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How do I insert a tampon?

I can’t insert a tampon without it hurting. Is something wrong? How do I get it right? Tampons can be tricky at first, but they shouldn’t...
349 Comments | Add Yours

Ok so when I wear a pad, blood gets all over my butt and stuff!!! It's really gross! Then I have to wash it. Then I change my pad and it happens all over again! What can I do besides using a tampon?? thanks!


Hey babes,  IF it happens at night sleep on your side, it helps a ton.  Also buy pads with wings that are longer, always makes some great ones.  Remember to change the pad frequently as well.  XO Lori

lori S.

by boxerdog on 6/25/2009 9:18:54 PM


Urghh I still can't do it! (well I haven't even tried....) It sounds really tricky with the whole applicator-pushing-with your finger thing or whatever it is!!!

p.s. willow xx thanks for the tips Smile

by boxerdog on 6/25/2009 2:50:51 PM


ok this helped a lot thank u!!!

check out my profile

by lizzierox1 on 6/25/2009 10:22:18 AM


that helped a lot!!!

by clairie jonse on 6/25/2009 12:19:36 AM


I have tried all of that, but it only goes halfway in and then stops!! And then I try to push it in but then it really starts to hurt! Why is that? And can you please post this because I've tried posting this a lot of times but it never shows up. I understand if you are busy though Smile But MODDDD and GURLIES help!!

by volleyballgirl102 on 6/24/2009 10:46:54 PM


ewwwww it a fact of life but still ewwwwwww!

by graceygirl77 on 6/24/2009 9:14:59 PM


Tampons are so much easier! You shouldn't be scared! They are a true blessing - trust me!

Once, though, I was at school and I had a tampon in and it was Regular but it filled up and leaked, and luckily I had a pad. I just didn't want to change it at school because I didn't want anything to go wrong Smile

by pointeprincess on 6/24/2009 7:14:36 PM


Hey girlies! I think a lot of people have major issues finding WHERE their vaginal opening is. That's what I was having issues with when I first tried to insert a tampon (I've had my period twice, but used tampons even on my first!).
Here's some extra tips.
1. For your first try, buy slender Tampax tampons. It might be easier for you to use a plastic applicator, although cardboard ones aren't that much different. The plastic ones from Tampax are called Tampax Pearls.
You may want to use slender tampons (for light periods even if your period is heavy, until you're comfortable with inserting them. If your flow is heavy, just change it more often.
2. When you're looking to insert your first time, squat down in front of a mirror. Just look down there and sort of rub the tampon across the length of "down there" and find the vaginal opening. It's the last hole closest to your butt.
3. Okay, you've found the hole. Now, slowly insert the tampon into the opening, and just sort of work your way up, until the edge of the tampon is just showing like three millimeters. Grab it with your thumb and pointer finger of whichever hand you write with, and with the other, push the applicator thing. Then pull at the applicator, and it will come out. The string will be hanging out of your body. You may want to wear a liner for added protection.
4. Put the applicator in the nearest trash can. DO NOT FLUSH, ESPECIALLY IF THEY'RE PLASTIC! Yikes!
5. When it comes time to remove, squat or sit on the toilet. Sometimes putting one foot on the toilet seat and the other leg on the ground is also helpful.
Grab the string and pull in the direction you inserted. If it's too painful to bear, and it hasn't been anywhere near fiv hours, and you KNOW it isn't heavy, wait, because it hasn't absorbed enough liquids. If it has, soak the tampon with water in the shower. Then take another go at removing it.
6. Wrap the tampon in toilet paper or in the liner then toilet paper, if you were wearing a liner. Then insert another tampon. Meghan D.

by willow xx on 6/23/2009 8:46:40 PM


first comment? i think

ok ive always wondered how do you do it this

by jayjai19 on 6/23/2009 6:37:31 PM

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