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Hurting on the inside...

I have no idea what’s wrong with me. I'm very outgoing, I have really good friends, and an OK family life, but I think I...
76 Comments | Add Yours

mod, I need help! I think I'm depressed but I have a fairly good life at the moment. (friends, a good BF, decent grades and homelife.) but I think I started to feel this way about a year ago when a teacher verbally abused me. I started to cut and even attempted suicide. I have been thinking about this teacher for a while and I know it seems mean but I really want her fired. She made me cry, mulitpule times. What should I do about the teacher, my self-harm and just my depression??

Hi there, please refer to this website for help: They will be able to provide you with better advice on this issue.  
Amalia E.

by angelicjade on 11/28/2011 9:57:55 AM


Just as maybe a tidbit of help, i have MAJOR anxiety issues and i REFUSED to go to a consoler or therapist for 2 years and the anxiety got so bad i went and i go once a week i am going to my 4th appointment this week. YOu really should try to talk to a therapist.

by hatehim on 11/15/2009 9:55:22 PM


if you go to the councelor in junior high schol do they have to tell your parents that you were there?

Hey girl, they don't especially if you ask them not to. They know how important it is to be that third party sources. If they let your 'rents know about what's going on, they'll talk to you about it and explain their reasoning -- that your rents prob need to know.

Alyssa B.

by fired up on 9/30/2009 10:43:08 PM


i know wat u mean. i hate being depressed i cut myself like twice then i switched to burning (which for now i've stopped) i use to think of how the world would be better off without me its a sad life when u have to go thru all the traumas i've been thru.

by blondie123abc on 9/21/2009 6:44:48 PM


MOD! Iam very nervous because this is my first year in JUNIOR HIGH!


Hey chicky, well no worries everyone is nervous their first year of junior high. I mean, hello it is their first year. But instead of focusing on all the things you're scared and nervous about, think about all the good opportunities that will await you. New friends, new teachers, new lessons learned. The important thing is to remember everyone is feeling the same as you, so you def won't be alone!

Lynae P.

by samigurl on 7/31/2009 9:55:24 PM


That's just so sad!

Know that u r always cared about!


by samigurl on 7/31/2009 9:52:22 PM


Tough. I've been suffering with depression since I was eleven years old, and it's been acting up a lot recently. I'm in therapy, and it helps, no doubt. But I don't see my therapist enough. Sometimes I assume it's PMS that causes the sadness and guilt of nothing. But truth be told, it's when I'm not PMSing and off my period, as well. If you haven't suffered from depression, you probably shouldn't be trying to hand out advice to the depressed. Those who haven't experienced the hell of depression have no idea how much it hurts. And for people like me, it keeps coming back no matter what.

by avalessa on 7/30/2009 11:46:19 PM


stay strong, chicka.! i've been thru some of the things you've been thru. like i've cuz myself and i tried being aneorexic. it was tuff but i got thru it. if you ever feel like you need to cut yourself, get your mind offa it by running or calling one of your friends and telling them why you want to. this is tuff stuff but you'll get thru it. i pinky promise.

by megs32395 on 7/27/2009 2:45:01 PM


You need to get help. I can totally relate to your fear of telling somebody. I used to have mild depression and I was terrified to even tell my friends and I know it must be a million times worse when you have a serious problem like that.
To get over an eating disorder, you really do need professional help. I would start by telling a friend or sibling about it. Then you will have someone who you can trust along the road to recovery whose been there since the beginning. If you begin getting help with just that, your sadness and depression should begin to fade as well.
I don't know much about cutting, but there are so many better coping methods to use than to self injure. Some people just need to see the blood. If you are like that, try dipping a red marker in a cup of water and watch the ink swirl. If that doesn't work try this: Everytime you want to cut, imagine that body part (whether it is an arm, leg, wrist, stomach, or hip) as the body of your best friend, or closest relative. Would you ever want to cut them and make them feel pain? They do every time they see a cut on you.
Please, please, please, get help before all of this gets too serious to reverse.
God bless.

by pphchick247 on 7/20/2009 1:02:08 AM


Sometimes it helps 2 talk 2 some1 I have trust issues so I talk 2 ppl on here cuz they don't know me n won't spread stuff n they help so I am here 4 u gurl n any1 comment on my profile if u need anything. But u might also want 2 talk 2 a professional <3

by PinkPeng44 on 7/17/2009 2:57:31 PM

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