to deal with sometimes. I would start making an effort to give the boy more attention. I'm sure you already do, but maybe ask him if he wants to do something you know he likes. Just make it seem that you really care and are interested in hanging with him too. Hopefully, that'll help somewhat. If not, I would definately talk to their mom and let her know the sitch!


Becca G.

by Misbubbles on 7/31/2010 7:19:48 PM


MODMODMODMODMODMOD!!!!!!!!!!!!!! The people i babysit 4 didnt ppay me for sitting 4 a total 0f 9 hours they r my neighbors what do i do???


Hey girl! Let them know you love babysitting for them, but you don't usually do it for free.  Let them know what you charge ahead of time so that way it doesn't happen again.  That's strange and a little rude of them, so they may feel embarrassed when you point out their behavior. 

Megan R.

by ambersgirl on 7/28/2010 7:12:09 PM


My major babysitting dilemma is that our family friend's always have big parties with tons of kids, and their daughter, Abby, is younger then me and she always tells people that I am a certified babysitter so they can leave their babies and kids with us. At a party, I would much rather be playing baseball in the yard or whatever, but she uses me to make people leave their kids with me...I don't think she realizes it though...

by pottersprincess on 7/12/2010 11:00:32 AM


Mod, I am now a certified babysitter because I took a course. I'm very excited to start babysitting, but I can't seem to find a job that I can actually work with. I tried giving out fliers, but almost everyone in my neighborhood already has a parent to take care of them. I don't have a Facebook, Myspace or Twitter so I couldn't post anything on there. I did recently find job that sounded nice. A little 2 yr. old boy at a larger house. It sounded like the parent would pay well. I would work from 6:30 a.m. to 3:30 p.m. The only problem is my mom would have to drive me 30 min. everyday to get there and 30 min. back. She refuses! But I don't blame her. Is there any way possible to get this job or find a better one?


I can't think of any other way for you to get there, so you'll probably have to pass on this job. How did you find that job? Maybe you can find another the same way. Or, maybe you could ask your mom if she knows of anyone close by who might need a babysitter. You could also look into a local child care center and see if they are looking for extra help. Good luck!

Vanessa J.

by margauxh on 6/22/2010 3:07:40 PM


I feel like i am always babysitting.How do i tell the folks that i just wanna a break one weekend i have like 5 clients and i just want a little Me time... How should i tell them this?

Hey girl, 

Talk to them about when and why you want a break, but make sure that you tell them far in advance so that they can schedule for another sitter if they need one. 
Vanessa J.

by raindropz on 6/8/2010 12:58:29 PM


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by puppygirl6785 on 4/24/2010 12:54:44 PM


MOD MOD MOD I babysit a lot, and last night I babysat for my band teacher and they gave me $60 for that night and tomorrow too. She said she'd give me more if they went over, but they already paid me the equivalent of $7.50/hour! I normally charge $5 an hour because I'm thirteen. Should I say something? When people really overpay me I feel bad, and always wonder if they made a mistake... Foot

Hey babe! Don't feel bad ! I know babysitters whose rates are over 10 dollars.  They seem really nice and really thankful for your help as a babysit! I think you should accept the money and smile and thank them! Let them know you enjoy helping them out.   
Megan R.

by keenerdemeanor on 3/6/2010 10:52:12 PM


MOD!!!! Im almost 13 and ive been a certified baby sitter for a year. ive tryed EVERYTHING to get clients...and ive only got 1 so far but their dad stays home now and they dont need a babysitter. Ive tryed sending flyers to neighbors and they said theyll call me if they need me but nothing my mom put flyers up at her work and at our chruch and iv talked to people at our country club and STILL nothing. i love kids and would love to babysit.PlEASE HELP!! (oh and please dont say be patiant or try again or post more becouse i live in a city and i cant post stuff at the post office becouse of stranger danger) E


Hey chicky, try advertising on the internet. If you have a Facebook or Myspace post something on there. Smile

Lynae P.

by EACdancer24 on 2/28/2010 3:09:02 PM

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