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How do I insert a tampon?

I can’t insert a tampon without it hurting. Is something wrong? How do I get it right? Tampons can be tricky at first, but they shouldn’t...
349 Comments | Add Yours

So I'm almost 17 and I still use pads! The thing is, I don't really want to use tampons, but I feel like I should. I think putting something "up there" just seems awkward and weird. I got my period when I was really young (10) so I've been using pads for quite some time, but I feel like they're for beginners and I should be using tampons... but I'm more comfortable with pads.
I guess my point is: do I have to use tampons? Is it weird to just wear pads for the rest of my life? Thanks.

Hey girly, I totally get where you're coming from. It's fine to use pads instead of tampons -- it's your body, and completely your decision! Using pads or tampons doesn't really have anything to do with how old you are or how long you've had your period, but what you're most comfortable with! Personally, I prefer pads to tampons!
Alissa S.

by purplestreakpunk on 6/28/2010 1:30:50 PM


This is gunna sound weird... But I used a tampon the other day and when I went to take it out I guess I didnt get it in far enough or my flow wasnt heavy enough and it hurt really bad taking it out? Why is that? And is there any way to make that stop? Because now I'm scared to use them again... THANKS!

by hotshot655 on 6/27/2010 11:13:00 PM


How to put in a tampon:
1)Take your tampon. Before you insert it, go to the bathroom and wipe so that you dont pee on the tampon(thats gross for when you have to take it out) or drip urine on your hand.
2)Unwrap the tampon and find a postion squating or with one foot elevated. I prefer squating in a hovering over the toilet way because it makes the process easier.
3) With one hand, hold the tampon, and with the other find the opening to your vagina. If you need to, hold the tampon of to the side of your hand (kind of in your fingers... key point is to spread open the vagina a little bit, however you do it.) and use both hands to find the opening. it is the second hole, after where the pee comes out, and don't be afraid to use a hand mirror if you are having trouble.
4)Once you have the opening, spread it out a tiny bit so it's easier
5)take the applicator, and push up into your vagina, but don't push the applicator too far(halfway). leave a little out still. It should slide pretty easily. It shouldn't be terrible pain, either.
6)Once you have the applicator in about halfway, push the insert part on the back until the tubes are inside of each other.
7)Remove the applicator and insert so only the string is hanging from your body.

AND THATS IT! Tell me how this works for you, if it was confussing, etc.

.To start out, use a light tampon or a slim if you can find one, then move on to thicker applicators.
.A tampon, if inserted correctly, will not hurt. If it does, it probably isn't in far enough and you should try again.
.A tampon might be a little hard to put in on your first day of you period because it isn't as lubricated.
.If you go to change your tampon and there is not one there, you MUST tell your mother, chances are it fell out, but tell her anyway.
.Don't leave a tampon in for more than 4 hours, and use a pad to sleep in to be on the safe side.

I hope this was helpful. Contact me if you need more help, I'm confident you can get it!

by bubblegum4 on 6/27/2010 8:56:27 PM


MOD whats a DivaCup? 4


Hey chica, check out this Wikipedia article on it!


Becca G.

by X-MasBabey97 on 6/26/2010 7:31:22 PM


thnx helen u guys r great

by i_rock_pink22 on 6/26/2010 4:10:24 PM


Mod mod mod this is kinda of embarrsing idk were to put a tampon ive like a ton of times but it wnt go anywere in hlp please cause i wnt to use one thnx :]


Helen S.

by i_rock_pink22 on 6/26/2010 4:04:06 PM


how do i bring up that i want to wear tampons? she doesnt wear tampons so it would be awrkd. where do you put it in? i am really SCARED to wear tampons. MOD MOD


Hey girlie, I'm assuming you mean your mom. Just tell her that you want to try them and ask if you can to the store with her to pick them out. And check out this link for help putting one in http://www.girlslife.com/post/2009/06/23/007-Period-Advice.aspx
Lauren T.

by babysittingrocks on 6/25/2010 5:30:17 PM


mod mod MOD MOD i have swim practice tomorrow moring and im on my period. its almost light flow so shud i use a tampon... ive never tried a tampon before, and they kinda freak me out!! what shud i do, tampon or none?? thx guys!!!


Hey! A tampon is your best option but if your flow is light you could also use a thin pantyliner in your swimsuit. When you're in the water it should stop or slow your flow, but you still shouldn't go in unprotected. Good luck!

Helen S.

by baileybaby on 6/24/2010 11:23:12 PM


MOD MOD MOd MOD! ok so i just got my period todday and i am leaving to go on vacation tomorrow and its a hotel with a pool. ive been looking foward to this since january. Even though i just got my period, can i still use a tampon?


Yes you can, as long as you are comfortable with it!  Make sure you stock up with supplies for your trip, and give yourself some time to practice. 

Marie H.

by dancingcutie128 on 6/24/2010 5:22:27 PM


mod mod MOD MOD MOD
ok i am very very athletic, im on my 3rd period, i strtd lazt yr, i tried 2 insert a tampon yesterday so i culd go swimmin, i culdnt get it 2 go all the way in! wat do i do....!? plzzzzz help!


The most important thing is to relax and keep pushing it in. I don't think you can really push it in too far, so don't be worried about that. Once you get it in to the right spot, it won't hurt and it will feel like it is in the right spot.

Vanessa J.

by cooline on 6/24/2010 3:08:22 PM

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