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My Mom Won’t Let Me Shave!

It’s getting hot out and I’m ready to break out the shorts, but my leg hair is way too noticeable! I want to shave, but my mom says I’m not allowed to.
189 Comments | Add Yours

MOD MOD MOD! I tried the advice up here, but my mom just got annoyed. any other advice on how to ask her, please!

Hey Girl! When I started shaving my legs, my brother was making fun of me for being hairy. I explained how embarrassed I was to wear anything that showed my legs. I told her it was more of a self conscious issue than anything else. Hope this helps! xo Lizzie 
lizzie n.

by randum1998 on 2/23/2010 12:01:05 AM


I have sorta dark hair on my upper lip and i'm thinking about waxing it because it's really bugging me. I was just wondering if it would grow back all dark and stubbly and icky? Please help me! Thanks!! Smile

Hey girl, I'd try bleaching it or researching different wax kits. Remember, hair grows back so it's important to look into what options and maintenance works best for you. 

Alyssa B.

by clownsrscaryxo on 1/22/2010 9:29:55 PM


This happened to me when i was like i just turned 12 my mom sed no no no!! i got pissed off then we stopped talking about it! then all of a sudden i guess she understood me because we went to a party i had to wear a skirt and my legs were hairy! she understood and let me shave when i was gunna take a shower sh was like i changed my mind i dotn want u to shave anymore because it makes the hair grow thicker and faster so she bought me hair removal cream now im 13 and i still use the same removal cream it works great i have never shaved in my life!!!! i am so thankful to my mom ily mommy <3

by poptart_baby on 10/21/2009 8:59:45 PM


im not allowed to shve and im going into the 8th grade. i asked my mom if i could and se said NO, that i cant shave until highschool. my mom didntt start shaving until she was fourteen and in highschool and thinks that is when i should start. i told her that im the only person in my class that doesnt shave and needs to (the people who dont shave dont have noticable hair on their legs) she told me that shaving is a lot of work and that iwould have to keep up with it, and i told her i would but she just ended the convo. help please the hair on my legs is really noticable! sorry it is long!

Hey babe,

You can try explaining things to your mom in a calm, mature way and try to help her see your point of view, but you can't force her to change her mind. Until she lets you, you might just have to wear long pants if your leg hair really bothers you. You're pretty close to high school now anyway, so it won't be that much longer!

xoxo Allie
Allie S.

by sweatpea7 on 8/4/2009 4:26:38 PM


Sorry 2 tel u but every person I have talk to that used Nair or other hair removal things, said they got alleric reactions (including me)... You get ichy and your legs start burning... Smooth Away doesn't work sorry to break it to u

by poohluvr12 on 7/28/2009 2:35:18 AM


I asked my mom if i could start shaving through a text. She said sure. Then later that day she asked me why and said my legs arent that hairy. Both my sisters started around my age! She now thinks someone is making fun of me because i have hairy legs. i just feel uncomfertable. im in gymnastics and i have to wear leotards. and then you see my hairy legs. i mean, idk!? help!

love yal!(and gymnastics)

by Gymnasts Got Chalk on 7/26/2009 9:52:10 PM


***MOD*** My mom and dad won't let me shave. And now I feel really bad about because in my fifth grade year this boy in my class came up to me and said that I had hairy legs. Right up to my face! My mom only let's me pluck my armpits, and plucking just has too much pain and it takes forever. I'm really starting to feel bad about myself. In fact one time I went to Old Navy and they had these really cool shorts on sale, but I didn't end up buying them because I was worried about my legs so much. And my parents don't know how to take things seriously most of the time, so when I told them that my hair was making me feel bad they still said no. And my dad made this really nasty joke like "From now on we'll have to call you Harry!" Then he started laughing and cried my eyes out, and he was still laughing when I cried. My mom didn't do anything.


Hey girl,

I'm sorry to hear that! I say you sit down and have a serious talk with the rents. Be completely honest with them! Don't beat yourself up over having a little hair, all us girlies do!


Melany T.

by sushigirl_5 on 7/16/2009 1:14:59 PM


my mom wouldn't let me shave so i bugged her and finally she just siad, do what you want.

by Wirly1 on 7/4/2009 12:03:25 AM


i just shave without telling my mom. and i never got a scar. or anythin

by tandog1512 on 7/3/2009 6:39:41 PM


i didnt rlly kniow what to tell my mom when i wanted to start shaving and then one day i had to replace my razor and she gave me 2 and i asked wat the second 1 was 4 and she was just like ... its for your liegs silly and ive shaved ever since ... and i no this is gunna sound crazy but shaving gives me more self confidence because i feel cleaner and more presentable and femanine

by ally_d on 6/29/2009 10:23:16 AM

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