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Fabbed Up Freeze Tag

Don’t keep the kids cooped up in the house, it's summer! Let them burn off some energy by playing everyone’s old favorite tag. Switch it...
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Hey MOD,
next week i'm going to be babysitting for the first time. (a 2 year old and a 4 year old - both boys). Their mom told me that they are very energetic, and don't like to colour or do crafts..or really anything that involves sitting! Do you have any game suggestions???
Also..the 2 year old still wears diapers and i've never changed one before.
this shall be interesting..
thanx Smile


Hey girl, try playing old childhood games that you enjoyed! If they don't like to color sitting down, go outside and draw with chalk on the side walk! Play hide and go seek, teach them how to dance and make a video, or anything that you know you can do to let them have fun! <3 Jeannie
Jeannie L.

by mikira on 7/22/2009 5:52:44 PM


MOD mOD MOD i thought the summer reading give away was over? if not how do i get 2 it?

It is over, those books are still great suggestions to check out at the library though. 
katelin s.

by volleyballbabe23 on 7/6/2009 11:22:32 PM


do you have any young adult book recommendations?? i went to the library 2day and all the books i wanted were checked out already!!!i need a good book thanks a bunch!

Hey babe, all the ones in our Book Club are great, as well as the daily giveaway books - all good summer reads! 
katelin s.

by volleyballbabe23 on 7/6/2009 10:49:33 PM


im the fifth comment YAY =)

by cats_r_the_best on 7/6/2009 10:41:02 AM


thanks Mel, it did help!

by volleyballbabe23 on 7/5/2009 11:41:12 PM


MOD MOD MOD will you answer my question that i already posted please!!! 2nd comment??? i no this question is dumb but i dont rember how a new person gets it when pplaying freeze tag? and do u have 2 put mod at the top of your question for mod to answer it? volleyballbabe23 on 7/5/2009 7:27:54 PM


Hey girl,

Well when I use to play, me and my friends would just start the game over again. With freeze tag it's all about having someone unfreeze you if you're tagged not about being "it." Hope this helps!


Melany T.

by volleyballbabe23 on 7/5/2009 9:31:10 PM


2nd comment??? i no this question is dumb but i dont rember how a new person gets it when pplaying freeze tag? and do u have 2 put mod at the top of your question for mod to answer it?

by volleyballbabe23 on 7/5/2009 7:27:54 PM


First comment???

by xodanielleox on 6/24/2009 2:02:42 PM

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