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How do I insert a tampon?

I can’t insert a tampon without it hurting. Is something wrong? How do I get it right? Tampons can be tricky at first, but they shouldn’t...
349 Comments | Add Yours

Hey, as you can see from my previous comment, I started my period yesterday (but it was very, very light). Well, when I woke up, I didn't anymore. And for the rest of the day I didn't have it. I mean, I'm fine that I don't have it;) but I'm worried that something may be wrong. I've had my period for exactly one year and I know for a fact that I am NOT pregnant... Is this something I need to worry about?
Thank you!


Hey Carrie_Underwood, I don't think so. Periods can be irregular, and since yours was very light, you should be okay. No worries! Xoxo Smile

Lynae P.

by Carrie_Underwood on 8/18/2013 10:35:18 PM


So I have to put in a tampon on Tuesday because I have a swimming field trip for school and I'm on my period (started today)! I've researched on it and I'm pretty confident about trying it tomorrow (my flow will be heavier) but the only thing I'm unsure about is where to put it. Yeah it'll be awkward for you to explain but I'm desperate! And also how often do I need to change it (I'm gonna use the tampax light tampon for the first time!) thank you so much!


hey! You change them every 4 to 6 hours depending on your flow. follow these steps. 1) Sit on the toilet, or stand in front of it with one foot on the floor and one on the toilet seat. 2) Toss the wrapper (duh!), and put the rounded tip against your vaginal opening. With your forefinger on the plunger (the end point downward) and your middle finger and thumb on the upper part of the applicator, gently push the tampon inside your body, aiming toward the small of your back. Once you’ve pushed the inner tube all the way into the out tube—this pushes the cottony absorbent part into the perfect spot—withdraw both tubes, leaving the string hanging outside your body.

A few more tips: It’s easiest to insert a tampon when your flow is heaviest, like the first three days of your period, because you’re more lubricated. You may want to use pads on lighter days. Or try and over-the-counter vaginal lubricant—K-Y Jelly is a brand doctors recommend—on the end of the tampon before insertion. This is a safe way to make the whole process slicker. Once you’ve got it in right, you shouldn’t feel a thing!  

Helen S.

by Carrie_Underwood on 8/17/2013 1:55:53 PM


Please Help!!!!!
So I started using tampons, and they were fine, I had no problem with them. But this month, I seem to put them in okay, but it hurts A LOT when I take them out! I don't know what's wrong! Am I putting them in wrong?

Hey girlie,

Maybe you could try a
smaller absorbency tampon and change them more often, and see if that helps. If
not, I would talk to your mom or doc so they can help you get the hang of it!


Meghan D.

by Sophie1999 on 8/1/2013 10:53:44 PM


So I have a question about inserting it. How do you insert it if your bleeding? Doesn't it just get messy and stuff? Also I am really nervous about using one so any tips?

by Renee_Marie on 7/18/2013 1:41:29 PM



I'm read this and I'm still really scared. What is the vaginal opening? And I don't get the whole withdraw both tubes thing.thanks




Hey girl! Both tubes means simply taking out the tampon
applicator after you’re done- there’s two parts, the plunger, and the part
which inserts into your vagina first. Your vaginal opening is the hole, or
opening, where your pee comes out of- and where the tampon should go.

Melissa T.

by Juliacar on 7/11/2013 3:07:05 PM


I am going to send my friend the link to this article. She is having trouble inserting tampons and says she has to use only pads because they never go in.
I think wikihow.com also has a great information and I know there are blogs on our periods that go over it to. And she hinted about dryness so the vaginal lubricant may be what she needs to start using them.

by fashionqn on 1/20/2013 1:22:18 AM


I just attempted to put in a tampon. I would not go in. What did I do wrong? I put my fingers where they supposed to go and I placed the tampon in the right place. When I pushed it to try to make it go in, it refused. I feel like I failed because it wouldn't go in. Please help.

by Originally Unique on 1/2/2013 6:24:24 PM


Okie so I've never used a tampon before because I was always afraid and everywhere I read they always made it seem so complicated, but this made it sound soo easy and I actually did it. I wore my first tampon yesterday, THANKZ GL, but it didn't really work i don't know why I inserted it at midnight and i went to sleep, but when I got up in the morning I was covered in blood. The tampon didn't soak it up, i don't get it. So in the morning I tried something different, I wore a pad under the tampon to see just how much blood was leaking out and the tampon isn't really doing it's job. Why's that?

Hey girl,

You are probably sleeping for longer than your tampon can hold. I would either wear pads at night or make sure you are using a tampon that is specifically for overnights.

Meghan D.

by pookiebarr on 11/2/2012 10:57:17 PM


that's pretty weird. A guy wrote a book about a teenage girl's body?

by kpianoplayer on 10/4/2012 4:23:10 PM


I've had my period for a couple years now, but I want to do sports and I think it's time to switch to tampons! But, I've tried a countless number of times and it just won't go in. I've probably wasted around ten of them so far. Also I've done A LOT OF RESEARCH, so I'm pretty sure I know the drill. I can't ask my mom either because she never got tampons to work for her. She tells me I should just give up trying to use tampons. :'( Someone please help me...

by absolutelyclueless on 9/10/2012 2:03:02 AM


I just inserted a tampon for the first time. (This is a big deal.) It took a while because I was so scared, but now it's sooooo comfortable. But now I need tips on taking it out. I'm kinda nervous. And also, I did it lying down on my bed, but I want to be able to do it at school, too. So how do you take a tampon out, and what position should I be in to insert a tampon standing up?


Hey chica! Just tug on the string when you need to take it out.  It will feel uncomfortable, but if you pull hard and quick (like a band-aid!) you'll be fine.  And next time, try it while you are sitting down (that's how most people do it).  That way you can do it in the bathroom at school! Most tampon packs have instructions if you need more help. xoxo 

Kate G.

by cali princess on 8/17/2012 1:46:01 AM


I've been on my period for around two years now and I've been too afraid to try using a tampon since the first time I had a bad experience, and i've always just used the pad, but now I want to start using a tampon and I tried earlier today but it hurt when I put it in, do you have any advice? please help me!!

Hey girl! Check out the tips in this article http://www.girlslife.com/post/2009/06/23/007-Period-Advice.aspx

Maggie P.

by girlproblems12345 on 8/9/2012 3:32:11 PM


I'm just a little freaked out right now, i've been having my period for around a year or two now and I have just been using the pads because the first time I put the tampon in it hurt and I didn't want to try again. I just tried again today and I still can't do it............ and I'm frustrated, do you have any advice, please help me!!!!

Hey girl! Check out this article for some help Smile http://www.girlslife.com/post/2009/06/23/007-Period-Advice.aspx

Maggie P.

by girlproblems12345 on 8/9/2012 3:28:07 PM


I use tampons and they don't hurt at all Smile just DON'T PRACTICE INSERTING THEM WHEN I ARE NOT ON YOUR PERIOD. Because when you pull it out it hurts a lot. It feels like your pulling out a suction cup from inside you.
Oh and thanks Kate g. My cramps and headaches are better <3

by swifty#1 on 8/3/2012 11:11:39 AM


Mod mod mod,
Help......... (I asked my mom and she helped me it was awkward but we got it in using lubricant :p)
I got the tampon in it kinda hurts now though idk why and now I have killer cramps to the point where I just lay down till they stop. And I have a REALLY BAD headache. What could I do to relieve the pain and why does my rampion hurt a little bit? I think I inserted it perfectly though....


Hey girl! I'm not sure why it feels awkward (it might feel better in a little while, so just wait a bit), but headaches and cramps can get better with a little bit of ibuprofen.  Ask your mom if you can have some.  If not, try drinking lots of water, putting on a heating pad, and taking a nap.  That's what always helps me! xoxo 

Kate G.

by swifty#1 on 8/2/2012 12:52:06 PM


Mod mod mod
Hey, I was going to ask my mom about why the tampon won't to in, but I can't work up the courage to. Every time I go down stairs I think it's gonna be so awkward./.. Then I just end up going back to the bathroom and trying it myself. How do I convince myself that it's normal to an my mom about that? Thanks in advance <3


Hey girl! Your mom has had her period for a long time, so asking her questions about it is totally normal! You'd ask her questions about cooking a meal she's made 100 times, wouldn't you?  Part of being a mom is helping your daughter out with the kind of stuff she needs advice on, so your mom will be able to answer your question or help you out and it will be no big deal, I promise. xoxo 

Kate G.

by swifty#1 on 8/2/2012 12:12:14 PM


Mod mod mod
(same one that answered my question last time)
Hi again Smile
I tried a couple of Times and I even tried opening my legs more and breathing out when I do it just like u told me too. It still won't go in so I wanna ask my mom but idk how because it's awkward........ Help) how do I ask her?


Hey girl! Get your mom alone (no need to have this convo in front of anyone else) and explain to her that your period is giving you a little bit of trouble.  If you just state the facts (you can't get a tampon in) and answer her questions, you'll feel better.  It might be awkward for a few minutes, but you'll feel better once the problem is resolved. Good luck! xoxo 

Kate G.

by swifty#1 on 8/2/2012 11:22:00 AM


(the one that answered my question)
I've already waited I day I tried this last night and it wouldnt work I didn't really thinknmuch of it I just thought on well its probably because my flow is light. So I put on a pad. But this morning I tried again and it wouldn't work. I use tampax pearl lights the ones I always use. Have an idea why it won't go in? What other positions can you go in?


Hey chica! Try opening your legs more.  And try breathing out right before you do it so you aren't tense.  I'm not sure why it won't go in, so if its' really a problem, ask your mom or ask your doc about it next time you go in.  xoxo 

Kate G.

by swifty#1 on 8/2/2012 10:43:21 AM


So I just started my period for this month and i tried inserting a tampon ( like i always do) and for some reason it won't go in. It goes like 2 inches then it stops. Idk why though cause I've been found this for over a yer. I have no idea why it won't go in/ I tried like 10 times already .... I know I'm not tense down there and idk any other reasons why it won't go in. Please help!


Hey girlie! Maybe you were going in from an odd angle, or got a brand you don't usually use?  Wait a day and then try again.  If it still isn't going in, talk to your mom or your doc. xoxo 

Kate G.

by Swifty#1 on 8/2/2012 3:00:19 AM


Help me! The other day I was going to be going tubing and I tried to use a tampon. I'm pretty sure I didn't get it in properly so I just watched and took pictures. Now I'm going swimming with all my friends (and a cute boy) and i might have my period. How do you use the tampond that have that weird cardboard tube?????

by goldenheart7 on 7/31/2012 8:18:02 PM


this scares me!
I have had my period a few times n tried a tampon for the first time. I inserted it n it hrt! i kept it in over an hour n when i took it out it was covered with blood. BUT, when i went to the bathroom right after it was out of THE SAME HOLE!
i'm freakin out, but i no its not a urinary infection, cuz i've had my period like normal n stuf, so WHAT IS IT!!!!??? Do i hav sum condition? I really need help! Ive tried the tampon agin n the same ting hand

Hey girlie,

It's totally normal for your tampon to feel uncomfortable/hurt during the first few times you use it. Your muscles "down there" just have to get used to it! Once you use them a few times, your bod will get used to it and you won't feel any pain at all. Promise Smile I use them and love them! They're like sponges so they're meant to be covered in blood once you remove them. That's how it stops your period flow from coming outside of your body. But try to calm down, because we don't pee (or go #2) out of the same hole that the blood comes from. They're all separate, even though you can't really tell at first. If you have questions about your bod "down there," try asking a doctor who can help with an explanation and a diagram. Tampons don't affect your ability to go to the bathroom! Smile
Lauren C.

by Danerka on 3/8/2012 6:34:10 PM


I still havnt gotten a response of something for THE FOURTH!!!

by Danerka on 3/8/2012 6:33:33 PM


I put something on over 24 HOURS AGO! NO RESPONSE!!!!!!!! Seriously???!!!!!!!!!!!?????!!!!!!!!!

by Danerka on 3/4/2012 5:29:56 PM


ARRGGGGGG!!! i posted something 8 hours ago and havnt gotn a response!

by Danerka on 3/3/2012 8:51:09 PM


MOD MOD MOD! I've tried putting tampons in a couple times now, but it never works. I heard if it's too dry, it doesn't go in right, but what can you do to get it less dry? Also, is there a correct 'angle' to put it in at, cause it goes a little bit and then just stops going in. Thanks! Smile


Hey rockstargal03, maybe you don't have the right size. Try getting a size down and see if you can insert them easier. It may help to prop one of your legs on something, maybe the toilet, to get it in easier.The whole dry thing I think refers to you down there, so it's best to put it in when your on your period than a regular random day. Hope this helps! Xoxo

Lynae P.

by rockstargal03 on 2/24/2012 5:44:38 PM


ok... i know i might sound stupid for asking this, but... i need a strait up answer. i have 2 questions.
1. do you keep the tampon in???
2. it always hurts when i try to use one... i try diff positions,and i have tried when my floe is the heaviest but it still hurts, and i always take it out because that's what i think your supposed to do...
please answer!


Hey babe,

1. Of course! Tampons are designed to absorb your flow so it doesn't leak all over your pants. So you leave it in for the time recommended on the box, then take it out and replace it with a new one. You might need to change them sooner than recommended if you have a heavier period that day.

2. It might hurt because you're taking it out before it's had a chance to soak up any liquid in there, so it's rougher. Relax your muscles and keep trying with the smallest size tampons - it feels uncomfy sometimes at first but you'll get the hang of it!

Lauren C.

by kaitybug1998 on 9/15/2011 5:03:20 PM


if you do wear a pantyliner while swimming and wear shorts over yor bathing suit for the diaper issue will it still absorb the blood or will it just fail and leak all over the pool?and also is it better to wear pads r tampons in sports?

Hey girl,

I wouldn't rely on a panyliner while in the pool.  If you swim while wearing one, it will absorb water right away and then bam! it's too late to stop any blood.

As far as pads vs. tampons for sports, it's a personal preference.  But there are certain tampons designed specially for use during sports.
Jordan S.

by krazykotabug on 9/6/2011 1:18:00 AM


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by angie333 on 7/21/2011 1:04:09 AM


MOD--I had my period over a month now! And I want to start using tampons. But My aunt told me that one day she put them on and it hurted her so she took them off. But Iwant to use them but at the same time I think it might hurt. And if you are having a real heavy flow, and you insert a tampon in your vigana will it hurt? Will youu feel it? If you sit down will you feel it hurting?

Hey girl,

   If you've had your period for a really long time, it's probably best to go see a doctor. But as for the tampons, tampons are not supposed to hurt, so if it does, it means it was inserted incorrectly. If you have a heavy flow, inserting a tampon won't hurt, but you may have to change your tampon more frequently. Hope that helps! x0x0   
Casey L.

by Kaylabew12345 on 6/21/2011 1:00:55 PM


MOD MOD i really need help. i have been having my period for like 2 years now and i haven't had the courage to use tampons until now. all of my friends do and i miss out on swimming and summer because im too afraid to use one. i've tried like three times and i just can't get them to work without them hurting. i have two older sisters but it would be too embarrassing to ask them or even my mom for help. every time i try i feel relaxed but it still hurts. i don't know what to do Frown help pleasee

Hey girly,
I'm sorry but your mom or one of your sisters is exactly who you need to go to right now. They will be able to tell you what you are doing wrong and calm your nerves. This is what they're here for and they will totally help you out.

Catie C.

by hjl1294 on 6/8/2011 1:15:05 PM


UGH, I can not get it in right!
I can't get it all the way in.
I've tried 6 or 7 times already.
I know I'm in the right vicinity, because there's blood on the applicator, but I just don't know where to actually put it and angle it and everything. I've even watched guides, used a mirror, and tried different positions too. Nothing's working!
This is a lot harder than I expected! Tong

by cookiemonsterxox on 5/13/2011 5:22:06 PM


Okay its almost summer so that means my mom is going to put me into summer swimming classes.I've been having my period for ALMOST a year now. here are the questions I would like to ask.
1)Does it hurt to put a tampon on?
2)Is it safe to wear a pad when i'm swimming?
3)how can I ask my mom for the help?
thanks so much!
oh, and how do i know if my crush actually likes me?

Hey girlie -- no, it doesn't hurt, no, you shouldn't wear a pad when swimming (it will swell like a diaper) and simply tell her the issue (she's your mom Smile). Check out this article to find out if your crush likes you:  http://www.girlslife.com/post/2009/09/16/advice-love-crush-dating.aspx Smile

Brittany G. 

Brittany G.

by kkcheergirl on 5/6/2011 11:11:09 PM


i am 12 And ALL my friends use tampons i want to use them to but my mom wont let me how do i get her to let me use them i hate pads

Hey girlie! Tell your mom that you don't feel comfortable using pads and that they aren't really working for you.  
Marly Z.

by aneliese411 on 1/8/2011 9:56:29 PM


Ok Im on my 2nd period! Im having a REAL heavy flow(it goes though my underwear in like 1hr)! Ive tried a tampon befor, and I even had my mom help me, but it hurt, like really bad! I was screaming! Ive thought about it some more and Ive tried it, and now I want to use one! But Im afraid it will hurt like last time... And I like dont know how to relax AT ALL! So that makes it worse... I always think possitive thought but then when Im trying to put it in there I think of bad thought... I want to put one up there because Im tired of bleeding thought my pad!


Hey chica. Tampons take time to get used to. You may think it hurts at first because its a different feeling. But in reality, it doesn't hurt at all. In fact, I no longer feel mine when I wear it. Try reading this article on GL about putting in a tampon: http://www.girlslife.com/post/2010/10/08/How-To-Use-Tampon.aspx. Hope this helps, girlie. You can do it!

Elizabeth P.

by hottzy on 12/20/2010 1:53:44 PM


I really want to start using tampons but i'm scared to. DO you have any advice on using tampons???

Hey girlie,

I got all my advice from stuff like GL too when I started using them! The best thing I can tell you is just to RELAX and expect for it to take some practice to get it right. Remember that your body will have to adjust to the feeling of using tampons and you'll have to get the hang of it, so just try not to rush and you'll be ok. If you need tips, try talking to mom or another older girl that you trust! 

Lauren C.

by coco13 on 11/22/2010 10:55:31 PM


Will inserting a tampon break my hyman???

Hey girl,

Yes tampons typically do, but so can a lot of other things like bike riding, horseback riding, and other sports that us active girls participate in! If you have any further questions, def ask your doc, school nurse, or an adult you trust Smile 

Lauren C.

by coco13 on 11/22/2010 9:22:07 PM


MOD MOD MOD should i wear a tampon when i am playing volleyball? i dont know if people will see if i have a pad on with my spandex! HELP! Thanks



Hey chica, if you're comfortable with a tampon, I would wear one opposed to a pad. You'll feell comfier.


Becca G.

by wildcatgirl191 on 11/12/2010 11:23:12 PM


I tried to use a tampon, and it felt like something was poking me, and it hurt. I followed the instructions and it still hurt. I really want to try them though, just in case.
Please help!

When i first started using tampons, it hurt me too at first. But dont give up and keep trying. It will stop working and youll love using them Smile xoxo kerra 

Kerra S.

by msbubble5 on 11/6/2010 10:04:21 PM


i am so scared to use a tampon it what if i mess up and its so confuseing and advice?

by Icyiscool on 9/13/2010 8:36:40 PM


I am really nervous to insert a tampon. I have tried before but the feeling freaked me out. I would really like to try tampons. How can I be less nervous? Should I just go ahead and not think about it? please help so I can try as soon as I get my next period!



It is a little bit scary, but just try to relax. the calmer you are, the easier it will be. Look in the tampons box, there should be a small pamphlet with easy to follow instructions on insertion! Also, ask your mom or big sis for help!

Bridget R.

by divab019 on 8/24/2010 12:29:38 PM


I just tried for the first time to use a tampon, and it didn't work out to well. I pushed the plunger all the way in until the plastic tube part, but when I pulled out the plastic tube part to keep the tampon in, the tampon was half way out. It was like that all 3 times I tried it, and I followed the directions on the box, too. What am I doing wrong?

by NattieKattie on 8/3/2010 11:22:16 AM


MOD!!!! MOD!!!!
Is it possible to put a tampon in too far? Sometimes when my flow is really heavy, It goes in TOO easily. It doesn't hurt and i don't feel it if i stand up. Just wondering
thank you


Hey girlie, you can't put it in too far. There's only so much room to put it in. It goes in easier when your flow is heavy because all of that blood is helping it slide in.

Lauren T.

by acecream on 7/30/2010 8:49:01 PM


MOD MOD MOD MOD! I'm reallyy scared to use a tampon!! I'm afraid I won't do it right or it'll fall out or hurt! Any advice?!

It can feel really uncomfortable if you don't put it in correctly, but it won't hurt.  And, it won't fall out! You just have to think about how many women use tampons- so it can't be that bad! 
Katie R.

by mgirl4ever on 7/30/2010 3:24:23 PM


okayy......u might of already got help on this but if you havent then it could hurt bcuz its dry. an easier way to get the tampon in is to put vaseline on it then try. and if you still cant ask your mom for help. it might be akward but she knows just what you are going through....belive it or not......she was in your spot once! well......i hope this helps Smile good luck!

by rejected :( on 7/18/2010 4:38:26 PM


I use cetaphil (a gentle cleanser) to lubricate the tampon and make it easier and less uncomfortable to insert. once its in right, it is wayyy more comfortable than a pad, you don't even know it's there!

by artgirl116 on 7/16/2010 12:34:19 PM



by ambergirl on 7/16/2010 10:21:32 AM


i just got my first period is it ok to use a tampon and does it hurt and bother u all day and my blood goes from pink to red to brown is this normal and does the tampon make itch and is it normal to get a cold wen u get HELPPPPP MEEEEEE!!!!!!!!!!!!

by ambergirl on 7/16/2010 10:17:27 AM


mod mod modd! does it hurt to put in/take out a tampon for the first time (or any time?) thanks!


If you're doing it right, it shouldn't hurt!  Putting it in and taking it out takes a little getting used to, but once you've done it a few times, it shouldn't cause you any pain. 

Marie H.

by partyy like a rockstar on 7/15/2010 5:30:00 PM


Hey so is the tampon supposed to go in all the way with only the string being seen. I'm afraid that the tampon will get stuck in the hole and I will get TSS. HELP!!!

by animallover3 on 7/13/2010 12:40:01 PM


So I've been getting my period for a year now, and I haven't tried using a tampon. I'm supposed to go to a water park on Friday for my friend's birthday, but I have my period. My mom got me some of those brightly colored tampons to try out and after I read this article, I went into the bathroom to put it in. I went to put it in and I felt it going in and it freaked me out and I took it out, and right now I'm just wearing a pad. Do you have any tips to help me not chicken out?

Hey girl, take a deep breath and know whenever you try something new, it can be a bit weird the first time. Know however, tampons are perfectly normal and tons of girls use them. Insert it again and relax. It may feel weird but trust me, it's totally ok and worth it so you can go to your friend's party tomorrow. After the party? You can totes go back to pads too.

Alyssa B.

by cupcake8837 on 7/12/2010 9:37:43 PM


Modmodmodmodmod!!!! I am going to a lake in 3 days and I just got my period unexpectedly and heavy! Last time I went to the lake with my period I just wore a panty liner and was completely fine! But since it's so heavy and I just got it last night I have to wear a tampon. I hate wearing tampons cuz I can't put them in right and the string always falls out of my swimsuit! Help please!


Hey girlie,

Just make sure you read the directions carefully and relax your muscles completely!  They will feel comfy if they're put in the right way {just make sure you keep pushing it until your fingers meet your body, THEN push the smaller tube}.  If you're worried about the string, try tucking it either up against your body {towards your belly button} or down against your body {towards your butt}.  That way, it's totally out of sight!

Lauren C.

by brittso on 7/12/2010 6:28:42 PM


mod. im super nervous cause im going on vacation friday...this means pools, beaches, and waterparks. and i haven't tried a tampon before. help! also can i try one without having my period? thanks


Hey chickie,

NO, do not try a tampon when you don't have your period!  You need the liquid in there to avoid irritation or discomfort... without it, it will be too dry.  Try bringing some tampons with you in case you get your period while on vacation.  There's no better motivation to learn how to use them than having the pool/waterpark waiting for ya!  Grab one, relax, and read the instructions in the box.  It's pretty simple - it's all about taking deep breaths, relaxing your muscles, and not getting discouraged if it doesn't work at first.  Try these tips too!


Lauren C.

by scottlyncrazy on 7/12/2010 5:31:27 PM


Even though i have tried tampons, they work just fine but to me they're just more of a pain (just my oppinion). I am going rafting on friday.... they kinda hurt to take out any tips on getting it out less painfully- yes i am using a light tampon- the others just dont fit.
thanks for your help tonight!
<3 Liv!

Hey girlie, It shouldn't hurt to take it out, so I think the best thing to do is make sure you have it in correctly to start with! You shouldn't even really feel it! 
Alissa S.

by livvy1997 on 7/12/2010 1:22:34 AM



cuz when i tried b4 it wuz this weird cardboard one but i tried a plastic one and i got it in. i couldnt get it in b4 cuz i wuz doing something slightly wrong. yeah

by biffo on 7/11/2010 9:21:57 PM


Irox 46:

if u have hair and ur boobs hurt when u press them, u could get ur period soon but theres no way to know for sure. if you get discharge (white or yellowish stuff in ur undies) then u'll probly get it soon too. but idk cm so i dont know ur height Tong

good luck!

by biffo on 7/11/2010 9:05:33 PM


i tried putting in a tampon today but i couldn't even get it in!! i wuz relaxing the best i could, but it hurt and wouldn't go in!! what am i doing wrong?


Hey girl! Sometimes you have to be a little wet to get it in. If you are completely dry, it can be extremely painful to put in. Just try to relax some more.



Liz L.

by biffo on 7/11/2010 8:59:18 PM


mod mod mod i put in a tampon and i don't know, when i'm moving around it feels like it's sliding out but it's not. i'm worried that it will slide out and show through my leotard during practice later! do u think i put it in wrong or am i just worrying too much?

Hey girl! I would try doing some lounges and squats, and see if it stays in place.  You may be just a little uncomfortable, if wearing one is new for you.  Tampons when worn right should not be able to be felt, and should be completely inside(except for the string) to be secure.  
Megan R.

by dashor on 7/7/2010 5:02:44 PM


Ok so "Auntie Flo" is going to be visting me tommorow and Im going to a picnic and want to try and wear a tampon ,but one:Im scared ,and two:I cant get it in all the way and it HURTS! Im gonna be doing a lot of running around and I like waddle when I wear a pad because Im afraid it might leak.And I kinda need to learn how to wear a tampon for swimming class in MS next year...any tips on getting it in all the way?And why dose it hurt so much?!


Hey girl, It's hard to do, but the most important thing when putting in a tampon is to relax because if your muscles are tensed up, you aren't able to get it in. That's why it hurts so much- your muscles are tensing together and not allowing a very big space for it to go, so when you try to push it in, it is painful. So try not to think about how worried you are when you put it in, and you'll know when it's all the way in.

Vanessa J.

by Dogyocatyo on 7/3/2010 1:15:53 AM


I might be going swimming tomorrow. I'm going to my best friend's house, and when we were making the plans, I totally forgot that I was on my period. I've never used a tampon before. I've tried, but I couldn't get it in. My flow has been getting lighter, so I think it's almost over. I don't know what to do! should I just not swim, and just tan ? I'll try inserting a tampon again, but what if I can't?? What do I do?):


You could try that again — it's really important to stay relaxed because otherwise it can't get in. Otherwise, though, I don't think there's much you can do about swimming. Your friend will probably understand if you want to do something else while you're at her house instead!

Vanessa J.

by a7xisamazing on 7/3/2010 1:04:45 AM


MOD MOD MOD!! I'm very confused on how to use applicators on the tampoon. I have never used an tampoon before. I read the instructions on the box but it didn't say anything about the applicator. Does it just come out when you put the tampoon in or do you have to pull it out? Thanks.


It's hard to explain exactly, but you do have to remove the applicator.  It should come out easily once you have inserted the tampon.  With some practice, you'll get it! 

Marie H.

by creativekid123 on 7/1/2010 6:45:43 PM


So I'm almost 17 and I still use pads! The thing is, I don't really want to use tampons, but I feel like I should. I think putting something "up there" just seems awkward and weird. I got my period when I was really young (10) so I've been using pads for quite some time, but I feel like they're for beginners and I should be using tampons... but I'm more comfortable with pads.
I guess my point is: do I have to use tampons? Is it weird to just wear pads for the rest of my life? Thanks.

Hey girly, I totally get where you're coming from. It's fine to use pads instead of tampons -- it's your body, and completely your decision! Using pads or tampons doesn't really have anything to do with how old you are or how long you've had your period, but what you're most comfortable with! Personally, I prefer pads to tampons!
Alissa S.

by purplestreakpunk on 6/28/2010 1:30:50 PM


This is gunna sound weird... But I used a tampon the other day and when I went to take it out I guess I didnt get it in far enough or my flow wasnt heavy enough and it hurt really bad taking it out? Why is that? And is there any way to make that stop? Because now I'm scared to use them again... THANKS!

by hotshot655 on 6/27/2010 11:13:00 PM


How to put in a tampon:
1)Take your tampon. Before you insert it, go to the bathroom and wipe so that you dont pee on the tampon(thats gross for when you have to take it out) or drip urine on your hand.
2)Unwrap the tampon and find a postion squating or with one foot elevated. I prefer squating in a hovering over the toilet way because it makes the process easier.
3) With one hand, hold the tampon, and with the other find the opening to your vagina. If you need to, hold the tampon of to the side of your hand (kind of in your fingers... key point is to spread open the vagina a little bit, however you do it.) and use both hands to find the opening. it is the second hole, after where the pee comes out, and don't be afraid to use a hand mirror if you are having trouble.
4)Once you have the opening, spread it out a tiny bit so it's easier
5)take the applicator, and push up into your vagina, but don't push the applicator too far(halfway). leave a little out still. It should slide pretty easily. It shouldn't be terrible pain, either.
6)Once you have the applicator in about halfway, push the insert part on the back until the tubes are inside of each other.
7)Remove the applicator and insert so only the string is hanging from your body.

AND THATS IT! Tell me how this works for you, if it was confussing, etc.

.To start out, use a light tampon or a slim if you can find one, then move on to thicker applicators.
.A tampon, if inserted correctly, will not hurt. If it does, it probably isn't in far enough and you should try again.
.A tampon might be a little hard to put in on your first day of you period because it isn't as lubricated.
.If you go to change your tampon and there is not one there, you MUST tell your mother, chances are it fell out, but tell her anyway.
.Don't leave a tampon in for more than 4 hours, and use a pad to sleep in to be on the safe side.

I hope this was helpful. Contact me if you need more help, I'm confident you can get it!

by bubblegum4 on 6/27/2010 8:56:27 PM


MOD whats a DivaCup? 4


Hey chica, check out this Wikipedia article on it!


Becca G.

by X-MasBabey97 on 6/26/2010 7:31:22 PM


thnx helen u guys r great

by i_rock_pink22 on 6/26/2010 4:10:24 PM


Mod mod mod this is kinda of embarrsing idk were to put a tampon ive like a ton of times but it wnt go anywere in hlp please cause i wnt to use one thnx :]


Helen S.

by i_rock_pink22 on 6/26/2010 4:04:06 PM


how do i bring up that i want to wear tampons? she doesnt wear tampons so it would be awrkd. where do you put it in? i am really SCARED to wear tampons. MOD MOD


Hey girlie, I'm assuming you mean your mom. Just tell her that you want to try them and ask if you can to the store with her to pick them out. And check out this link for help putting one in http://www.girlslife.com/post/2009/06/23/007-Period-Advice.aspx
Lauren T.

by babysittingrocks on 6/25/2010 5:30:17 PM


mod mod MOD MOD i have swim practice tomorrow moring and im on my period. its almost light flow so shud i use a tampon... ive never tried a tampon before, and they kinda freak me out!! what shud i do, tampon or none?? thx guys!!!


Hey! A tampon is your best option but if your flow is light you could also use a thin pantyliner in your swimsuit. When you're in the water it should stop or slow your flow, but you still shouldn't go in unprotected. Good luck!

Helen S.

by baileybaby on 6/24/2010 11:23:12 PM


MOD MOD MOd MOD! ok so i just got my period todday and i am leaving to go on vacation tomorrow and its a hotel with a pool. ive been looking foward to this since january. Even though i just got my period, can i still use a tampon?


Yes you can, as long as you are comfortable with it!  Make sure you stock up with supplies for your trip, and give yourself some time to practice. 

Marie H.

by dancingcutie128 on 6/24/2010 5:22:27 PM


mod mod MOD MOD MOD
ok i am very very athletic, im on my 3rd period, i strtd lazt yr, i tried 2 insert a tampon yesterday so i culd go swimmin, i culdnt get it 2 go all the way in! wat do i do....!? plzzzzz help!


The most important thing is to relax and keep pushing it in. I don't think you can really push it in too far, so don't be worried about that. Once you get it in to the right spot, it won't hurt and it will feel like it is in the right spot.

Vanessa J.

by cooline on 6/24/2010 3:08:22 PM


when is the age to start wearing tampons?? what angle are you suppoused to go? i know you are suppoused to aim for your lower back, but it doesn't really work!!!


Hey girl!  Some gals go for the tampon the first time they have their period, but there are also grown women that don't wear them!  The right age is whenever you feel comfortable with one inside you.  Instructions are here: http://www.girlslife.com/post/2009/06/23/007-Period-Advice.aspx

Brittany B.

by silverpheonix on 6/24/2010 1:00:51 PM


***********MOD MOD MOD MOD MOD MOD MOD*****************
the other day i was putting in a tampon (im on swim team) and i went to the bathroom with it in during the meet. and it fell out like instantly. am i doing something wrong?

Hey girl, tampons come out easily when it's time to change them, but they shouldn't literally fall out of you. You may have inserted it incorrectly and it wasn't very secure. In each box of tampons is a paper explaining how to insert a tampon, so read up on that and find a way to use one comfortably and securely. Good luck! 
Abby C.

by Swimming4812 on 6/21/2010 2:21:39 PM


so....i tried tampons and it wouldn't go in!! like, i got it in more than halfway (eew) and it's like it got stuck and didn't want to go in any farther?? i really need to learn how to do this cuz i hate pads!! Frown

Hey girl, you were probably inserting the tampon incorrectly. It takes a lot of practice to learn how to insert and wear a tampon comfortably. When you get a box of tampons there is a piece of paper in it that gives you directions on how to insert it. It might take a few tries, but you'll eventually get it. Good luck! 
Abby C.

by silverpheonix on 6/21/2010 2:19:06 PM


mod mod mod how do you do this if your tampons don't come with an applicator? xoxo Amber


Here chica Smile


Becca G.

by amberray on 6/19/2010 8:00:00 PM


MOD MOD MOD ok so i am going to a pool party soon and im due for my period very very soon. ive never used a tampon before and im afraid that i might hav to if i get my period on the party day. A few questions: 1. what does it mean "push it towards the small of your back"? 2. how do u choose a tampon? and 3. all my friends say it hurts so bad. does it?


Hey girly! Check out these tips, then have fun at the party Smile


Becca G.

by privygurl123 on 6/19/2010 6:55:20 PM


MOD MOD MOD MOD MOD MOD MOD MOD MOD!!!!!!!!!!!!It's summer and I've had my period for almost a year. I want to go swimming but every time I try to put a tampon in it's like it wont go in. I think i'm putting it in the right hole but it just won't go in! I've tried a bunch of times and i'm using the smallest applicator that you can buy. I don't know what to do!!


Hey chica! Tampons can be tricky at first, and it takes some time to get used to them. Check out these tips, and you'll be swimming in no time!


Becca G.

by hockeyrox505 on 6/19/2010 5:53:15 PM


mod mod mod! Will it hurt at all when you use a tampon for the first time? My sister said it really hurt the first couple times, is that normal?


Hey! yeah it's totally normal, but with practice and a little time it won't hurt at all. Just remember: if it still hurts when its in, it's not in right and you should take it out.

Helen S.

by pifi1997 on 6/18/2010 1:35:09 PM


MOD MOD MOD!!! I've read everything i can about tampons. a few of my friends use them but everytime we plan for a fun swimming party or sumthing, i cant go cuz mother nature decides to crash the party!!! i wanna be able to push her out. but even the direction u guys gave me scared me so much. im really scared like really really. my mom doesnt use one or like them. plus i asked her abt padded bras and she freaked out. i cant ask her. but i dont wanna discomfort ne one else. HELP ME!!!!!!im weally scared. Cry


Hey girl, I'm sorry about the tough sitch - I know tampons can be tough at first!  They really do get easier with practice, though.  If you can't sort it out yourself or with the articles, it would be great if you could talk with someone else - a sister, cousin, aunt, or another female you trust who's been there.  There's probably someone who would be really happy to help, not discomforted!  While you're still adjusting, see if there's a way you can still join in the fun.  Even if you can't swim, maybe you can come along (in shorts) and lounge by the pool, or meet up with your buds for ice cream after. 

Marie H.

by gomezfan on 6/17/2010 5:23:11 PM


so ive tried using tampons for the first time because i need to learn how b4 my next period cuz i will be at camp and i will need tampons there. So im relaxing, putting it at the right angle, whatever, but whenever i get it in, its rlly uncomfortable, im using the smallest size possible but whenever i put one in it feels like its falling out and when i sit or run or jump, it gets rlly uncomfy and if i shift too much it rlly hurts!! it feels like its not in all the way, but when i put it in, it is as far as it can go. help!!!!!!!!!!


you can try getting tampon lubricant to make it easier to slide in, so that you may be able to push it in farther.

i think the whole tampon thing just needs some getting used to, since its such a weird feeling at first

Brittany B.

by mkroberts96 on 6/17/2010 3:45:13 PM


MOD MOD MOD MOD! ok, so im having my birthday party this weekend, and its gonna be up @ a lake, and i said we are going swimming probably. But i just got my period yesterday. my mom said i could just wear a pad in my swimsuit, but im afraid everyone will be able to tell, so i mentioned a tampon, but im kinda scared to use one. i've never used one before and i was thinking about just using it for the swimming portion of my party.... What do you think about using it for the first time when we swim? I don't want to be the only one not swimming @ my own party... Frown

hey girly,

Using a tampon is no biggie. For your first time using one, you'll probably want to use the smallest ones you can find ("lite" ones) and a plastic applicator, since that'll make it easier! Just relax and follow the directions for inserting it on the box! 
Alissa S.

by Jobrosandboyz4ever on 6/16/2010 3:11:30 PM


I just got my period today, and tommorrow I have to go to a backhandspring clinic for gymnastics. I can't skip cuz my mom already paid and we are taking my friend too. Help! I can't wear pads, but I know nothing about tampons and im afraid it will hurt when i put it in.

Hey girly,

Tampons aren't a big deal. Use the smallest kind and get ones with plastic applicators -- that'll make them easier to use. Relax and follow the directions that come with the box! It shouldn't hurt at all!
Alissa S.

by lilgirlyme on 6/16/2010 12:30:40 PM


mod mod mod!!!!!
i want to start wearing tampons but when ever I try to put on in i cant get it "up there" and i always end up bruised! Help!!!

hey girly,

Just remember that it will be wayyy easier if you relax. Also, make sure you're using the smallest size tampon, and plastic applicators are usually easier to use.  
Alissa S.

by pifi1997 on 6/16/2010 12:01:49 PM


thanks, Allie! it was my first time using tampons & i guess i panicked when it didn't come out right away. but i got it out, thanks again! Smile

by blue-eyed shortie on 6/15/2010 10:21:55 PM


MOD MOD MOD!!! i can't get my tampon out!! it hurts when i try & it feels stuck! please help quick!!!!


Hey babe, Relax! If you're really tense, it will hurt more. Take a break and try to relax and think of something else then take a deep breath and try again when you've calmed down.

xoxo Allie

Allie S.

by blue-eyed shortie on 6/15/2010 10:00:02 PM


i'm having some tampon issues. i have only worn tampons twice, because they're really uncomfortable for me and i don't know why. i'm not sure what i'm doing wrong, i use the right absorbency, i put it in all the way, and i try to put it in at an angle. but it always feels really uncomfortable, and sometimes it feels like it's falling out! do you know what the problem could be!?

Hey girl, 

I know this sitch can be so weird. But, sometimes when you first start wearing tampons, they can be pretty uncomfortable. Just know that it's something you'll get used to eventually! XOXO 
Fallon M.

by smilee. on 6/15/2010 4:39:40 AM


hi! so i've had my period for about a year now and finally got a tampon in!! i think i didn't put it in all the way tho...i can feel it, but its not at all painfull. its most noticable sitting down..i practiced today since im swimming tomorrow so should i just push it a little further? oh and if my flow is really lite tomorro (end of period) should i put a tampon anyway? thanks!!

Hey girl,

I know using a tampon for the first time can always be a bit weird, but what you're noticing is totally normal.  It's definitely okay to feel it the first few times you use one-- BUT it should NOT hurt.  If you need any more tampon help, be sure to check this out:  http://www.girlslife.com/category/pads-vs-tampons.aspx.

Best of luck!
Fallon M.

by dolphina10 on 6/15/2010 1:21:22 AM


Mod! Tomorrow I am going 3 hours away from my house and family to camp for two weeks, and i'm afraid i'm going to get my period. I haven't ever had one. I don't know if I'm just nervous or what.

Hey girl,

If you're nervous you might get your period while you're at camp, just bring along some pads or tampons to use in case you get it. 
Alissa S.

by smileychic:) on 6/14/2010 9:14:19 AM


Im scared to use a tampon like i tried but then as sooon inserted it and took a step it started to hurt and like i can feel it inside me and im scared to ask my mom or sister also what type of tampons would you prefer

by schemifie on 6/13/2010 6:28:46 PM


I wanna know what ur hymen is... Ihear that there are rumors that tampons break it but I dont know wht it is...

I'm no doctor, but a hymen is basically a stretchy piece of skin that is "up there."  There is no real importance of it.  Those rumors you are hearing about tampons breaking your hymen may be true.  If your hymen rips, it's no big deal...you probably won't even notice! It can rip during volleyball, riding a bike, or maybe even putting in a tampon. 
Katie R.

by snickie on 6/11/2010 12:42:15 PM


Every time I put a tampon in I can kinda feel it sometimes and I bleed through after like an hour.... I need to know what Im doing wrong!!! Ive been using tampons 2 yrs but the same thing keeps happening!! I even tried ultra absorbancy bcuz my period is heavy..... please help!!!

If you can feel your tampon, it doesn't mean you are putting it in wrong, but it may mean that you aren't putting it in all the way.  I know that sounds weird, but if you feel it when you sit down especially, it probably is because it's not in all the way.  Don't worry, it's not going to fall out or anything- you just won't feel comfortable.  So next time try putting it in farther than usual, and see if that makes a difference! If not, I chat with your doctor about it.  

Also, you most likely need to change your tampon after an hour bc of your flow, not because you are putting it in wrong.  Just keep an eye out when you have your period to avoid any leaks!
Katie R.

by snickie on 6/11/2010 12:38:12 PM


Think about putting in a tampon as part of life.
such as: riding your bike, shopping
its not hard at all to put one in.
just don't think about it as a scary thing: cuz hey its just a part of life

by Swimming4812 on 6/10/2010 5:00:43 PM


MOD MOD MOD MOD MOD MOD MOD MOD MOD MOD MOD MOD ok i'm on the swim team and i JUST started my period. i'm scared to put in tampons. my friends say they hurt like crazy. plus i'm going to a swim camp the week of my flow.


Hey girl, I'm sorry to hear about the period troubles!  It is a bummer that you can't use pads to swim.  The good news is, with practice, tampons get less scary (and if you do it right, they really shouldn't hurt!).  If you are interested in giving them a try, check out this article - http://www.girlslife.com/post/2009/06/23/007-Period-Advice.aspx, and give yourself time to practice before camp.  If that doesn't seem right for you, you might want to talk to your coach, or one of your pals on swim team, on how to deal during camp.  xoxo

Marie H.

by Swimming4812 on 6/10/2010 4:46:25 PM


Hey mod! Is it bad if I don't leave a tampon in long enough? the diagram said to keep it in 4-8 hours. I'm only keeping it in with a max of 4 hours. Is that bad?

You're fine! The reason the diagram recommends 4-8 hours, is because you shouldn't leave a tampon in any longer than 8 hours.  So, technically you could change your tampon every 20 minutes if you needed to- it's not a problem! But just don't forget about the tampon, and leave it in there for over than 8 hours! 
Katie R.

by Fanpire19 on 6/9/2010 4:09:46 PM


hey! i'm going to camp when i'm supposed to be having my period. i have tried a tampon once or twice before. i only actually got it in once. it hurt alot!! then after that i kept on trying but i could not find the hole. i tried using a mirror but i still couldnt. i really want to be able to swim while im at camp. please help?!!!

Hey girl, when it comes to tampons, it's practice makes perfect. Follow the instructions on the package and for even more help, just ask your mom for a tutorial before you leave. It may be a bit embarrassing, but it's way important you insert tampons correctly if you use them.

Alyssa B.

by ali826 on 6/7/2010 10:16:45 PM


so i know tampons arent supposed to hurt and i know you get this question like every day but im seriously freaking out. We r going on vacation soon and it may be when im on my period...we going to hawaii so obvisly im going to the beach a lot. Do they hurt? at all? do they hurt coming out? is it better to practice when i dont have my period so i know how its supposed to feel??????


Hey girl, it doesn't hurt taking a tampon out but when you first insert a tampon for the first time there might be a little discomfort because it is new.  There is no reason to fret you will get use to it and no time and you won't even know it's there.

Paige T.

by harrypotterfan987 on 6/5/2010 9:23:31 PM


can you use a pad while swimming??


Hey girl, sorry but you really don't want to wear a pad while swimming. Talk to your mom about trying tampons on your day you're supposed to go to the water.

Paige T.

by harrypotterfan987 on 6/5/2010 9:09:24 PM


I hate pads but my mom says I can't use tampons until after I have a baby. WHY? Do tamposn break your hymen? Do they hurt? Should I use them?


Hey girl, I think you should definitely respect you mother's rules. But, if pads cause you a lot of discomfort then definitely sit down and talk to your mother. Generally speaking a tampon will not break your hymen and the first few times you use them it will feel strange because it is new. If your insistent on using a tampon do your research on tampons and present your case to your mom.  I hope that helps.

Paige T.

by ilovemusic24 on 6/4/2010 10:04:25 PM


I am only 10 (turning 11 in 2 months) I know everything about periods but i really want to know when i am gonna get them! My b**bs are small but not really flat and it herts when i press. I feal embarresed when talking about things like this so can somebody please tell me ABOUT when i am going to get my periods?! By the Way I have quite a bit of hair...and am about 145cm tall...if that helps...Please i really need to know the answer

by irox46 on 6/4/2010 4:05:56 AM


Personally, I have kinda a travel bag. I keep 1 pantyliner and one full out pad in there. It keeps me covered, Ialways refresh it. I don't want to get caught off guard. (I don't have IT yet)

Is the vagina... well.. the hole you pee out of? I know a little toward the back, but still.... is it?

by jillkrikorian on 6/3/2010 8:34:25 PM


...tampons scare me. at first when my mom told my that you put it up there i was like "You have to shove THAT up WHERE???" lol I think when I do start my period I'm gonna start with pads.

by colorCute4 on 6/3/2010 7:38:24 PM


ok, so i've been using tampons for my last 2 periods. the weird thing is, they aren't expanded all the way when i take them out. is this because i didn't leave them in long enough or what? please answer!

Hey girl, the tampon won't be fully expanded when you take it out because you have to pull it out of your body. It expands inside of you, and to pull it out it has to contract. 
Abby C.

by starbaby on 6/2/2010 2:42:39 PM


I want to use tampons but I don't know how heavy my flow is. I once used a pad that was the brand Always Super Thin and I kept it on for 7 hours (from like 11am to 6pm) and it didn't leek and it wasn't uncomfy. Should I use light and have some mediums just in case it is really heavy for some reason?

Hey girl, check out this
page and see if it helps:



We have everything you need
to know about all things period!
, Your Blog
Patrol Babes

Megan R.

by spunkygirl03 on 5/31/2010 8:40:12 PM


I REALLY don't like pads OR tampons. Am I too young for a DivaCup? (menstrual cup)BTW I'm 14 and have had my period for 6 months.

by elita on 5/31/2010 11:59:24 AM


I know I am going to get my period soon. (I turned 11 in March, my boobs are growing, i have hair..there and all). Is the vagina what you...well...pee out of? If it is then thats so much easier to find. All the diagrams i've seen are too complicated! is it the hole you...pee out of? I love to swim and need to know where to insert a tampon.


Hey girl,

Where you pee is actually above the vagina.  That's an itty-bitty hole, while the vagina is below that and large enough for a tampon.  If it helps, grab a diagram and a mirror and look for yourself!  It's much easier to insert a tampon when you have a mirror, so knowing where it goes ahead of time will really help out.

Lauren C.

by jillkrikorian on 5/30/2010 8:46:55 PM


MOD MOD MOD can you waer pads in the when you are swimming?


Hey babe,

Nope, you shouldn't wear pads in the pool or ocean.  They're designed to absorb all liquid, so they'll end up becoming heavy and bulky...and won't do a darn thing for absorbing your period.  If you want to swim while on your period, try tampons!  They go inside you so they won't be affected by the water.

Lauren C.

by girlpie on 5/30/2010 5:48:58 PM


I am swimming on the days my period is supposed to come. I have never used a tampon before, and I am so scared! I talked to my mom about it..(awkward)..but she has never used a tampon! Any advice? None of my friends have ever gotten their period. I feel like a loner

I suggest you just try to put in the tampon yourself. Dont give up. At first I wasnt very good at putting it in but then i got better. It just takes practice. Good luck! xoxo kerra
Kerra S.

by charcoal on 5/27/2010 8:36:13 PM


Hi, umm so i tried putting one in and it hurt. i followd those steps but it still hurt like im not ptting it in the right place(even though i am pretty positive i am.) Could it be i dindt angle it enough or because its my first time? THANKS!

Hey girl, it really shouldn't hurt. Maybe it is the angle. Are you on your period right now? Because you shouldn't try this unless you are.  
Kayla C.

by hockeygirlie on 5/27/2010 5:45:55 PM


Can you swim without a tampon during your period?

hey girl! unless you want leakage then i'd swim with one in! good luck 
maddie b.

by Cutie410 on 5/27/2010 2:59:00 PM


I'm on my 3rd period and i'm trying to use tampons and I've tried like a bunch of times and i can't find where they go. Is it like really obvious like a big hole or something? do you fell around for it? Is it like more in the back or the front? the directions didn't help me much. thanks

hey girl

why don't you try to use a mirror. it'l be much easier. good luck.
maddie b.

by Cutie410 on 5/27/2010 2:41:56 PM


MOD MOD MOD!! hey hi ok so ive tried to put a tampon in but somethings just not right and this page doesnt really help me and neither do any of the others....can you tell me how to insert a tampon in a different way!?!?!? (sorry its so awkward!!)

Hey girl, unfortunately I'm a pad girl, but the best advice I can give you is to read the instructions and just practice. Through trial and error, you'll get it right. Still stuck? Ask your mom for a tutorial. She'd be glad to help you.

Alyssa B.

by peace4ever97 on 5/26/2010 9:21:00 PM


okay so i'm pob. gonna get my "friend" this summer. My mom wants me to use pads for a while then use tampons. I want to use a tampon cause I'm a very active person. Is she rite..is it better to wait til u have a few periods then use a tampon? Thanks in advance

Hey Girl, I don't think your mom is right or wrong, she just may prefer you using pads first. I'm not sure of her reasonings behind her preference but perhaps thats a conversation you two need to have. I think you'll be fine either way; using a tampon or using a pad both are made to eliminate bleeding threw your clothes. Good Luck!

-Clarke L.  
Clarke L.

by cute_wiz_97 on 5/25/2010 12:28:42 PM


hey girlies!
I know the GL moderators do a great job of answering questions, but they are busy gals! if you have any questions about tough stuff, school work or anything else, come to my profile and I would be happy to see all your fun profiles and stories!

by Olivia T. on 5/24/2010 9:48:47 PM


I really need some advice! I've had my period for 2 years now and really want and need to start using tampons. With summer coming up, i will be swimming all the time and really need to use them. I am leaving for a trip in about a week and i will probabaly be getting my period then and I wil be swimming and going to a water park and stuff. I need to try and ask my mom asap to get some tampons, but i never really talk about that stuff but more than an occasional can i get some more pads. And thats tough. I really have to get some before i go, but i am just too scared to ask. what should i do?


Hey girl! Just bring it up with her. She's a girl too, so she knows exactly what's going on. She will be able to help you figure everything out!


Taeler L.

by May_Flower on 5/23/2010 11:24:31 PM


Mod, I started my period three days ago, and I have been using pads. I tried several times to put a tampon in today, and every time I follow the instructions bit about a whole inch sticks out and will not budge without it hurting. What am I doing wrong?

hey girl! You might need a smaller size. 
Eryn G.

by 1flyingmonkey on 5/23/2010 6:47:03 PM


Mod, I just started my period yesterday and I'm gonna need to use tampons soon to swim but my periods really light, and it just started yesterday for the first time. Should I wait to use tampons?

Hey, Girl! Sorry for the “stock” message. We’re psyched you’re here but since this is a super busy time, mods aren’t able to answer personal advice or contest questions. We’re approving your comments now so the girls can start offering feedback right away! If you still have questions, please come back, we’re happy to help…or just let the other chicas answer now! (They give awesome advice, trust us!) Love and thanks! ♥, Your Blog Patrol Babes 
Alyssa B.

by 1flyingmonkey on 5/22/2010 5:18:19 PM


Mod, I just got my first period yesterday and I am gonna need to use tampons soon to swim but I don't know if it's too soon to start using them? And I have a pretty light flow. What should I do?

Hey, Girl! Sorry for the “stock” message. We’re psyched you’re here but since this is a super busy time, mods aren’t able to answer personal advice or contest questions. We’re approving your comments now so the girls can start offering feedback right away! If you still have questions, please come back, we’re happy to help…or just let the other chicas answer now! (They give awesome advice, trust us!) Love and thanks! ♥, Your Blog Patrol Babes 
Alyssa B.

by 1flyingmonkey on 5/22/2010 5:01:45 PM



by fruity on 5/19/2010 12:11:36 AM


the U by kotex tampons are amazing. for deets check out my profil and comment!


by livelaughlove131 on 5/18/2010 7:14:19 PM


Ok, so I just got my period quite a while ago and my mom buys me pads except since summer is coming up, and I'm swimming all the time, I need tampons. I dont talk to her that much about this kind of stuff, so I dont know what I should do. My friends have offered to help me pick out which ones they think work and stuff, but I'm really worried my mom will start questioning me or something if she sees that I bought them. What should I do?

by skittles0526 on 5/16/2010 7:43:30 PM


Ok, so i'm totally freaked out by tampons, but I really need them because I am ALWAYS in the water 24/7 over the summer. It sounds stupid, but I get a really sick, uncomfortable feeling at the thought of putting them in. What do I do?

Hey girl! Aw, I totally understand ... I felt the same way! But if you look at it as something you MIGHT need to know in the future, then you might consider trying it. I know I just never wanted to be in a position where I really needed to use a tampon, and I didn't know how! It really does take some practice, but once you learn how to do it, it's not as scary! 
Kelli S.

by OXmelaniemooXO on 5/15/2010 1:06:24 AM


Okay, I am on approx. my 5th period. I have tried inserting tampons twice. The first time I thinky I got it in, but got scared and took it our right away. The second time I left it in for about 20 minutes and was getting really crampy. I went to the bathroom to take it out and it was stuck. I yanked super hard and it came out. Anyways... How do I know if I get it in right? What happens if your tmapon gets stuck?

Hey girl, do not use tampons unless you have your period. For all questions related to your period check this site out: 


Megan R.

by lyonluver51 on 5/10/2010 5:45:10 PM


would your period come faster if you used tampons.
please answer so fast

Hey girl! Nope!  Only use tampons when you have your period.  Using them does not affect how regularly it comes or how quick you'll get it next time around. 
Megan R.

by cheetahgirl1 on 5/10/2010 4:48:17 PM


sure, so NOW it shows up lol sry bout that...

by LOLchic1019 on 5/8/2010 1:55:40 PM


MOD plz help im gettin kinda scared!
i started using tampons by the time i hit my 2nd period. im really scared because a couple "periods" ago i noticed whenever i inserted one, i felt like i had small cramps. not like, serious, curl-up-in-a-ball kind of cramp, just where it hurts enough to be uncomfortable. i've been using tampons for awhile now, so i know im not inserting them wrong... i think? help!

Hey girl, I've never really experienced that, but I think it could just be normal period cramps. Maybe you're not inserting it all the way in.
Lauren R.

by LOLchic1019 on 5/8/2010 1:37:17 PM


mod mod mod
I always have false alarm thinking it is my period but it really is the yellow stuff how do i avoid this?

Hey girl, there's really no way to avoid it but just wait for the signs like cramps. That's the thing I wait for so I definitely know its my period and not just discharge. 
Lauren R.

by cecgirl98 on 5/8/2010 1:35:53 PM


MOD!!! What Tampon brand should I use : I need a tampon that I can do sports in, comfortable and I can flush down the toilet...
:] thank you.

I would recommend Tampax Pearl, those are really great. Second after those I would say Playtex sport.  
Kayla C.

by hip_hop_hottie on 5/7/2010 5:31:31 PM


for inserting a tampon, doyou like insert the whole thing, like plastic and all? and like a pad, do u change it every few hours?
*srry to bug u but i need to know!*

Hey girl, you should change your pad every few hours. When inserting tampons, remove the wrapper and carefully insert it. We ran an article with more detailed instructions that might be particularly helpful for you: http://www.girlslife.com/post/2009/06/23/007-Period-Advice.aspx

Alyssa B.

by fashionista37 on 5/5/2010 9:37:57 PM


*******MOD MOD MOD MOD MOD********** ok...i've read pretty much everything about tampons, and DO THEY HURT OR NOT??? everyone says different things, so i don't know what to do.........the first time i tried i couldn't get it in.........so....any advice on how to put it up there??


Hey girl,
Once you get used to them, if you are putting them in properly, they shouldn't really hurt.  It's one of those things that just takes practice, so give yourself some time to try it out.  I know you said you've read a lot, but this article:  http://www.girlslife.com/post/2009/06/23/007-Period-Advice.aspx has really great instructions that should help ya get it figured out and be comfortable!  xoxo

Marie H.

by dancer19 on 5/5/2010 5:42:54 PM


mod mod mod
ok this makes no sense on how to insert one. can u explain it easier?
and im not supposed to get my period until the 9th but when i went to the bathroom this a.m and wiped, it was bloody and ever since this a.m every time i wipe its bloody! should i be scared?

by fashionista37 on 5/1/2010 8:54:54 PM


MOD!!! I just had my second period and tried using tampons but i couldn't get them in, i'm not sure if i'm putting them in the right spot. do they go like somewhere towards your front? i'm just confused because the instructions didn't help much. Thanks!


Hey chica, they go more towards the back. You just have to feel around. It takes some time the first few times, but eventually you'll get it!


Becca G.

by Cutie410 on 4/30/2010 11:49:17 PM


I barely feel my tampons at all when they're in, but when it's time to take them out, it kind of hurts when I pull it out. Is this normal?


Yup, it's totally normal!  That's because the tampons are itty bitty when you put them in, and then they expand as they absorb moisture.  So when you're taking them out, they're bigger and your body just has to get used to the size.  No biggie Smile

Lauren C.

by kittysaurus on 4/28/2010 2:13:09 AM


Hey grls Check out my profile![:

by soccerchica10 on 4/27/2010 9:10:03 PM


ummmm MOD i know its weird but i kinda want to know why my tampon just starts slipping out after i put it in and how far are you supposed to put it in?? it doesnt hurt or anything but it slips out Frown


That just means that it isn't in the right way, don't worry!  When you hold it at the grips {always use the ones with a built-in applicator when starting out}, make sure your fingers come all the way up to your body before you push the "trigger" to release the tampon.  Make sure you push it all the way too before you pull out the applicator!  That will make sure it's in all the way and your muscles will do the rest of the work.

Lauren C.

by peace4ever97 on 4/27/2010 5:03:52 PM


MOD MOD MOD I have pubic hair, armpit hair ,discharge, acne, and mood swings. Am i gonna have my period soon?

Hey babe! It's definitely likely you'll have it within the next year or two.  Those are all signs that your body is going through puberty.  
Megan R.

by soccerchica10 on 4/26/2010 7:32:15 PM


i wear tampons w/o it hurting. most ppl say 2 put 1 foot on the toilet seat and 1 foot on the ground and turn ur knees out ward but thats not wat i do b cuz it hurts that way 4 me. i sit on the edge of the toulet seat n turn my knees outward. i find it easier 2 do it that way.

by mcjaymi1995 on 4/26/2010 5:13:59 PM


i never wear tampons, but i really wanted to try it-so i just did. and my mom only has super plus ones...which i tried. i put it in, and it doesn't hurt-but it feels uncomfortable. when i get up off my chair, i feel its going to fall out or something? do you know why i feel this way? thanks! : )

hey girl! it should feel normal and like nothing is there. 
Eryn G.

by zeoli x19 on 4/25/2010 6:37:47 PM


mod mod mod how is the new brand u by kotex is it good i want to use the pads and linners and i want to shave my leggss it is not alot but it is long hair how do i tell my mom and which is the best way ....


Hey chica, from what I've heard, Kotex is a great brand in general, and their new brand is good too. As for shaving your legs, I remember this conversation with my mom so well. Being honest is best. After all, your mom was once your age, and she once said the exact same thing to her mom. Sure, your mom might get emotional, since her baby is growing up (I recall those were my mom's exact words...yuck!), but she will understand. Good luck Smile


Becca G.

by jackiee on 4/23/2010 9:44:19 PM


MOD!MOD!MOD!i got mi period almost a year ago and i havent told mi mom cause she is always telling me 2 figure my qs out miself!ive been using her pads without her knoing!i planned 2 tel her a long tim ago but the mor i put it off the more i get nervous!

Dont be stressed about your period! She knows it was only a matter of time before you got it Smile i suggest you just tell her and let her know youll need pads Smile Good luck! xoxo kerra 
Kerra S.

by totoro cutie on 4/22/2010 11:50:22 PM


Lubricated Tampons,
Do they make lubricated tampons so I dont always have to put lube on the ends and buy KY Jelly or other brands of lubricant at the store? If they make them I would buy them. Some of my friends know I have and use vaginal lubricant and sometimes they even make jokes about me having it.

Hey girl, I don't think they do and for good reason -- lubricant may get in the way of the liquid absorption (i.e. they may be absorbing the jelly instead of what the tampon is really supposed to absorb). I'd stick to using tampons the natural way they come.

Alyssa B.

by luckykel on 4/21/2010 11:09:12 PM


*************MOD***************** Okay so my crushes pool party is on the day that I start my period (yikes!) and I'm afraid to use tampons! I don't want to ask my mom for tampons (because she'll go crazy) so I asked my best friend if i could borrow one. She told me that "Nothing comes out in the water," is that true? Because I don't want to bleed everywhere in my CRUSHES pool where lots of other people will be!


Hey girl, its true that if you use a tampon you should be able to swim all you want without any problems.


- Gabrielle

gabrielle m.

by always_me on 4/21/2010 10:15:42 AM


Does a "heavy" flow tampon hold the same amount as a "heavy" flow pad?

Hey girl, check out this
page and see if it helps:



We have everything you need
to know about all things period!
, Your Blog
Patrol Babes

Megan R.

by rmluxx on 4/19/2010 6:15:38 PM


The first time i used a tampon, which was like 2 days ago. . . i thought it was going to be terrible! It turned it to be really easy. It didnt hurt putting it in but taking it out did. My mom said it was too dry lol after 4 hours.

by rachiiann on 4/19/2010 4:50:03 PM


MOD MOD MOD I don't have my period. I am 12 and have ALL of the signs! I am afraid to talk to my mom because she seems like she doesn't want to have anything to do with it!


Hey girl, if you have the signs, I'm sure it will be there soon. Your mom wants to help out I'm sure, and when the time comes I'm sure she'll be more than willing to listen.


- Gabrielle

gabrielle m.

by Cheeseburgergirl on 4/19/2010 4:48:29 PM


Mod mod mod
if you have yellow stuff down there does that mean i am getting it? I always have false alarm but it really is the yellow stuff how do i avoid this?

hey girl! It could. 
Eryn G.

by cec on 4/18/2010 7:27:27 PM


OK, I don't have my period, but I just tried putting a tampon in to see what it was like, and it HURT!!! I didn't even actually get it in. I know this is embarrasing, but I looked in a mirror and saw the hole and everything, but it was SOOOO tiny!! I want to overcome my fear, but the tampons are just to big!! The one I tried was only a regular size! Do they make a smaller size? also, I heard your vagina is supposed to do that because your hymnen or something isn't broken yet. Is this true? Does it hurt when you break it?
Thanks!! XOXO


They do make a smaller size but I think an issue was that you are not supposed to use them when you do not have your period. It will not be bad if you actually have your period. Tampons do not typically break that. Check out our website for info on that stuff: 


Kayla C.

by Horseluver09 on 4/16/2010 8:49:29 PM


This is a bit of a strange question...but is it bad if you never use a tampon? I always use pads, I'm scared to use a tampon and I don't think I ever want to. Please help! I just need to know if it is bad if I only wear pads.


No way!  It's definitely not bad if you only use pads.  It depends on what you feel comfortable with ... neither period-solution is "right" or "wrong!"

Lauren C.

by faith_elizabeth33 on 4/16/2010 10:06:13 AM


I am scared to use a tampon. I dont kno wht 2 do because I just got my peroid today and I have swimmign and you cant u pads in the water... Should I use a trampon but Im scarred or should I have my mom write and note but people like boys mught ask why are u sitting out.... What would I say 2 them? I NEED HELLP NOW !! PLEASE

by ILOVEU003 on 4/15/2010 7:34:11 PM


I have another question can i sleep in them if i sleep usally 4 about 9 hrs?Im a sound sleeper though please help!

by graceygirl77 on 4/14/2010 10:00:45 PM


K so my mom said that we can buy my first tampon this weekend when my bros away but what kind should i get.I want to start with plasic applicaters cause my friends say use them cause the cardboard suxs.some info is
~im 13 (turning 14 in sept)
~I've had it for a year
~live in a big city so pretty much i have everything
~my mom wants me to start with the slim ones

Hey girl, check out this article about tampons: it'll give you a good idea about your options: http://www.girlslife.com/post/2009/04/28/002-period-advice-tampons.aspx

Alyssa B.

by graceygirl77 on 4/14/2010 9:59:00 PM


** MOD ** this is kinda awkward but here goes.... so i can insert a tampon, but am i supposed to remove both tubes or just the outer one?


Hey chica!  You just need to remove the outer applicator, and leave the white part with the string. 

Marie H.

by haleebop on 4/14/2010 8:16:56 PM


MOD Sorry this is kind of an awkward Q...but anyways when i put in a tampon, do i take out both tubes? thx.


Hey chica!  When you put in a tampon, you remove the applicator (the plastic or carboard part) and leave in the actual tampon (the white part with the string). 

Marie H.

by haleebop on 4/14/2010 7:57:32 PM


i really want to ues tampons but iam scared that i wont be able to pull it out and the string might come off is tht even possible

by AngelleJ225 on 4/11/2010 4:32:57 PM


has anyone tryed the U by kotex tampons? do they work really good?


Hey girl, they look really cool and I really like the commercial. But I haven't tried them yet, I usually just stick to Tampax Pearl. 

Kayla C.

by brookiecookie98 on 4/9/2010 3:41:55 PM


okay so i want to start wearing tampons but im scared to ask my mom and even if she lets me im scared she will but me the card board CVS brand tampons like she uses but since track season has started i want to use the plastic kind and playtex sports kind of tampons.

Explain that to her. I am sure she would understand.  
Kayla C.

by trackstar_821 on 4/8/2010 7:41:00 PM


how do i start modding because im really good on giving advice on alot of stuff

Hey girl, I found the application information under the link that talks about internships.  
Kayla C.

by trackstar_821 on 4/8/2010 7:19:26 PM


MOD !! MOD !!
okay so im 12 and i use pads and i really want to use tampons but i tried a few times when i wasnt on my period so i would know how to use them on my period and it only went half way is this a sign that im too young to use tampons?

I wouldn't suggest trying to use them when you are not on your period. That could be the problem. We have some articles that might be able to help you.  
Kayla C.

by trackstar_821 on 4/8/2010 6:49:56 PM


is it safe to use vaseline on a tampon. I NEED TO NO NOW!!!!


Hey girl,

Look on the label for the jar of vaseline where all the instructions/ingredients are.  Does it say "for external use only" ??  If so, don't use it!  If not, it should be fine.  But don't use too much and make sure you're putting it on an applicator and not a tampon, since it will make the tampon work less effectively.

Lauren C.

by nsew123 on 4/6/2010 8:32:29 PM


Who thinks the new U by Kotex products r kool?

by Horseluver09 on 4/6/2010 6:32:51 PM


My friends keep telling me not to use tampons cos I'll get sick.I know this is wrong because .................
1.They have never even had they're periods I am the only one in my group of friends who has and........
2.I've done my research
But I am still wicked scared to use one and my period is in 3 days and I told my mom I want to use Tampons and she is gonna buy some tomorrow for me!!! What do I do to get my self ready so I dont ttally mess it up and like,hurt myself???
- Julia

hey girl! You will be totally fine using tampons, you should read the insturctions before you use them. There is also a ton of info under periods about using tampons on the gl site. 
Eryn G.

by FireLilyz on 4/3/2010 6:16:45 PM


I havent hade my period yet but my mom said ill probably have it next year. Im a swimer so what if i have my period while im swimming. i want to use pads but i wont be able to all the time cuz i swim.

by swimergirl11 on 4/2/2010 8:58:22 AM


What soes a tampon look like becauwse in the commercials there are no tubes. and what does it meant to get your tubes done just out of curiosity.

by love4gl on 3/31/2010 8:03:39 PM


It's hard to c my opening I will use pads but my crazy adventurous self will want to try both.

by love4gl on 3/31/2010 8:01:17 PM


I have yellow stuff in my undies. does that mean i am getting my period soon?

by cecgirl98 on 3/29/2010 4:20:04 PM


**********MOD************** Hey, I have a question. Have you tried the U by Kotex tampons yet? I was wondering whether they're good. I watched an add on the internet and apparently they click in place and they come in really pretty colors but If anyone knew whether they actually worked that would be helpful. Smile


Hey girly! No, I haven't personally tried them, however, I've heard that they're getting pretty good reviews. No harm in checking them out! Smile

Becca G.

by puppylover111 on 3/29/2010 12:52:09 AM


MOD MOD MOD i was just wondering ok i have a REALLY heavy period the first 3 days and have 2 use ultra tampons is it ok to use them the other days wen its not quite as heavy My friends say i shouldnt use ultra because they are so big


Hey girly, it's best to use the least absorbancy neccessary (i.e. the smallest tampon). If you need an ultra one than that's fine, as long as you're not leaving it in too long.

Becca G.

by emandemf on 3/28/2010 10:36:18 PM


Track season is starting up after spring break and I'm joining only thing is I want to use a tampon for track instead of pads. I'm not sure which would be better to use though. I have only used a tampon twice for swimming, so I'm not so familiar with them. I am also scared of the tampon not working because I'll be running a lot and maybe it won't work because my flow is to heavy and I'll bled through! plez help me with this situation. thanks sooo much

Hey girl, I'm a runner and I actually like pads personally. I don't think it really makes a difference in the end -- what are YOU more comfy with?

Alyssa B.

by runlover on 3/28/2010 5:53:43 PM


mod mod mod mod mod mod mod mod mod mod mod
last night i went to go take a shower and my legs r reallllllllllllly hairy but cant shave until 6th grade(im in 5th). my knees r horribly hairy so i deciced 2 shave those but i went a little below my knees and i thought it would look werid so shaved both of my legs!!!!!!!!!!!! i rinsed out the razor and put it back but i dont want 2 tell me mom! she always yells at me when i do somethng like that! please help!!!!!!!!

Hey girl! Well, if you wear shorts or a skirt, don't you think your mom would eventually notice? I would just be upfront and tell her instead of having her find out and THEN confess. Explain how you feel. She might be upset because you were not supposed to shave without her permission, but it's better to tell her and admit it than having her find out first just thru observation. Good luck! 
Kelli S.

by anastasia1998 on 3/27/2010 8:02:47 AM


I have yellow stuff in my undies. does that mean i am getting my period soon?

by cecgirl98 on 3/25/2010 7:53:59 PM


wow!! I always thought that you could hurt your self and you can but this makes it so much easier

by fishtale 12 on 3/24/2010 5:58:34 PM


is it true that you can't use tampons once you get your period

No, You can use tampons once you start your period.  
Megan R.

by brookiecookie98 on 3/22/2010 4:17:07 PM


MODMODMODMOD I said this before but it want really answered. im starting swimming tomorrow. and i got my period often cause its irregular still. i havent had to swim yet with my pariod but now i have to! im going to be doing it all year round now and im scared to use a tampon i never used one befor and i heard about these infections you can get and stuff! also my bffs doctor told her shes not aloud to wear them anymore because she inserted one wrong and she got an infection and somehow something wrong with her bladder. What should i do? i cant not swim when ever i get it! especially when im competing.


Hey missy, as long as you get the right size tampon you'll be fine. Since you've never inserted one get the smallest size, so you can get used to putting it in. Tampons aren't scary you just have to take your time with them.  Smile

Lynae P.

by rachiiann on 3/21/2010 2:50:34 PM


thanks for askin that io really needed 2 no

by twilightgarret1999 on 3/20/2010 6:01:19 PM


k so i want to try tampons but im scared im going to break the hymen.Is that even possible to do with a tampon?If so what r some tips that u can give so i don't? THANKS!!!Smile

by graceygirl77 on 3/20/2010 1:54:06 PM


I have to put in a suppository. But I've always used pads and I don't know what to do! Also, do I have to take it out after eight hours like with a tampon?
Thank you!!!

Hey Girl, we have articles on how to use a tampon if that is what you are confused about.  
Kayla C.

by defhrhorses on 3/19/2010 7:22:03 PM


MOD-This may b a stupid question, can u wear a pad in a swimming pool or do u have to wear a tampon?


hey girly- probs a tampon. the pad will unstick!

Hallie R.

by HawiianIggy123 on 3/18/2010 3:53:52 PM


MOD!!!!!!!!!!! ok so im 12 in seventh grade and i havent got my period yet!!! is there anything wrong with me??? and also im trying to do everything i can to get ready when it comes because i have gotten a few of the signs. any ideas? another thing is that sometimes i try to put in tampons and i dosent work and it hurts!!! help!!!! (srry for the length)

Hey girl, nothing's wrong with you. There's no need to make your period come any faster so just relax and know it'll come sooner rather than later. Have pads ready and don't sweat it.

Alyssa B.

by sarahroxs31 on 3/17/2010 10:33:34 PM


MOD!! my friend says that when you get in the water, your flow stops. is this true? i don't think so. and another thing: when i'm on my period, i usually wear long pads. but my 1st hour of the day is P.E. and when i wear my shorts, i can feel the pad and it's really annoying. i'm worried that the pad makes a bump because it sticks out so far and so i get really self-conscious. but i just started a few months ago and i dont think i should start usuing tampons yet and i'm scared to use them. any advice?


Hey girl,
From what I understand, your period doesn't actually stop, but the pressure of the water on your body might make it come out slower for a while, so it seems like it stopped.  The good news is, even if you are aware of your pad, nobody else can likely tell or see it.  If you don't feel comfortable with tampons yet, it's totes fine to stick with pads for now.  Hope that helps!

Marie H.

by I<3TaylorDanielLautner on 3/17/2010 4:53:08 PM


how should i tell my mom i want to use tampons?

by tykoluver101 on 3/16/2010 8:32:12 PM


what is the best brand for tampons to buy i am looking for a tampon that goes in easily and is very small

by tykoluver101 on 3/16/2010 8:27:37 PM


can u pee with a tampon?

Hey girl, yes you can...but I always find it more comfortable to change it after. 
Lauren R.

by ekcarter on 3/15/2010 7:59:18 PM


MOD- how come i have trouble putting in a tampon? i know they work way better than big bulky pads for me, but how far do you have to push it up? i have the o.b brand without an applicator and they work well for me, for the most part. but is there such thing as pushing it up too far? thanks. Smile

Hey girl, check out this link I think it'll help: http://www.girlslife.com/post/2009/06/23/007-Period-Advice.aspx 
Lauren R.

by Sydney on 3/15/2010 7:03:21 PM


MOD! I just put in a tampon for the first time. I got it in perfectly fine and all but I can kinda feel it. They say your not supposed to feel anything at all. It doesn't hurt or anything, it just feels wierd. Did I do something wrong or is it ok? Thanks Smile


Hey missy, if it doesn't hurt you're fine. If it starts to irritate you then take it out, but you sound like you're okay to me. Smile

Lynae P.

by becba14 on 3/14/2010 2:26:31 PM


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by mini556 on 3/12/2010 9:06:37 PM


i am sorry that it hurts your chach..

by kgoroski on 3/10/2010 6:59:46 PM


DO U HAVE TO TAKE THE TAMPON out when u need to pee?

Hey girl,

Nope you don't need to worry about that. The tampon is in a different area from where you urinate, so no need to take it out until you need to change it. 
Allee S.

by lipsmackergal5 on 3/9/2010 12:42:22 PM


*MOD* ok these are probably both really stupid questions but please answer
1) how do i know when my tampon is full?
2) do i have to take it out when i pee?

hey girl!You should change it every few hours. You can. 
Eryn G.

by treehugger13 on 3/7/2010 6:15:59 PM


MOD . i have a few questions. *i find my period really gross. is that weird? *is it normal if sometimes the spots of the blood is REALLY dark? like black or brown? *i play volleyball , so i need to wear spandex, would a pad or tampon be better? ive never worn a tampon !


Hey missy, yup that's normal. When the blood is of a darker color it means that it's getting old, or you're about to come off your period. Nope a pad is fine as long as it's the right size and has a nice fit. Smile

Lynae P.

by yagirl04 on 2/28/2010 4:33:11 PM


******MOD MOD MOD*****or GIRLIES so I'm considering using tampons and I think I want to try lubricant and it is kinda awkward to ask for lubricant from your mom because she might think you want to have sex or somethin and I was wondering how could I ask?

Hey girl! You don't need lubricant for a tampon. You just need to relax before you put it in and it should all be good. 


Liz L.

by puppylover111 on 2/26/2010 10:54:18 PM


I am 11 yrs old and i have not had my period.
When i come home from school i get really bored
because my dad is a farmer and he is always out side down the road.and my mom is a doc.
so i stay at home alone.today i went in my moms
bath room and i got a tampon and i tried it
it did not work on the first so i went to get another one and triend agian and it worked!!!
so is that a good thing


Hey girl,

It's good that you're comfortable with the idea of getting your period and dealing with it, but we wouldn't advice you to use a tampon if you don't have your period.  It can hurt if you don't have your period to make it glide in and out easier!

Lauren C.

by susannabeard on 2/26/2010 5:11:34 PM


****MOD***** r pads uncomfortable? and can u feel them a lot when u walk and stuff? THX! ~C =D


hey girl! they are sometimes pretty uncomfy and yeah you can feel them alittle bit, but they really arent too bad unless you get a huge one?!

Hallie R.

by fashionista10 on 2/23/2010 3:29:38 PM


im scared to use them and mostly to ask my mom!!!lol

by graceygirl77 on 2/22/2010 10:06:53 PM


i've had my period since the summer going into sixth grade and i'm in eighth grade now and i always used pads. i'm afraid of tampons but going into high school, i think i should try them. since i've had my period for awhile-what type of tampons should i use? thankkks : )


Hi babes, just try them Smile Use the slimfits. They are skinnier. I promise that once you practice a few times you wont go back to pads. xo JANA

jana k.

by zeoli x19 on 2/18/2010 9:38:24 PM


 okkkkkk i tried to use a tampon today. i got the tampon in, but i dont think it was far enough because it really hurt. anyway it hurt to take it out and even though the tampon isnt there it feels like it is. it hurts!!! wat did i do wrong, why does it hurt?!?!?!


Hey babes, Try it again. You might feel strange because if you put it in then pulled it out a few seconds later, it was still dry and probably irriated your skin a little bit. You will get used to it. They arent that bad. xo JANA

jana k.

by declaration on 2/16/2010 8:56:56 PM


I use both, but at first i was scared to use tampons

by iloveacro442 on 2/16/2010 5:09:19 PM


~~~~~~MOD~~~~~~ I am honestly really scared to use a tampon. I'm afraid that I will poke myself and it will be really uncomfortable or tender. Also, I got my period this year during summer. Now I have a lot of white discharge, and it also smells. My period is not due for 2-3 weeks, but it it really bad. What is the problem? Also, how do I ask my mom to use tampons? we have a lakehouse and I'm swimming practically all summer. I don't know what to do. Tampons make me nervous. Should I practice at my next period? Sorry for the length but please answer all of my questions.


Hola chica, tampons are not so scary. You just have to be sure that you get your right size and insert it correctly. Follow this link http://www.girlslife.com/post/2009/06/23/007-Period-Advice.aspx to read instructions for inserting a tampon. And you usually get white discharge before your period so no worries. Don't be nervous to ask your mom for tampons. Evertyhing your bod is going through hers went through too, so she'll be happy to help you pick tampons out. It would be good to experiment with tampons for your next period. Let me know if you're still confuzzled. Smile

Lynae P.

by ilovemylife on 2/12/2010 9:35:27 PM


omgg i prefer using pads mainly case my sister scared me after she told me that the first time she used tampons i got stucked and she had to ask my mom for help.!!
but i think im gonna try it the next time i get my preriod

by verenice<3 on 2/11/2010 12:20:21 AM


okay, so i'm 15 and i've had my period since i was eleven but i almost always use pads unless i really need to use a tampon, for swimming purposes and such. so anyway, i always put the tampon in exactly like it says on the box and it's fine but when i stand up it feels like a knife is stabbing me down there! i have to take every step carefully then and when i take it out it hurts so much that i have to scream. it sometimes feels a little chaffed but within a few minutes im fine and there is no pain whatsoever. p.s i always use the super skinny tampons so i dont think size is a problem.

Hey GIrl! Maybe you're not putting it in far enough. Either that, or you haven't let it absorb enough before you take it out. If this doesn't sound right, you should ask a doctor what they think! xo Lizzie 
lizzie n.

by xoxlovethebeatlesoxo on 2/10/2010 4:39:57 PM


i use tampons all the time!

by BSL Girls on 2/10/2010 4:26:57 PM


MOD MOD MOD MOD k so next week is my period and i have swimming all through the week of swimming i dont wanna be imbarassed but i dont know how to use a tampon, AND if my period stays where its at ill have it during our trip to the beach that happened once every 2 years!!!! is it safe to use a tampon in an ocean, and how long does a tampon last with a heavy flow?? thanks


hey girl! yes tampons are safe in the ocean, but you should change it right away after being in the ocean. learning how to use a tampon will help a lot with swimming. how long it lasts depends on your own flow, but using the right size, perhaps super, should last for 3-5 hours. never leave one in for more than 8 hours though!

Hallie R.

by ambejoyjoy on 2/9/2010 2:35:11 PM


MODMODMOD!!!! i really LOVE swimming and my family was thinking about getting a pass to my towns indoor pool and i really don't want to uuse tampons (they kinda scare me Frown ) but i want to go swimming even if i am on my period... what should i do???
please repply thanx!


Hey babes, if you want to go swimming and have your period you HAVE to use tampons. It is really unsanitary if you do not. I know its scary but I promise they arent that bad. Just practice. xo JANA

jana k.

by 28PuppyPaws on 2/6/2010 11:50:44 PM


i'm scared to use a tampon. i'm afraid it might hurt to put it in or it might get stuck. is it possible for a tampon to get stuck??

by dancequeen12 on 2/6/2010 2:23:07 PM


I here that it's best to wait a year after you start to wear tampons. Is that true?

Hey girl! You can start wearing tampons whenever, however most girls don't start wearing tampons until they are older.


Liz L.

by tiger Lily on 2/6/2010 11:17:16 AM


MOD, I hear Tampons should be worn for 8 hours. but I need to were my tampon for atleast 10 hours during the day. Is it safe to where it for an extra 2 hours ?


Hey girlie,


You might be ok, but we really wouldn't advise it.  You should follow the instructions on the box very carefully - read here about the risk of TSS, http://www.girlslife.com/post/2008/07/31/TSS-Tampons.aspx
Lauren C.

by hip_hop_hottie on 2/5/2010 6:42:44 PM


MOD, I find Pads uncomfortable. I want to switch to Tampons but I know absolutely nothing about it. What brand do I buy ? What does a tampon really do ? and is there anything important I need to know.


Hey babes, Personally, I use Tampax pearls. I used to use Tampax Slimfits which I also highly reccomend. There isnt much to know, they just keep your blood inside of you and soak it up like a sponge. You cant feel them and they arent bulky like pads. xo JANA

jana k.

by hip_hop_hottie on 2/4/2010 11:20:03 PM


I have been trying over and over to use a tampon, but I just can't get it in, I've tried the smallest sizes. I think the problem is that I just have no idea where my vagina opening is, I know its somewhere behind the Uretha, but I can't seem to find it. Help please!


Hey girl,


It's real tough trying to use a tampon for the first time, we've all been there!  But try using the instructions from the tampon box too (every box has a little packet of tips!).  Sometimes, it even helps to sit with a mirror so you can see exactly what's going on.  Good luck!

Lauren C.

by elizabeththekool on 2/3/2010 8:27:35 AM


Pads just arent working. I even had a problem today in school. SUPER EMBARRASSING. I want to try tampons.. but I have super heavy flow. So; are there some kinds of tampons that have better absorbency than a maxi-pad ?! Thanks.

Hey Girl! Tampons can be a lot easier in the sense that they don't make a mess, but you just have to get used to when to change them. Using super tampons would probably be your best bet, but you could use any tampons as long as you changed them more often. If you wanted to start by using ultraslims, you'd have to change them a lot more often than if you used supers. So just keep that in mind and know that using tampons aren't as scary as they seem Smile xo Lizzie
lizzie n.

by lissa31497 on 1/29/2010 4:09:26 PM


i just started using tampons and it kind of hurt when i take it out. Is that normal?


Hey babe, It'll get easier the more you use them. It's normal for it to hurt a little bit at first.

xoxo Allie
Allie S.

by BeccaPiglet101 on 1/28/2010 7:27:20 PM


is it true that you can leave a tampon in longer than when you use a pad?

Hey girl, it's important to change both regularly. I don't know if it's much of a what-can-I-use-longer contest.

Alyssa B.

by Tiger Lily on 1/27/2010 8:13:01 PM


Hey girls!

I have a tip for you if you're concerned or scared to use tampons.

It really isn't a big deal and they don't hurt. When you have a few minutes just keep trying! Relax because it really isn't hard at all. Once you become comfortable with your vaginal opening it will be really easy.

Once you successfully insert a tampon, you can't even feel it! If you feel it pushing against the vaginal wall you probably didn't push it in far enough, or you put it in at the wrong angle. You can take it out and try again.

If you can do it, congratulations! They are so much easier to deal with than pads, they have a lot of advantages:

They are quiet when you change them
You can swim, and exercise with comfort
You can leave them in longer than pads
You can't even tell you're on your period!
There is no odor when you're wearing one.
Nobody can tell you're on your period!

It's normal to feel some discomfort when you take it out because chances are it has expanded in your vagina.

Try out the Tampax Pearl brand, they're fantastic.

Thanks for reading and have a great day! Good luck!

by lp37 on 1/26/2010 9:10:31 PM


i've had my period for a couple years now and i find it kinda weird/embrassing bout how i don't know where down there is my vagina...so once i tried to use a tampon, but i didn't know where to insert it... help would be appriciated. thanks. =)

Hey girl,

Read the directions in the tampon box. They even have images on to direct you with where things go. For more period info, check this out: http://www.girlslife.com/hub/periods-period.aspx 

xoxo Keltie 
Keltie E.

by pinkheartcrazy23 on 1/25/2010 11:48:34 PM


MOD! I am so confused about when periods come and when to use pads and tampons! Help

Hey girl, you can use either, basically. Tampons are inserted and with them you can go swimming -- they're a bit more comfy for exercise too. Pads are easier to use and stuck in your panties. You can't swim with them, but you can do basically anything else. For more information on pads and tampons, check out http://www.girlslife.com/category/pads-vs-tampons.aspx.

Alyssa B.

by purpleicecream11 on 1/22/2010 11:55:07 PM


is it normal to hurt when you pull out a tampon?


hey girl!


it is normal, especially if u aren't heavy at the moment.



sammy d

Sammy d.

by kirstyo14 on 1/22/2010 7:12:06 PM


k thanks

by lfcutiek321 on 1/19/2010 6:25:56 PM


MOD MOD MOD!!!!! ok i havent had my period yet but i wanna try tampons so i know how to do it when it comes. Is this okay???

No babe, that's not okay.  That will be painful and it's a possibility that it could get stuck.  Wait til you have your period to be safe!  
Megan R.

by lfcutiek321 on 1/19/2010 6:14:35 PM


Am I supposed to insert the tampon in an angle downwards or upwards? Thanks.


hey girl!


upwards! ask your mom for help if you need it!



sammy d

Sammy d.

by kittyofthewind on 1/18/2010 11:15:44 PM


ok so i've only had my period once so far and it was like a month and a half ago, so is something wrong here?? And also, i really wanna try tampons but do you think its too early??? I dont really know how heavy my flow is so how do i tell?????? PLEASE HELP

Hey girl! its normal for your period to be abnormal the first year and you could tyr tampons. 
Eryn G.

by PINKIEprincess on 1/17/2010 8:17:12 PM


I started mt period about 2 years ago! I only use pads but sometimes my period is heavy and the pad does't help much! I have to change it like 5 times a day and i run out of pads really quick!Should i start useing tampons or stay with pads?

Hey girl! You could try tampons. 
Eryn G.

by Fizzo13 on 1/17/2010 5:07:16 PM


hey is it ok to use a tampax super tampon over night even tho my flow is light because i got my period and was out of pads and all my mom has is super :/


Hi darlin, I think it is fine. Sometimes that happens to me. Just dont keep it in for more than 8 hours. xo JANA

jana k.

by P3ace0ut7 on 1/15/2010 9:55:36 PM


Hey girlies (:
I've been having my period for about a year now and I've used pads until today. To be honest I think pads are easier to start off with since they're just easier to "insert" because all you do is take off the wrapping and put it on your undies, but if you get stuck in a situation where you have to change it they're harder to "smuggle" into the bathroom. I've dropped my pad twice this year for school and have been totally embarrassed but only a few people saw it, and they were girls, so I'm okay. I just started using tampons today and they're WAY easier to deal with than pads but I'm kind of worried about TSS (Toxic Shock Syndrome) but I know it's very rare and it only happens if you keep your tampon in for longer than 8 hours, which I've never done with a pad so I doubt it's ever going to happen with a tampon, and since I have to go to bed in a few hours I'm just thinking of using a tampon and setting my alarm just to reduce chances of getting TSS. Hope I helped anyone who was wondering about PMS and stuff like this! (:

by x-Synchronized-x on 1/15/2010 7:46:33 PM


A painy liner is 4 when you have a light day and a pad is for in the middle of when you have ur "." I guess.

by MileyCyrusROX! on 1/14/2010 7:41:27 PM


Sorry, this has nothing to do with tampons but...
What is the difference between a pad & a pantyliner? :S

by rubberduck96 on 1/14/2010 3:50:36 PM


blah periods suck. Frown

but tampons r pretty easy for me Smile

by meliss1212 on 1/12/2010 5:14:24 PM


omg inserting a tampon scares me, even though i do have to do it sometimes. its a lil uncomfy at first girls, but then you wont notice it! :] yay haha


by volleyballer27 on 1/12/2010 4:27:35 PM


im on my own. i have a dad. no other family or trusted adult. its way to embaressing to tlak to the doctor or school nurse about it but ive been using pads and ive been gettin underware still super dirty...i bought tampons when i went shopping..is it safe to do this on my own? how exactly do i insert one? what if i cant find the right hole? what if it hurts? what if the string brakes? when do i take it out? i need these questions directly answered...what do i do?

Hey babe,

Follow the instructions in the box. It's safe to use them just make sure that you are changing them frequently and never leave one in for more than 6 or 7 hours. It's not going to hurt, but it might be a bit uncomfortable at first and then you'll figure out what size you should be using dependent on how heavy your flow is. Try and change it around every 3 or 4 hours. For more period questions, check this out: http://www.girlslife.com/hub/periods-period.aspx 

xoxo Keltie 
Keltie E.

by hanni1234 on 1/11/2010 11:08:26 PM


MOD MOD MOD I've been using pads for a year but I kinda hate them so I'm thinking of making the switch. What is the best brand for beginnners?


Hey doll!  I'm not sure but I've read that Tampax Satin is good for beginners.  You should ask an older female family member or your doctor what would be a good brand to start with.  I'm sure they'll have a good answer for ya. 

Tyler J.

by fieldhockeystar on 1/11/2010 12:13:33 PM


I just inserted a tampon for the first time
Should i be able to feel it cuz i do

Hey girl! Not really. 
Eryn G.

by megalynn10 on 1/10/2010 8:40:31 PM


Hello Fellow Girls,
If You Need Help Or Need Any Advice Plz Please Comment My Page. I Promise To Help As Soon As Possible. If It's Super Urgent Make Sure To Put !!!!!!!! Just A Bunch Of Exclamation Points So Good Luck To All My Fellow Teen Sistas
Muchh Luvvv To All Girls out There,

by mileycalyx on 1/9/2010 10:14:42 PM


yay!!!! today i used a tampon for the first time pain free!!! It helped me soooo much to relax, then pee, prolly because after u pee its kinda wet down there! then u just put the applicater in ur vagina a bit and push on the tube! no pain! yay!!

by radrower on 1/9/2010 3:54:50 PM


i agree with u happy gal12 they r disqusting

by boysrock1618 on 1/9/2010 11:08:33 AM


i just got my period im 12 and and half and i play club volleyball and i hate wearing pads but i think it might be quite a bit early to start tampons but i would like that more!
HELP!!!! i started like 5 days ago....

by boysrock1618 on 1/9/2010 11:06:59 AM


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by fashiongirl28 on 1/8/2010 4:32:52 PM


I am 14 and i have most of the symptoms. EAsrlier today i had cramps and now there's brown stuff in my undies.. is this my first period????

Hey girl! it pbly is. 
Eryn G.

by radrower on 1/8/2010 3:37:43 PM


thanks jana! that was soo helpful. i was gonna start wearing one starting tomorrow just in case!!! lol. well thanks a lot!

by hannah*marie*trackchick on 1/7/2010 10:54:53 PM


Mod Mod Mod
hey girll. so a typical period question here. i started PMSing on the 11th last month. ive been practing hard for track and i know peroids are soo irregular for a while, so when do you think i should start wearing a pantyliner? like how many days in advance? and would it be ok to try a tampon on my 2nd period? thanks soo much! <3 hannah


Hey babes, I dont wear anything until I actually have it. If you know you are going to get it on Sunday, then just start carrying a pad with you startig friday to be prepared in case it comes early. I have always worn tampons. You dont have to wait until youve had a certain number of periods to use them . xo JANA

jana k.

by hannah*marie*trackchick on 1/7/2010 10:45:03 PM


(my bestie was wondering) what if you had a tampon in for eigth hours but your period hasnt wet it enough? should she switch to light tampons?

Hey girl! If it was uncomfortable removing it, that may not be a bad idea to switch to a light tampon. For more info on periods check out : 



Megan R.

by bluesea98 on 1/5/2010 5:10:02 PM



if ur reading this girl talk column, u obviously care about advice. visit my profile, post me a question(if its super important, put ***** at the top) and ill answer in 24 hours, guaranteed. if ur profile isn't publicly visible, i'll answer ur questions on MY profile. thanks! pass it on to ur friends!

~aspiring advice columnist, lauren

by soccergirl524 on 1/2/2010 10:45:09 AM


One of the things we talk about a lot at sleepovers is using tampons for the first time and being scared to try them.

Some of my friends come to me like I know exactly what to do but it isnt that hard. My suggestions for doing it until you can do it blind folded is to do it in front of a mirror to help see what you are doing. So I would,

1. Read the directions and use the slender ones at first until you can work up to using the thicker and wider ones if you need to.

2. Use a mirror and squat so that you can insert it at the right angle. If you are at the right angle they slip in with no problem.

3. Use a lubricant like K-Y Jelly or Astroglide and put it on the end of the tampon so it will slip in easier. Where I buy my tampons they now have all of the lubricants right next to the pads and tampons so you dont have to go to aisle where the condoms are. And sometimes I have to use more lubricant depending on how my body is down there at the time.

4. And practice a few times but only do it when you are your period.

Its not that hard and its easy after you practice.

by luckykel on 1/1/2010 11:33:30 PM



by 9girl8 on 1/1/2010 3:08:58 AM



by girlslifeadvice on 12/31/2009 11:29:09 PM


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by annabanana21 on 12/31/2009 2:30:23 PM


IModmod! Well I got it in, but now that whole area is sore and when I move it's kinda but not really scratchy? Is that normal???

by Skyerin on 12/31/2009 10:36:58 AM


Mod mod! So, I just got my period and when I tried to put in a tampon, it kinda got stuck and really hurt. I'm pretty sure I had it in thr right place, but idk. Help!!!!

Hey girl, it takes a li'l practice to get your tampon right. Follow the instructions carefully and believe me, you will get it right. 

Alyssa B.

by Skyerin on 12/30/2009 10:02:56 PM



if ur reading this girl talk column, u obviously care about advice. visit my profile, post me a question(if its super important, put ***** at the top) and ill answer in 24 hours, guaranteed. if ur profile isn't publicly visible, i'll answer ur questions on MY profile. thanks! pass it on to ur friends!

~aspiring advice columnist, lauren

by soccergirl524 on 12/30/2009 10:37:36 AM


MOD MOD MOD!!!!!!!!!! Hi im sorry this is a stupid question but where is your vagina?

Hey babe,

Your vagina is your womanly 'area.' Learn more about your bod here: http://www.girlslife.com/hub/bod-squad.aspx

xoxo Keltie 
Keltie E.

by stargirl97 on 12/26/2009 11:02:12 PM


what is the absolute smallest size tampon? is it lites, or slender regular? thanks

Slender regular is the smallest. Lite has to do with how heavy your flow is. xoxo kerra 
Kerra S.

by kelkellkelly on 12/26/2009 7:59:00 PM


MOD MOD MOD MOD MOD MOD!!!!! i have a question to ask! when u inseart a tampon how do you know when to stop pushing?!? and could one ever get stuck in there?
thanks xo -kim

Hey girl! You stop pushing, usually when the applicator stops, but you will be able to tell... it can only go up so far and you'll know.


Liz L.

by polkadot66 on 12/26/2009 2:23:23 AM


mod mod
can you sleep in tampons?

Hey girl! You can as long as you don't leave them in to long. 
Eryn G.

by jessica127 on 12/25/2009 10:46:05 PM



if ur reading this advice column, u obviously care about advice. visit my profile, post me a question(if its super important, put ***** at the top) and ill answer in 24 hours, guaranteed. thanks! pass it on to ur friends!

~aspiring advice columnist, lauren

by soccergirl524 on 12/24/2009 11:18:57 AM


o thanks lynae P u rock thanks 4 commenting on my profile !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Smile happy holidays hope that ur's r good and safe

by girlzrock123 on 12/23/2009 8:40:24 PM


mod mod i had a horable cramp yesterday and it hurt really bad then i had one this morning and i was like oh myyyyyy geeeeeeeeeeee that hurt i have other signs f my period like hair down their ovisly cramps "development" so do u thing i ill get it soon thanks and do u know how 2 do an angel smiley face thanks mod


Hey girly, yep sounds like its on its way. If you get cramps it may be best to grab some medicine. Oh I've never seen the angel smiley faces. Sounds cute though. Smile

Lynae P.

by girlzrock123 on 12/23/2009 7:00:28 PM


hey girls! i know that at first it is sooooo nervous to wear a tampon! i got my period in 8 grade & i was sooo scared to use one! i tried it once & got scared! but then i used it & the first time i used it it did hurt a little, but now they are the best things to use! hope this helped!

if any of u chicas have any questions about anything post on my profile! i will answer any questions asap Smile

by magaliciousd on 12/23/2009 4:58:17 PM


MOD MOD MOD MOD MOD MOD MOD MOD MOD MOD MOD MOD MOD MOD!!!!!!!! I want to use tampons becuz pads are a pain in the butt!!! I tried to insert it but it hurt! Do I have to just push past that pain or am I doing something wrong?? I am going to try again soon but it hurts and I want it to go in but it wont! HELP HELP HELP ME! !PLEASE!!!


Hey girl, first and foremost you need to relax. Also make sure you are inserting at an angle that goes with you vaginal canal, not straight up. It may hurt a little your first time but it should not be excruciating.


xoxo Olivia

Olivia A.

by *Twifan.Vball.Chic* on 12/10/2009 3:31:04 PM


i am 13 and have my period since i was 11 and i still can't use a tampon..... when ever one goes close to my body i start to gag...... my friends think that it is stupid that i can use one!!!
plez help!! thanks ;) <3

by kel_bel;) on 11/25/2009 10:16:16 PM


heyy, i've tried inserting a tampon b4, but it hurts like U know what! all the other gurls at my school use them except 4 me and my friends... i told one of my friends who does use tampons that i use pads. she told me to try them. so i did. like i said, i hurt. what am i doing wrong? i've read the instructions, but still, nothing. HELP!

Hey babe! I know the first time can be tricky.  A few things that may help...Try slim-fit tampons.  They are for first-time users or for teens in general.  Also, try to relax.  If you are tense it will make getting the tampon in tougher or nearly impossible.  
Megan R.

by cutypatooty on 11/7/2009 11:08:02 AM


MOD MOD MOD! ------------ My mom won't let me use tampons! She says I'm too young. I tried anyway with free samples from tampon websites, and I have used them. The problem is, I want to get more. My mom won't buy any for me, but I want to use them! What should I do?


Hey girl! Try talking to your mom and explaining how you feel! Tell her you already have and you like them more than pads. You two might be able to come to a compromise!


Taeler L.

by faithluv926 on 11/3/2009 7:24:43 PM


MOD MOD MOD! is it ok to use a tampon even when you don't have your period but its supposed to come soon??


Hey missy, you're usually only supposed to wear them when you're on your cycle, but if you feel comfortable enough to wear one everyday, go for it! Smile

Lynae p.

by loveyourlife on 10/30/2009 10:11:02 PM


one less lonely girl is the best song ever! look it up! its by justin beiber! he is so hot! look it up!

by rufus009 on 10/24/2009 12:19:58 PM


dear mod*******
please answer i really need your help! in about an hour im going to a birthday party that involves swimming and im on my first period. i read this article, i read the box, ive tried forever but i cant use tampons yet. my periods really light right now if i wear a liner would it be ok to swim??? it was really light this morning (almost non-existent) but its heavier now. i dont know what to do! i really wanna swim (she has a hot tub too) and id hate to just sit there and watch everyone else have fun!! thanks

Hey girl! You could wear a panty liner, but you shouldnt swim. Just wear a cute cover up and dont swim. 
Eryn G.

by to_be_loved on 10/17/2009 4:43:11 PM


i have a swimming unit comming up in school and i'm not comfertable using tampons what should i do??

Hey babe,

Try using a tampon before you need to use it to see if it really bothers you and if it does you just might have to sit this one out.

xoxo Allie
Allie S.

by loveyourlife on 10/14/2009 6:10:59 PM


MOD MOD MOD MOD MOD! Ok so me and my friends were in the bathroom and me and my friend r both on our periods. So shes like do u need anything and i said sure. She gave me a tampon. I told her i had never used one and she said to try it during lunch. So i tried but i didn't want to do it cause my mom doesn't want me to for another couple years.


Hey girl, just sit your mom down and let her know what's up. Tell her exactly what you just told GL she will be willing to listen. And with her good graces you will feel a lot better trying tampons.


xoxo Olivia

Olivia A.

by peacelovehappiness115246 on 10/8/2009 3:35:28 PM


mod i used tampons my first time today and i can feel it inside there. is this norm? and also when i take it out it kinda hurts is this norm? thx <3

Hey babe,

That's normal. Make sure that you are using the right tampon for your amount of flow. For more info check this out: http://www.girlslife.com/hub/periods-period.aspx 

xoxo Keltie 
Keltie E.

by emzimrol on 10/5/2009 10:19:21 PM


Hey evry1!!! Here r some tips on tampons and how to put them in.

1. Before doing anything, read the directions. This will just make it easier. There is usually a piece of paper in the box or directions on the back!

2. Take the tampon out of the box(but leave it in the wrapper

3. Wash your hands

4. Unwrap the tampon.

5. Squat(I find this easiest), stand with one foot on the toilet seat or sit on the toilet with legs apart.

6. Insert it at a slight 45 degree angle(pointing towards your butt) holding it with your thumb and middle finger.

7. Remember to RELAX!!! Slide the inner tube all the way in.

8. Remove the inner and outer tubes

9. You're done! There should be a string hanging outside your body but nothing else.


Remove it the same way you put it in. Pull on the string out of your body. Don't worry, it probably won't come off because they are securely sewn on. If it hurts, then you used too high an absorbency or didn't leave it in long enough. Next time, try a lower absorbency or leave it in longer.


First time, it might hurt a little coming in and out. This is normal, but if it continues then stop using tampons.

Plastic is easier especially for the first time. You may want to try a slender too if you haven't had your period several times already. If you abseloutely 5,000,000% have to use a cardboard tampon then try putting some vaseline on it to make it slide in smoother, but I would suggest plastic for the first time.

If you're wearing a bathing suit, make sure the string is IN your bathing suit, not hanging out!!!

RELAX. Relaxing is key. You don't need to tighten anything at any point

When you go pee(I try to pee between tampons but if it's an emergency and you don't have a new tampon...) pat, don't wipe.

Good Luck!

by cinderella161danielle on 8/29/2009 3:16:16 PM


i just inserted my first tampon it kinda hurts it that normal

Hey girl, it's totes normal. Tampons are tricky that first time. If it still hurts or it hurts when you insert your second, check the directions and make sure you're insertin' 'em right. No worries, girlie - with a bit of practice, you'll have them in pain free! Good luck!

Alyssa B.

by dancer247 on 8/27/2009 10:28:49 PM


i just inserted my first tampon and itkinda hurts. is it supossed to or is something wrong?

by dancer247 on 8/27/2009 10:23:21 PM


I wanna try tampons I don't have my period my mom doesn't approve of tamponz helpp

by Dreamyzoe on 8/25/2009 12:52:54 PM


hey girlz!!! heres some tips on putting in a tampon:
4 me, the best way is o squat. relax your stomach mussles. RELAX. it really helps. push the tampon in @ an angle, and remember RELAX. when your fingers touch your skin, use the applicater to push it in the rest of the way.


by kattieluuluu on 8/21/2009 12:43:06 PM


mod!! i've read this but i still don't understand..is a cardboard applicator inserted differently? also which hurts more..cardboard or plastic? i wanna try one on my next period!


Hey girl,

All applicators follow the same
procedure (Your box should have instructions. Otherwise, ask your mom
for tips!). I use cardboard applicators and they're not painful. Try
starting with one during your next period and see how it goes!



Miliana B.

by nickjonasluver13 on 8/20/2009 1:32:01 PM


MOD! I was wondering how often I should use a tampon? Should I wear one like every day in place of a pad, should I wear them whenever I want to, or should I wear them only when it is absolutaly needed like in the pool or a gymnastics meet? P.S. should I wear a pad or tampon when I sleep?


Hey girl! You can wear whatever is most comfortable for you. The recommended time limit for tampons is 4-8 hours. Just be sure to change it before then and be hygenic.

Taeler L.

by tealpowerfulrose on 8/18/2009 2:58:45 PM


MOD MOD MOD MOD MOD I have a HUGE problem,i went to a private school from 3rd to the first half of 6th grade, and I never had puberty education. My Mom told me a lot of stuff when I was pretty young so I know about periods and the reproductive system and everything, but I just got my period and I have no clue what to do. I dont even know where the heck im supposed to put a tampon, I just cant find it. Its really frustrating and whenever any websites tell you how to put in a tampon, all it says is what to do not where to put it!!! Im a swimmer and a dancer, so I really need help because im tired of explaining to my Dad why i cant go in the pool o_o


Hey chicky, check out our period page for all the info you'll need to know about menustration!

Lynae P.

by artist4liiife on 8/15/2009 12:29:24 AM


I use OB tampons. They don't have an applicator

by hannah12 on 8/14/2009 11:52:47 PM


MOD MOD MOD which type applicator hurts the lesast to put in? I want to try tampons, but it hurts a lot to put it in. Please help!

Hey babe,

Try slim tampons with rounded plastic applicators.

xoxo Allie
Allie S.

by vamp4life17 on 8/14/2009 6:40:23 PM


ok so i just tried putting a tampon in and it hurt really bad and wen i pulled it out it hurt really bad i am really afraid that something is wrong with me down there. I kinda wish someone could show me but i dont want anyone to look at me "down there"

by =D-sigh- on 8/12/2009 4:47:34 PM


My mom helped me with my first one. But I think it was too big and it hurt! I DON'T use tampons.

by chica97 on 8/10/2009 5:00:09 PM


tampons aren't that bad. The first day that I got my period i understood it fine so i was good. I personally think that pads are gross but thats just me, I'm glad that gl can help with these things

by happygal12 on 8/8/2009 10:49:32 PM


i have not have not had my period yet buut really wanna no how to put one in when i get mine. im 11 and my mom got hers when she was fourteen! wonder if i will get it when im fourteen to.

by wadestheman on 8/8/2009 4:56:20 PM


hey willow xx that was very specific... just wat i needed .. THNX!!!

by horserox23 on 8/7/2009 8:57:28 PM


do u think 11 is TOO young to get ur period,even if u get bad discharge , killer cramps and have "womanly hair "

Hey babe,

No, 11 is perfectly normal for some girls. Everyone develops differently.

xoxo Allie
Allie S.

by horserox23 on 8/7/2009 8:49:18 PM


hey there!! I use tampons and I've found that it's more comfortable to insert and remove tampons if YOU JUST RELAX!! try leaning against something and taking deep breaths. If you are are using a tampon for the first time, i recommend Tampax Pearl lights. GoOd LuCk! ;)

by mrocks on 8/6/2009 3:57:10 PM


heyy. im really worried when my period is going to come because i'm a swimmer (I swim all year round) and what if it happens IN the water???? i mean that would be really really gross, plus embarrasing to have to tell my coaches. do you have any recomendations on what to do? i have pads for when it does come. but not tampons....but i would need to use them when i get my period because ima swimmer. i just dont wanna get my period in the water. what should i do???

by ksea42 on 8/5/2009 5:55:47 PM


I didn't know you could use k-y jell for that....so ok if i need to,i might use it!

by rbuggie on 8/4/2009 9:15:06 PM


MOD MOD ok so im 14 and i still havent started my period...but after reading this i decided to try out a small light tampon and so its in right now (is that ok even if i dont have it?) and its not that painful at all but it does hurt when i move a lot and its kinda uncomfortable? will it be better once i actually have my period? p.s. will it hurt if i just pull it out??

Hey girl,

If you haven't started yet I wanted try it out. Once it comes, use the directions in the box as your guide. You'll be fine!


Melany T.

by floridachika<3 on 8/4/2009 3:48:18 PM


MOD MOD MOD MOD MOD MOD MOD MOD one thing i dont like about having my period is when i have to change for gym.. what if i leak and ppl see... or if they see the pad or te tampon string? i don't want ppl to know i have it.

Hey girl,

No worries! Wear a panty liner when you have in a tampon in order to prevent leaks. Your string won't show as long as you secure it before you change. You'll be fine!


Melany T.

by undercoverpony on 8/4/2009 3:19:40 PM


Thanks Allie!!! It really helps, I'm calm and I'm gonna go try it. You rock!

by bushcoo64656667 on 8/3/2009 1:44:43 PM


I'm getting really frustrated, it's not working. It hurts a lot down there now and i have no idea what to do. I'm going to florida tomorrow so i need to learn how to do it today. I have no idea what you mean by 45-degree-angle. From WHERE?!!! Please help girls and MOD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I'm frustrated to tears and a big headache. I really need help...

Hey babe,

It helps if you relax. If you're really tense and nervous, you'll never get it in! The 45 degree angle is from the floor, so you want the tampon to be point kind of halfway between the floor and the ceiling, towards your tail bone. If you're getting really frustrated, take a break, relax, then come back and try again when you're calm. It gets easier!

xoxo Allie
Allie S.

by bushcoo64656667 on 8/3/2009 1:05:47 PM


I've been trying to put a tampon in and it just wont go in my body. I've been trying hard but I don't wanna push too hard... So why wont it go in? ============MOD========= Thanks!!!

Hey babe,

The best way to make it easier is to relax your whole body! Take some deep breaths and relax all your muscles. Push it in slowly and aim it at a 45 degree angle, about halfway between the ceiling and the floor, towards the base of your spine. It'll take some time to perfect it, but you'll have it in no time!

xoxo Allie
Allie S.

by bushcoo64656667 on 8/3/2009 12:41:32 PM


Another thing! Please help! When I put a tampon in, it hurts really super bad! I thought I was doing it right... I used a mirror and everything... I'm so desperate! I really need to figure this out! Please help me! ANYONE!

by amandaleemee on 8/3/2009 12:51:09 AM


I have a swimming party tomorrow and I have 'Aunt Flow.' Do I wear a tampon for that? Answers quick please!!!

by amandaleemee on 8/2/2009 10:09:32 PM


When I put my tampon in. It's fine. BUt, later on. When I sit down, it really hurts where the toop of the tampon is. I think I'm doin it right. But it hurts and I'm sick of pads. Please help


try a smaller size, like junior or light days, to see if that helps! you shouldn't be able to feel the tampon even when you sit

Katie P.

by broadwaybabie145 on 8/1/2009 7:18:30 PM


I wear tampons, but I'm scared that the string is going to fall off and I won't be able to get the tampon out. Has that ever happened before?

Hey babe,

It is extremely rare that that ever happens. Millions of women use tampons every day without any problems

xoxo Allie
Allie S.

by Greendaygirl95 on 7/31/2009 11:21:18 AM


Everything here helped SOOOOOO much!! thank you lots!!!

by kiwi_dancer on 7/29/2009 5:45:41 PM


yeah i had my first period last month and i am 12 years old. I really HATE pads and i was wondering that if i use a tampon how do i go use the bathroom?? doesn't the tampon get icky with you know what??

by akshaya18g on 7/27/2009 12:33:40 PM


um i am like 12 and i had my 1st period last month and i really hate pads i was wondering how do you go to the bathroom with a tampon doesn't it get like... umm wet??

by akshaya18g on 7/27/2009 12:32:19 PM


when i 1st tried, i hadnt started yet. my mom wanted me to go ahead and try, it might be easier. well believe me it wasnt! dont try a tampon until u r on ur period. it hurts. put vasaline on the tip of the tampon before you insert it. that helps alot!

by ashleebrooks12 on 7/27/2009 11:54:31 AM


here whatcha gotta do
put one foot on toliet, on one floor
use a mirror
relax (try listening to music)cuz otherwise muscles tighten causing pain and discomfert
if u dont put it in at a 45 degree angle it hurts and wont go in all the way
and if u pull it out when its really dry it'll hurt
if u aviod those. its painless
dont try if ur frustrated
hope this helps!

by veemaire on 7/26/2009 6:11:03 PM


wow that helped a lot!

by iloveicarly1 on 7/25/2009 5:48:39 PM


MOD MOD MOD MOD ok, this is really embarassing, but i wanna start wearing tampons. ive been trying and trying for a long time now and i cant get one in! i think my vagina is waaaay too small because it will not go in and it hurts really really bad. ive tried everything, even the smallest possible sized tampons. is there something wrong with me?? THANK YOU!!!



Hey girl, check out this page and see if it helps:


We have loads of info on your bod to help ya out!

Lynae P.

by cross_country_luver on 7/24/2009 9:38:33 PM


Hey girls. I read a couple of the comments above and as a teenager myself... i have learned alot of tricks that come in handy when your at school 5 days a week... and can't exactly pay attention while your worrying about leaking and hoping you don't have serious cramps.

1) If you don't like tampons... it may sound wierd.. but when i first had my period it worked and it still does. -- fold some toilet paper, and make sure it's thick enough. then just put it in snuggly right below where the blood comes out. And the toilet paper will save you from having to change your pads alot. just make sure to change it everytime you go to the bathroom. Smile

2) if your experimenting with tampons... and want to know which ones will suit you best... go for the o..b. tampons. They are really small and cute and are really good at absorbing. And don't try to use a tampon on any other day than your 1st or 2nd. If it doesn't feel like it's going up, and it hurts.... then don't even bother with a tampon that day.

3) Alot of people above me talk about "where the tampon is supposed to be put". Well, it is VERY SIMPLE: ask yourself this: where does the blood come out???
Tong so In order to stop the blood from coming out.. you insert the tampon into that opening.
it may seem very uncomfortable the first time.. but you'll get used to it. AND IF it reallly hurts,, just take it out.

4) PAIN: alot of people ask if tampons hurt. and the large tampons DO hurt.. but if you use a tiny tampon like an o.b. it DOESN"T. O.B tampons are definitely my fav, because they don't require much labour to insert them. they are also very cute. If you want to try a sample.. you can order them for free off of their website.

Someone above me also said "I'm embarresed". and that totally made me upset. Girls shouldn't be embarresed by their period. It's obvious to be concerned about these issues WE ALL HAVE. But if we never learn these tips than we can't accomplish anything. It may seem like a silly issue, but you period makes you a woman and despite all the pain it may bring to your body... it's worth it.
It shows that your strong, and that you can take care of yourself. Smile

by mmaillou on 7/24/2009 12:03:55 PM


i used 2 struggle w/ tampons, but then i discovered the O.B. non-applicator ones were WAYYYYYYY eaiser.. the key is 2 RELAX (try readin a book, or listn 2 ur ipod 2 RELAX)

by BlackPrada563 on 7/23/2009 2:06:19 PM


MOD MOD MOD MOD MOD MOD MOD MOD MOD MOD MOD!!!!!!! Ok so I havent gotten my period yet. I am super afraid of using a tampon though. What if the you go to pull it out and the string breaks off?????? PLEASE HELP ME! MOD MOD MOD MOD MOD MOD MOD MOD MOD MOD MOD!!!!!!


Hey girl,

No worries! Tampons aren't as scary as they seem. It's a very low chance that the string will break! Check out this post for some help http://www.girlslife.com/post/2009/06/23/007-Period-Advice.aspx


Melany T.

by callaway4ever on 7/23/2009 2:02:39 AM


Tampons are a lot easier, more convenient, and not as gross as pads are to deal with. I suggest trying them at least once to see if they work for you. I always used to think it would hurt, but it doesn't. So I suggest trying it, for you might end up preferring them over pads!

by supersingershannon on 7/22/2009 9:21:23 PM


.... I really don't think I have the hole it goes in. LOL! How do you find it???

by sporty-girl-8 on 7/22/2009 11:51:30 AM


ok so i have troubles putting a tampon in. is it ok to use like vasalene ( i don't know how to spell it sorry!!) or a different lubricant-which would you reccomend?-to put on the tip of the applicater to get the tampon in??

Hey babe, yes that's ok but just use a very small amount. Many girls struggle with tampons at first but you'll get the hang of it the more you use them. 
katelin s.

by coexist95 on 7/21/2009 9:46:07 PM


ok so are there more than one hole 'down there' because which one do u but a tampon in??!! im really nearvous to use one [tampon] so idk which 'hole' to put it in..i kno its a stupid question but plz plz plz help!!!!!!! thanks so much!!

Hey babe,

The tampon goes in your vagina, which is where you have your period. You will know right away if you're sticking it somewhere it isn't supposed to go. 

xoxo Allie
Allie S.

by Sweetthing125 on 7/20/2009 3:29:16 PM


your (v) opening is your middle hole it is bigger than the hole your pee comes out of and is kind of close to ur butthole mod are the people tht will right u back like katie p.

by megirl9876 on 7/19/2009 3:25:31 PM


p.s what does MOD mean?

by il0vfalloutboy on 7/19/2009 3:09:12 PM


where is the "v" opening?

by il0vfalloutboy on 7/19/2009 3:08:27 PM


hey girls and/or MOD please help i am always afraid when i am on my period that if i sleep on my side that it will leak out o the side tht i slept on any advice please help

by megirl9876 on 7/19/2009 2:40:44 PM


Let me say that you young girls should have nothing to be embarrassed about - I'm 19 as of last June and I'm just barely using my first tampon this week (and I've had my period since I was eleven or twelve years old!).

The thing of it is, I know that I've put it in the right place, and I've inserted it until even the tips of my fingers are inside - I KNOW that the applicator is in all the way before I push the plunger and let the tampon out before pulling out and flushing the (flushable!) applicator. It took me a few tries to get used to getting it all the way in, but it still feels like it's sticking out a little too far because I can feel it when I lean to one leg or sit down/stand up - like my body is trying to eject it as soon as I get off of the toilet. Is this something that just happens and I'll get used to, or something I'm only feeling because it's my first time and I'm SO aware of the fact that there's a tampon inside me? Or should I look for a brand of tampons with a longer applicator so that I can get the tampon in further? The ones I'm using are Tampax with cardboard applicators, slender regular size, from a variety box that my aunt left under the sink (so I didn't have to buy something I don't know if I'll continue to use). I like the idea of a tampon because my pads tend to bunch up so I end up bleeding on my clothes - am I doing something wrong, is it something I need to get used to, or do I need to find tampons with a longer applicator?

by strivetoresist on 7/18/2009 3:32:43 PM


Hey everybody i'm new here! But i have some questions about tampons, i really really want to use them and i've tired them i tried the Playtex Sport cuz my best friend uses them and she says they are great!! but i cant find my opening and it hurts when i try to put it in i dont know why?? So since i'm a beginner at this should i try Tampax Pearl lites or Playtex Sport?

by haleycrosby87 on 7/17/2009 6:24:55 PM


mod mod mod mod i read an article that said that over time putting in a tampon gets easier. Is that true? And does it still hurt as much comming out over time?


It is true!  When you use a tampon more and more... it isn't as tight a fit to put in.  That also means it isn't as tight to pull out and therefore will also hurt less over time!

Brooke E.

by monkeyra13 on 7/17/2009 9:04:48 AM


MOD MOD MOD MOD At my school when we are changing for gym we kinda have to change in front of all of the other girls and when im on my PEriod I dont want anyone to find out! What should I do? \ Thank- you Thblad16


Hey girl,

You can go into a bathroom stall and change for a little more privacy! Or if you're wearing a longer shirt, try putting your shirt on first then changing your pants.




Melany T.

by thblad16 on 7/16/2009 2:27:10 PM


heyy sportybabe and willow xx,
you have GREAT info! i dont have my period yet but its great to know!!

by rufus009 on 7/14/2009 12:48:26 PM


Hey MOD!!! i just stupidly agreed to go boating with my friend and forgot that i have my 3rd period to worry about! i don't know how to use tampons yet. i have read the instructions on the box and on this article, but i still can't seem to do it. Is there ANYTHING that could make it easier? (i read about KY jelly, but i don't have any) i'm kinda desperate...i'm sposed to go in 3 hours.. thank you soo much!!!


Hey girl,

Try a tampon with a easy glide applicator. Those make it super easy to use!


Melany T.

by mikira on 7/14/2009 10:28:11 AM


i have tried to put a tampon in before and i can't push the tampon out of the applicatior! it is like it is hitting something and then stopping
how do i get it all the way in?

Hey girl, read the instructions on the box again and make sure you're doing everything right. Sometimes it feels like that when you aren't using the right size or you just have to add a bit more pressure. <3 Jeannie  
Jeannie L.

by Ladyvols2726 on 7/12/2009 7:53:09 PM


im really scared to try but i luvvvv to swim. some people say it hurts but why does it? im soooo scared and grossed out. my moms never used one so she cant help. what do i do?


it shouldn't hurt if your body is used to it. start with a small tampon--light days or teen size--and then move up in sizes as you get used to what it's supposed to feel like (not painful!). 

Katie P.

by skiinsista on 7/12/2009 2:56:46 PM


MOD MOD MOD: i dont have my period yet and mt health nurse said to sit in front of a mirro and practice is that okay

Hey babe,

Yes, that's fine. It could be good to get some practice.

xoxo Allie
Allie S.

by babygirllove on 7/10/2009 4:11:16 PM



Hey babe,

You would probably be okay using a pad but a tampon, when it's inserted correctly, would be more comfortable and more effective.

xoxo Allie

Allie S.

by teamcheerio on 7/7/2009 8:35:03 PM


is i ok to use 100% pure petrolim jelly??? SOS!!!

by heath girl on 7/7/2009 1:18:22 PM


OK! Thanks so much for the help!!!

by ~Bridget~ on 7/6/2009 10:18:02 PM


I am on swim team and I just got my first period! Worse, I have 2 go to practice tomarrow so I have to wear a tampon, but when I try to put one in it really hurts! Help!

Hey babe, if you don't wanna be dependent on a tampon just yet (and many girls feel the same at first), you can wear a pad up until you go out to swim. Then just change as quickly as possible. You should be ok being in and out of the water for a little bit of time.
katelin s.

by ~Bridget~ on 7/6/2009 9:09:41 PM


mod im 11 and i want to use tampons because im very athletic and i hate pads because it feels like a diaper i live with my grandmother and shes old skool she never used a tampon until she was married i dont think my momma would care plz plz plz help me

Hey babe, tampons are totally ok to use. If you're uncomfortable asking your grandma, ask a friend's mom or friend who uses tampons for some help. Read the directions and see if you can figure it out. If not, don't be embarrassed to ask that friend for some assistance. 
katelin s.

by xxpaetonxx266 on 7/6/2009 9:06:11 PM


Mod, Why do you put one leg on the toilet instead of making an "o" shape with your legs?

Hey babe,

You can get better access with one leg up than by making an "o" shape. 

xoxo Allie
Allie S.

by chica97 on 6/30/2009 7:49:09 AM


I haven't tried it yet but I'm afraid I'll put it in the wrong spot.

by chica97 on 6/30/2009 7:47:51 AM


it is kinda easy

by Photochickie on 6/29/2009 6:40:29 PM


When i put a tampon in, i am pretty sure i am putting it in all the way, but after i stand up and walk around it feels like the tampon is moving, and i can feel it! I cant tell if its just the string or if the tampon isnt in all the way

Hey Girl, you should be able to tell if its just the string, it sounds like you may not have it all the way up there. *Cara T* 
Cara T.

by kajeet35454 on 6/29/2009 4:56:55 PM


Hey guys, Im having trouble insirting a tampon. Is it ok to use water instead of k-y jelly?

by lovya14 on 6/29/2009 1:12:02 PM



Alright girlies, inserting a tampon at first can be well...gross. But once you get the hang of it, it isn't that bad! Here are a few tips that help when inserting a tampon:

1. Remember, RELAX your muscles. If they aren't relaxed, it can make it harder to insert a tampon...which will make it hurt!

2. When you insert a tampon, put it at a slight angle to follow the slant of your vagina. There is no way the tampon can go into your uterus or anywhere else-there aren't any openings where the tampon can get through!

3. What also helps me is Vaseline. Even though it sounds strange, put some vaseline on the tip of the tampon before inserting it. This will help the tampon slide in easily.

4. A mirror. For your first few tries, use a mirror to help you find your vagina opening. Don't know where it is? It is the hole right below where pee comes out. Your anus is right above it.

5. Another way to find your vagina opening is this: Spread the lower part of your butt cheecks apart...then look below your butt. This will help the vagina become more visible.

We all know getting your period is a pain the butt and gross...but one positive is that our body is showing us that we are healthy! That's a plus! Smile

I hoped I helped someone! Good Luck! Remember to just do it no matter how scared you are because - trust me - you will feel so much cleaner, happier, and better during your period with a tampon.

by sportybabe on 6/29/2009 1:08:13 PM


Ok, i am having tampon troubles. I try to put it in, but every time it wont go in! Im relaxed, and im "moist" and im not putting it in the wrong hole i dont think. Im aiming it towards my lower back. Is my "hole" just to small? Might I need a hymectomy? or am i just not insterting it right?

Hey babe,

It's probably that you're not doing it right which is fine! It takes a while to learn how to do it perfectly. Get help from your mom or an older woman you trust. You can also try a smaller size of tampon

xoxo Allie

Allie S.

by lovya14 on 6/29/2009 1:07:14 PM


Thnx willowxx thats exactally wht i needed lol im a retard but still

by swimmerxox on 6/29/2009 8:17:10 AM


sabbyeps2324--ugh too true! periods are the worst... but still, guys have their own puberty problems...

by ttlredhead on 6/29/2009 12:49:44 AM


I am still scared to stick something up there that people say can hurt and I still can't find my vaginal opening through all of that blood and stuff even after I cleaned it in the shower. Boy, I hate periods. Boys are waaaaaay luckier in some ways.

by sabbyeps2324 on 6/28/2009 9:11:04 PM


it really helps to relax while putting them in

by nelly478 on 6/28/2009 2:32:19 PM


yeah... periods are really gross. I am too scared to stick something up my "v". How do you people just stick little tampons in there. I don't even know where my "v" is! *laughs* I feel stupid...

by sabbyeps2324 on 6/28/2009 10:00:48 AM



by jellybean2010 on 6/28/2009 1:47:19 AM


well i dont even have my period yet but im kind of scared becuz its like discusting to stick something up yur va jj omg i think im sick. im like scared! HELP!

by degrassi101 on 6/28/2009 1:06:00 AM


i have a ???? im 11 and havent had mine yet but i go skating every friday and i was wondering if it was okay 2 wear a tampon your first time and if its irregular if it would be fine if i wear a tampon that friday just in case it starts again???? PLEASE HELP!!!!!!!!

Hey babe, you would be able to wear a tampon for your first period but I don't recommend it. Periods take time getting used to so you should stick with pads for the first couple of months. You should only wear tampons on days where you have bleeding and a pantyliner for light days or as back up accidents. 
katelin s.

by jellybean2010 on 6/28/2009 12:51:41 AM


ok i went to a spend da nite party and i had my tampons on my pouch with my hiliters. cuz i thought nobody would suspect them bein in there! so it fell outta my purse when i didnt realize it and a girl opened it and she was like "OOOOH A SPECIAL HILITER!" i grabbed really quick. Then i a girl asked what was in the pouch and i was like"DONT TELL HER" but the girl like YELLED across the room "IT WAS A TAMPON!" and evrybody was lookin at me!!! how can i get them off my bac about it they wont stop talkin about it!!!! MOD MOD MOD MOD MOD MOD MOD HELP MEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE

Hey girl! I know everything feels totally embarrassing right now and it feels like this is all everyone is ever thinking or talking about, but I promise you that's not true. While things might be embarrassing and tough right now, I promise you things will die down very soon! 

<3 katy  
Katy J.

by Totally_Animalz on 6/27/2009 10:44:44 AM


thanx that help alot! everyone who posted tips, thank you!

by gracie/soccer on 6/26/2009 11:46:59 AM


Doing It Right So It Wont Hurt,

Yes you can insert one and not have it hurt. But the first few times might feel strange or uncomfortable because it isn't a normal feeling have something in there. I think if you are starting out, following what the other girls have said will work. My thoughts on making it as good as can be are,

Use a mirror, I know it sounds weird but squatting over a mirror and seeing where it goes and how it goes in helps so much.

Using thinner or more slender tampons instead of fatter or thicker ones help because they are easier to insert inside the vagina at first. But after a while when you get used to them wider ones are easy to use. And like someone said you just move it along the vagina to find the right place. It goes in the hole that stretches.

And nothing works better than using a lubricant to help it slide in. I now use K-Y Jelly that you can get from the store every time I use tampons. The only thing I hate about using a lubricant is that I have to get it from the condom section at the store. But believe me nothing helps more than some K-Y Jelly.

I hope that helps, it isn't as bad as you think after you get used to doing it.

by luckykel on 6/25/2009 10:53:20 PM


Okay, what if I tried to put one in, but it is hard to take it out? Does that mean it hasnt absorbed enough ... fluid ... ?

by JustAnAverageGirl on 6/25/2009 10:27:42 PM


Ok so when I wear a pad, blood gets all over my butt and stuff!!! It's really gross! Then I have to wash it. Then I change my pad and it happens all over again! What can I do besides using a tampon?? thanks!


Hey babes,  IF it happens at night sleep on your side, it helps a ton.  Also buy pads with wings that are longer, always makes some great ones.  Remember to change the pad frequently as well.  XO Lori

lori S.

by boxerdog on 6/25/2009 9:18:54 PM


Urghh I still can't do it! (well I haven't even tried....) It sounds really tricky with the whole applicator-pushing-with your finger thing or whatever it is!!!

p.s. willow xx thanks for the tips Smile

by boxerdog on 6/25/2009 2:50:51 PM


ok this helped a lot thank u!!!

check out my profile

by lizzierox1 on 6/25/2009 10:22:18 AM


that helped a lot!!!

by clairie jonse on 6/25/2009 12:19:36 AM


I have tried all of that, but it only goes halfway in and then stops!! And then I try to push it in but then it really starts to hurt! Why is that? And can you please post this because I've tried posting this a lot of times but it never shows up. I understand if you are busy though Smile But MODDDD and GURLIES help!!

by volleyballgirl102 on 6/24/2009 10:46:54 PM


ewwwww it a fact of life but still ewwwwwww!

by graceygirl77 on 6/24/2009 9:14:59 PM


Tampons are so much easier! You shouldn't be scared! They are a true blessing - trust me!

Once, though, I was at school and I had a tampon in and it was Regular but it filled up and leaked, and luckily I had a pad. I just didn't want to change it at school because I didn't want anything to go wrong Smile

by pointeprincess on 6/24/2009 7:14:36 PM


Hey girlies! I think a lot of people have major issues finding WHERE their vaginal opening is. That's what I was having issues with when I first tried to insert a tampon (I've had my period twice, but used tampons even on my first!).
Here's some extra tips.
1. For your first try, buy slender Tampax tampons. It might be easier for you to use a plastic applicator, although cardboard ones aren't that much different. The plastic ones from Tampax are called Tampax Pearls.
You may want to use slender tampons (for light periods even if your period is heavy, until you're comfortable with inserting them. If your flow is heavy, just change it more often.
2. When you're looking to insert your first time, squat down in front of a mirror. Just look down there and sort of rub the tampon across the length of "down there" and find the vaginal opening. It's the last hole closest to your butt.
3. Okay, you've found the hole. Now, slowly insert the tampon into the opening, and just sort of work your way up, until the edge of the tampon is just showing like three millimeters. Grab it with your thumb and pointer finger of whichever hand you write with, and with the other, push the applicator thing. Then pull at the applicator, and it will come out. The string will be hanging out of your body. You may want to wear a liner for added protection.
4. Put the applicator in the nearest trash can. DO NOT FLUSH, ESPECIALLY IF THEY'RE PLASTIC! Yikes!
5. When it comes time to remove, squat or sit on the toilet. Sometimes putting one foot on the toilet seat and the other leg on the ground is also helpful.
Grab the string and pull in the direction you inserted. If it's too painful to bear, and it hasn't been anywhere near fiv hours, and you KNOW it isn't heavy, wait, because it hasn't absorbed enough liquids. If it has, soak the tampon with water in the shower. Then take another go at removing it.
6. Wrap the tampon in toilet paper or in the liner then toilet paper, if you were wearing a liner. Then insert another tampon. Meghan D.

by willow xx on 6/23/2009 8:46:40 PM


first comment? i think

ok ive always wondered how do you do it this

by jayjai19 on 6/23/2009 6:37:31 PM

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