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Up In Smoke

Fact one: A record number of teens are fighting to stop kids from smoking. Fact two: More teens than ever are lighting up...
73 Comments | Add Yours

a few days ago i learned that my friend who lives across the country from me has started smoking. i really want her to stop but im not sure wat i should do about it, cos i cant talk to her in person, and i only talk to her in IM conversations and so i cant tell her mum. any ideas of wat i should say to her to make her quit smoking ??

Yikes! You definitely need to let your friend know that you're scared for her.  Smoking is not cool, but I also don't think you need to tell her mom.  I know you are nervous for her, but it's kind of her business, and telling her mom could start drama! Next time you're chatting with your friend, make sure you let her know what you're feeling, and how smoking isn't cool.  If she's your friend, she will understand where you are coming from. 
Katie R.

by cherry_ice_pop! on 6/18/2010 1:20:18 PM


MOD I found out that my crush's best friend smokes. I'm worried h may smoke. I've asked around and nobody knows. If he smokes I don't want anything to do with him. Should I find a new guy or stick with my crush??? What do you suggest I do about this? Thanks Smile


Hey girly! I wouldn't jump to any conclusions until you know for sure. However, I would start getting to know him better so that maybe you can see for yourself. Even if he doesn't smoke, it's important that you grow closer to him and get to know him better to build any kind of relationship. Smile


Becca G.

by Misbubbles on 5/28/2010 10:32:19 PM


i will never smoke cuz late last year my dad was diagnosed with throt cancer

by sweetswimmie on 4/25/2010 10:14:27 PM


sorry if i offended anyone!!

by graceygirl77 on 4/21/2010 6:41:27 PM


OMG!!I found out about a month ago that a few ppl in my gr tryed weed ( 8th grade) i told on of them that i think that doing drugs and he said he didn't lk it and was never going to do it again. but theres this guy in my grade trying to get his friends to do it lk saying "omg ____ u should try weed it's soooo good!" and was lk "im never going to do esatacy i'm not stupid!!" me and my friends don't lk him now and think he's VERY dumb to do it! then i found out that 2 girls tryed it!!!AND this guy smoke/chews tabacco!!!! GOSH i think ppl who start are messing up there futures !! im sorry about the length but that's just what i belive lk some belive it's fine. it's just my opinion

by graceygirl77 on 4/21/2010 6:40:55 PM


Hey chica, I deleted your comment, but I'll answer the question. Trust me when I saw that is NOT a good habit to get into. My college roommate made that mistake and her entire life was messed up. She lost most of her best friends, her family wouldn't speak to her, and she almost failed out of college because she became so addicted. Plus, she did a lot of things that she regrets, and that gave her a bad reputation. I know, I know, you think I'm being dramatic and that it won't happen to you. But I've seen a lot of people like that, and most of them are ultimately unhappy with what their lives have become. When you come back to reality, the real problems are still there, and you feel much worse. There are plenty of other ways to take your mind off of things that don't involve illegal things. Find something that you're really passionate about, like a sport, or music. Or, even something totally different (like start designing and sewing your own clothes). You'll feel better, and more productive, and it'll take your mind off of things. Plus, you'll meet people who will make you laugh and feel better.



Becca G.

by mUsicXemoXcraZ on 4/16/2010 11:09:18 PM


mod mod mod mod
i started smoking a while back and this might sound stupid but i like it. its a great stress reliever. but i dont want to disapoint my parents. how do i stop?

hey girl! You need to talk to your rents because they can help you stop. Some schools also have programs that can help you quit. 
Eryn G.

by lilprynxess on 4/3/2010 7:28:45 PM


Im totaly against smoking... but if i ever was to change my mind ( WHICH I TOTALY WONT!) im allergic to cigerett smoke anyway it makes me cough and makes it very hard for me to breath... like my lungs close up im actually happy for that : ) Tong

by lil' panda on 3/30/2010 9:33:28 PM


hey girlies!
need advice? or want to chat? check out my profile, i'd love to talk to you! leave a comment on my page & *** at the top if you want me to check it out & read it: ) and if you're profile is on private, no worries! i'll comment back on my page and your job is to go back and check it.

thanks (:

by zeoli x19 on 2/22/2010 5:27:04 PM


mmkay so my friends cousin forced her to make out with him an she wont tell anyone and i think she needs to before it happens again and i feel really bad and i want to tell someone but i know its not my place and i would never do that to her since she trusted me not to tell anyone...but i feel bad and dont want it to happen again...what should i do?!?! Frown


Hey girl,


Make sure your friend knows that she should NEVER do anything that makes her uncomfortable.  She always, always, always has the privilege to say NO if she feels pressured!!  As a family member, she should be able to trust her cousin - it's a shame this happened.  You can try to convince her to tell her parents but you can't make her unless she's ready.  But be sure she knows that she is a strong girl and the only person who has any right to her body is HER.

Lauren C.

by white-stuff on 2/12/2010 7:32:15 PM

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