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Food Allergy 411 for Babysitters

Food allergies can be mysterious and confusing. And these days, it seems like everyone is allergic to something - especially small children and even babies...
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According research near about 2% of U.S. adults and 4 to 8% of kids have food allergies, which cause about 150 deaths each year. The people with allergies vary in the severity of their reactions, some will get a mild rash or an itchy tongue if they eat something that contains the allergen and the others may stop breathing and lose the consciousness.  Marly Z.

by alisha66 on 2/10/2011 6:06:58 AM


This summer Ive been babysitting my little brothers.

by iluvband on 8/26/2010 9:49:13 AM


i just started babysitting my neighbors. They're two little girls and the older one has a peanut allergy. This will really help when i babysit if she has a reaction!

by emmybear44 on 8/9/2010 10:54:41 PM


thanxs paige!!!

by iwantmyperiod on 8/7/2010 1:31:20 PM


mod mod mod mod mod mod mod mod mod mod mod mod mod mod mod
i need help!!!im going to new orleans in 2 days and i need to know if i can bring an american girl doll on the plane.can i???

Hey girlie, I believe you can.  
Paige T.

by iwantmyperiod on 8/7/2010 12:34:48 AM


mod mod mod mod mod mod mod mod mod mod mod mod mod mod
mkay mom used a credit card to get it out and it was my hand,not foot.

by iwantmyperiod on 8/7/2010 12:30:23 AM


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ASAP ASAP ASAP ASAP ASAP ASAP ASAP ASAP ASAP ASAP ASAP ASAP ASAP ASAP ASAP ASAPA ASAP ASAP ASAP ASAP ASAP please!!!help!!!!i have a splinter and i cant get it out!!!i tried to clip the skin away and it closed up too quick.and i tried to squeeze i out,i tried to pluck it out and none of it worked!!!!plese help me NOW!!!!

Ouch! You might have to get someone to help you, because splinters can be hard to see! Typically, if they are under the surface, you have to cut back the skin.  Try soaking your feet in hot water with some salt to get ride of bacteria, and loosen up your skin.  That way, it will probably be easier to get the splinter out... Good luck! 
Katie R.

by iwantmyperiod on 8/5/2010 12:43:09 PM


**MOD!!** I really want to start babysitting, and every now and then i babysit my little 2 yr old cousin w/ my grandma, but i dont do well when the kids get upset. how do i help them to stop crying (especially when they cant talk!!!!) without freaking out myself! lol


Hey! Offer a distraction like a toy, or just say comforting things. Hope this helps! 


Helen S.

by lolchic1019 on 7/23/2010 2:44:01 AM


Thanks for the help! i will be babysitting my little neighbor and she has a peanut allergy so now i know what to do to keep safe from some food allergy mishaps!

by emmybear44 on 7/19/2010 2:38:42 PM


I ALWAYS ask! Turns out one girl didn't have a FOOD allergy, but she was extremely allergic to bee stings, so we have to be extra careful about that! I'm really glad I asked.

by pointeprincess on 7/16/2010 1:53:01 PM

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