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When will I get my period? I need to know!

Most girls get their first period around 11 or 12. However, some girls get their period as early as 9, and some as late as...
437 Comments | Add Yours

MOD MOD MOD I got my first period!!! I got it on July 9th and it ended on July 13th...oh and I'm 12 by the way...anyways, when do you think i will get my second period? I'm pretty scared that I'm doing something and i get my period again and i don't notice...So when do you think i will get my second period? Oh and if you have any advice to give me please tell me i need it a lot. Thank you Laughing you're the best


Hey girl! Your period will likely come in another month. Some girls may not even get theres for more than a few months after their first period. Here's some helpful links: and



Melissa T.

by Julie-loves-music on 7/18/2013 3:07:40 PM


I have discharge, and it has been about 3 months. I'm 11 and my mom got her period when she was 13. I'm worried I might get it in school. I have a couple pantiliners, I don't think a pantiliner will be thick enough if I get my period!!!!



Hey girlie,

There's no way to predict exactly when you'll get your period - even having discharge and knowing when your mom got her first period won't be able to tell you much. Throw some pantyliners and a pad in your bookbag just in case it happens at school. Read up on periods (check out our Periods, Period section linked below!) so you're totally prepared and not surprised one bit when it comes. And then, try to relax. Remember you can't guarantee when you'll get your period, so there's no sense worrying about it. Take a deep breath when you feel overwhelmed and just enjoy life. If it comes, deal with it then. <3 And if you don't have it yet, don't let it rule your life! 

Lauren C.

by Littlepuppygirl on 8/23/2012 11:30:58 PM


I am worried that I will get my period during school... my mom didn't get hers until 7th grade, I'm in 6th. I keep a couple pantiliners in my backpack for when I have discharge. I would like to keep a pad in my backpack too, but my mom thinks I won't need it. Should I sneak one into my backpack??


Hey girlie,

Go for it! But mom is right - you probably wouldn't need it. Because if you do get your period at school, the school nurse will have pads for you to use Smile Don't sweat it - it's not the end of the world to get your period at school!

Lauren C.

by Littlepuppygirl on 8/23/2012 10:54:44 PM


MOD MOD MOD! I have literally every sign for getting my period- but my mom started two years after me. She says I have no chance for it to come so she won't buy me pads or panty liners (for the loads of discharge I get every day!) and idk where she keeps hers. Should I buy my own coz I really want to be prepared and not have to worry! Would that be wrong of me?


Hey girl! You should def buy your own stuff.  If you go in for a physical this year, ask the doc about whether you are closer to getting your period or not.  You won't necessarily get it the same time your mom did- it varies person to person.  You can just buy a small pack of panty liners just in case you get your period.  xoxo 

Kate G.

by outsidethebawks on 7/26/2012 12:28:16 PM


Its me again dont want to be a bother but; i told my mom i think i might have my period soon, could i get a stash of pads,she said i could use hers but they are HUGE!!!! i dont know what to say!! ive heard that some companies sell smaller ones for younger girls. i mean shes a gyno but i feel wierd. help!!

Hey again,

No worries! You should totally be honest with her about how you feel. It's natural to have questions, and she's a woman so she's been through this before too - PLUS she's a gyno, so she's used to answering questions about this! And I'm sure she'll be willing to help ya figure out how to handle your period in a comfy and confident way Smile
Lauren C.

by WhiteStripe3 on 5/10/2012 8:34:26 PM


can a person start their period if their only 76 lbs??? ive had discharge for like a year and a half and boobs for like two years. please help!


Hey girl, its definitely possible. I'd say your period will probably come soon! Keep pads or tampons on the go, just in case! 

lauren r.

by WhiteStripe3 on 5/9/2012 8:47:30 PM


Hi it's Fluffybunny again(: I just wanted to say I had all the same symtoms again but today I had a headache alond with it. I think I'm getting closer but I want to enjoy the days where I don't have to worry(:

by Fluffybunny on 6/16/2011 2:29:36 PM


MOD Hi I'm 11 turning 12 in 10 days and I have been having discharge for maybe almost a year. And Yesterday and today I had lower cramps lower back pain and pain in my legs. I have hair down there and and on my armpits. Like, a lot. I also had breasts for 2 years and I have gained 15 pounds in like 4 months and maybe 2 or three inches. I have hips. And a veryyy curvy figure my friends always ask me why. I think I have spotting if I do very little like one dot. I don't know though maybe not. Please reply and tell me am I going to have it soon? I know theres no possible way for knowing for sure because everyones different but am I having mine soon? Thanks and PLEASE reply(:

Hey girl!

     You're definitely right, there's no for sure way to know when you're getting your period for the first time, but it does sound like its coming soon. Cramps are a sign of an upcoming period and so is the spotting, so all you can really do is wait and have a period or tampon ready for when it does happen. Hope that helps! x0x0
casey l.

by Fluffybunny on 6/16/2011 2:50:37 AM


thanks for answering my last question but using the information from the last question could you please tell me roughly when i will be starting my period !! thank you

by sophx on 5/22/2011 4:13:21 PM


hi could you give me a rough idea of when it could be happening !!
i have had discharge for at least a year or more. i have small boobs size A and i'm 14 next month. I have a considerable amount of hair down below and i have to shave armpits every 3 days -_-. i have had a big growth spurt over the past 8 months but i am very skinny 5ft2 but weigh only 6.5 stone !! thankss

Youre growing up! Dont worry about it. Everyone has growth spurts and goes through these things Smile xoxo kerra 
Kerra S.

by sophx on 5/22/2011 4:05:37 PM

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