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Overnight fruit salad

This fresh fruit salad comes from an Italian dessert called "Macedonia di frutta fresca" which is a combination of fresh or dried fruit, jam or...
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Are you Crazy For American Idol? Do you absolutly LOVE Singing and Dancing! Than Club American Idol Is for YOU! We talk about everything and anything! We have weekly polls and contests! And if you hurry you can still have a chance to be a Manager or Vice President!

by Club American Idol on 7/7/2009 11:00:09 AM


i love anything that has to do with fruit! its so yummy! and this looks sooooooooo good!

by annarose4ever on 6/19/2009 12:28:01 PM


Heyy Girlies!
I'm looking for a persional trainer! I need someone to help me reach my goals by giving good advice and motivation! Visit my profile and comment saying you want to be my persional trainer, and I'll send you the application ASAP! Thanks!
- Victoria Smile

by toriaerie on 6/2/2009 9:57:05 PM


that looks sooo good!

by 2ndstar on 6/2/2009 6:11:53 PM


I made this is it's soooo good. I'm eating some right now :]

by TwilightObsessed98331 on 6/2/2009 3:18:03 PM



by lilgirlyme on 5/31/2009 5:25:01 PM


i had a ????? over the summer i was going to try eating 5small meals as they say its healthy for you. how should i make sure i get the right amount of fruints, veggie, etc. and is there somewhere i could look for info.

Try looking for a food pyramid online. -lauren
Lauren H.

by mccap0123 on 5/31/2009 4:29:10 PM


I never have time in the morn to make my own lunch and i hate the salad at my school. what is a good way to eat healthy at school and not break my eat right diet?

Try going for any sort of fruits or veggies and healthy options your school has. -lauren
Lauren H.

by ohnoudidnt on 5/31/2009 2:20:33 PM


Yum! Fruit salad is AWESOME!
Plus I'm part Italian, so this is cool.

by gladiator*girl on 5/31/2009 10:28:17 AM


what does a kiwi taste like???

It's sweet and juicy. -lauren
Lauren H.

by lib173 on 5/30/2009 8:09:23 PM


~MOD~MOD~MOD~MOD~MOD~MOD~MOD~MOD~MOD~MOD~MOD~MOD~ can i use sugar free stuff and splenda instead on these recipes? cause my lil bro has diabetes and he would like th try some of the food(like his fav lemonade!lol) k thanks!!!!!!!

Yep, that would be fine. -lauren
Lauren H.

by ashrox1996 on 5/30/2009 5:41:08 PM


Hey girls!
I saw some other girls posting things for personal trainers and I think that's a great idea. If you are interested in being my personal trainer, just post a comment on my profile and I will get back to you on that. Plus, you don't have to fill out an application or anything, just tell me a little bit about yourself and if you have any diet plans/workout plans, I'd like the details *=)

by v-ballnerdygirl on 5/30/2009 5:39:17 PM


I love fruit salad!

Check out my profile!

by coolio08 on 5/30/2009 4:19:55 PM


Smile Hey girls! Check out the latest club on GL!

club FUN!!!!!!!!!!!! Smile we give advice and have

fun! Smile We are also looking for vp, secretaries

and advice girls! Smile Come check out the club!

xoxo, Kate **club FUN prez** Smile

by club FUN on 5/30/2009 1:03:56 PM


This is going out to all the people who have applied for personal trainer! I have had a great success with this, so many people have tried out! That's why we will make this into a workout center right here on GL! The prez, me, the vice prez,kcto14, and the personal trainer, to be announced monday, will run the center. The prez and vice prez will make sure everything is running well, make app.'s, etc. The personal trainer will be my trainer as well as help the other trainers and heads. If you have suggestions/questions plz tell me or the vice prez!

by igymnast10 on 5/30/2009 12:48:25 PM


I am going to a dance camp soon and then leaving directly to my favorite vacay spot, HHI! The prob is I will be missing out on a bunch of friend time, and the only way to communicat is via cell and I don't wanna max out my minutes and texting limits! Any way to communicate otherwise? also, my bff and I decided to invite our other friend that we've had since kindergarten to my bffs b-day at water world. The only prob is that she was really mean to us during the school year, and said she had to ditch us cuz her reputation was in danger, just cuz we were hanging with someone who wasn't very popular! And then she ignored me the whole year in dance for this girl she swears she hates, and that girl trashes me too! What can I do?


Easy, message through e-mails and whenever she acts rude to very nice to her and make yourself look good. everyone will see that when she acts up, she's the one who looks bad not you...

Sherryn D.

by igymnast10 on 5/30/2009 10:06:48 AM


mmmm, tastey!

by igymnast10 on 5/30/2009 9:28:04 AM


Yummy! I love all of these fruits, especially kiwis and bananas!

Check out my profile girls, and please leave a comment, thanks!

by SportyGal on 5/30/2009 9:27:21 AM


That look so sweet!Smile

by B' girl on 5/30/2009 8:08:40 AM

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