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My Mom Won’t Let Me Shave!

It’s getting hot out and I’m ready to break out the shorts, but my leg hair is way too noticeable! I want to shave, but my mom says I’m not allowed to.
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I shave and my mom knows it, she just doesnt know how much I shave. But I have friends who have to hide it that they shave and I just dont understand that. I wonder why some Moms are like that?

by luckykel on 5/30/2009 5:41:27 PM


My mom just gave me a razor and was like "wnna start 2 shave" and i'm just like "sure". this was last summer...

by artist13 on 5/30/2009 12:38:16 PM


i shaved below my knees in the 5th grade behind my mother's back for a year! then, finally, 4 days before the last day of school in 6th grade, my mom was like "i can't believe you haven't asked me to shave yet! go ahead you might even need 2 razors.. you have ALOT of hair on your legs!!" OKAY, MOM!
good luck... even though shaving isn't everything, it does put a load on your self confidence level. good luck, chica!!

by showtayy:) on 5/30/2009 11:14:46 AM


God, my mom doesnt let me shave 2!!Frown

by B' girl on 5/30/2009 8:15:10 AM


well uhm not that im any help at this, but my mom doesnt really know i shave. well she probably does but watever. its mostly my sister cause i use her razor but she hadnt found out in a while but just the other night, she was like did u shave ur legs? im like maaaybe...and shes like what razor did u use? mine? im maaaybee...and she said my name like u know when people say ur name like awww why?? then she said ur buying me a new one but i wonder if she forgot. i just dont know how to bring it up with my mom bout shaving. i mean basically ALL my friends are all open bout shaving and like saying i shaved my legs last night and feel them and blah blah blah but im like uhm yea ok. ive been shaving for like 2 years and i never actually got permission from my mom or sister or anyone...

by prettypirate101 on 5/29/2009 11:29:42 PM


MOD um there are little bumps on the inside of my vagina lips, what are they?

Hey girl,

I'd love to help you out with some good advice. Unfortunately, since I'm not an expert on the matter, I don't wanna steer you in the wrong direction. Try talking to your mom or setting up an appointment with a doctor. Good luck!

alexa e.

by bergmanb on 5/29/2009 6:57:34 AM


Yeah my mom doesnt let me shave 2
I want2!!!!!!!

by B' girl on 5/29/2009 5:00:14 AM


heyy, a couple of thinqs...i think itt would b a qood idea if yooh used a tanninq lotion thats spray on bc it will cover up the hair nd make it look golden. i heard some ppl mentioninq Smooth Away nd Venus Breeze shavers-i own nd use both so i'll tell yooh wat i think:

Smooth Away: works qood on arms but takes lyk 15 min. & at least 2 pads 2 work-it takes around 3 wks 4 the hair 2 fully qrow back [4 me].
me nd a few of myy friends tried itt on our legs nd it doesnt work. works qood on knuckles but the hair qrows back in lyk a thats my opinion on that.

Venus Breeze: works perfect on my leqs nd shavers ive ever used! idk about usinq them anywhere else...

oh! 1 more thinq..nair. i bouqht it nd took it back bc i felt it was a little scary/weird althouqh i didnt even open it. im qoinq 2 buy sally hansens spray on hair remover bc it looks better nd safer.

well, have a awesome nd blessed summer nd make sure 2 check out myy paqe...godsprincess13 ツ

by godsprincess13 on 5/29/2009 12:45:09 AM


My mom kinda wanted me to shave. Ouch!

by chargergirl on 5/29/2009 12:18:33 AM


~~~MOD~~~ Wow! I can't believe that I start High School in two months! I'm so scared. I'm worried about the work, and my social status. Mod I'm not sure if I can do this..... What can I do?



Hey Babes, Find friends from your current school who will go to that new HS and hang out with them. Chat it out and spend the summer getting prepared. Youre gunna do great! xo Annemarie

Annemarie D.

by brookedafer on 5/28/2009 11:45:52 PM

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