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I feel lumps in my breasts. Do I have breast cancer?

I’m 13, and I feel lumps in my breasts. Do I have breast cancer? Rest assured that you’re probably very healthy—breast cancer almost never occurs...
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Hannah H.

by StrawberryPatchKid on 10/9/2012 1:14:05 AM


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i'm having a cultural dinner on friday
i'm scared some of the guest won't bring a dish everyones supposed to
would it be rude to text and ask them what they're bringing?

Hannah H.

by StrawberryPatchKid on 10/9/2012 1:12:03 AM


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i'm being a pirate for halloween what makeup should i wear?

Hey girl, I'd go light but do some liner and red lipstick.

Alyssa B.

by StrawberryPatchKid on 10/8/2012 7:35:18 PM


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what are some good horror movies?
also i'm having a casual cultural dinner on friday around 29 people at my home
what should i wear? and i'm making polish halushki with cabbage,egg noodles and onion
do you think it'll be good?

Hey girl, I'm a big fan of classics! Try Hitchcock thrillers! And I'd dress in something cute like a skirt and top. Your dinner sounds delish too!

Alyssa B.

by StrawberryPatchKid on 10/8/2012 7:32:45 PM


MOD MOD MOD I have had my period ever since I was in sixth grade I am now in ninth and I have never had any symptoms along with it. For example cramping, headaches, being moody. So I was wondering will I always be symptom free?

Hey girl, there's nothing wrong with you! You're just EXTREMELY lucky (EMBRACE it!) You may always be or you may not — it's hard to say, but enjoy those great periods while you've got them. The rest of us are totes jealous.

Alyssa B.

by 15hayhay on 10/8/2012 6:10:47 PM


I have lumps in my breasts, especially before and during my period. That's normal (I think).

by cheetah#1 on 10/8/2012 7:22:45 AM


Hey girls! Looking for advice on school and friends? Need someone to listen to you vent? I'm here! If you want advice or just someone to listen to you, feel free to post a comment to my profile or visit my Advice Queen page! Have a great day Laughing

by ohheyitsjennyy on 10/7/2012 9:54:33 PM


I've had a horrible headache on and off for the past two's like my whole head is aching, you can't really pinpoint it. I just realized that I'm due for my period in a day...could my headaches be related to that? Because, I'm not sick in any other way..but I rarely get headaches so just wondering what's going on....thanks!!


Hey maggie183, yep that's probably what it is. Sometimes new symptoms start occurring with out periods. No worries girl. Xoxo 

Lynae P.

by maggie183 on 10/7/2012 12:14:15 PM


I can't wear bras. I am not big enough! It's so frusterating because almost ALL of my friends (except 1) wear them and like talk about it all. the. time... Frown


That's okay girl. For one you're still growing and maturing. Some girls don't finish developing until their early-mid 20s. I know a girl who didn't get a chest until her sophmore year of college. And even if you don't get big boobs or any, it doesn't make you less pretty. There are lots of pretty women with small chests. Look at Kate Hudson, Aaliyah, Zoe Saldana, Jlo and Charlize Thereon. Hope this helps! Xoxo

Lynae P.

by WinnieGirlie on 10/7/2012 10:10:33 AM


@snagmonkey ???

by WinnieGirlie on 10/7/2012 10:06:06 AM

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