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When a friend's fam is fighting...

One of my BFFs is really upset! Her parents are always fighting. I was over there once and they were screaming at each other on...
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I am stuck in the same sitch, except it is more complicated...

by hyperpuppy on 7/21/2009 12:53:16 PM


that is so sad. i feel so bad for her.

22d comment?

by iamacityfarmgirl on 7/21/2009 12:14:54 PM


hey girlys!

is a new club i made!
it is going to be really fun i will give advice on fashion boys and other stuff!

in this club i will soon pick MODS and advice givers for each section of advice topics

you can express ur feelings here and make new and wonderful friends!:]

i will hav surveys quizzes polls and much more

so stop by my profile and leave me a comment ill get back to u ASAP

hope you join

Peace Love Fashion Advice!!<33

by dianne202197 on 7/21/2009 11:49:03 AM


my bff is constantly fighting with her mom and dad when i come over. all i can do is sit there and then the parents bring me in the fight saying " doesn't she do that all the time?" its crazy and sometimes she even goes and cries in her room and locks it making sure no one including me can go in!

by peanutslush on 7/21/2009 11:49:01 AM


i want to be friends with this girl that i met through a friend she seems really nice..... she's 2 yrs oldr than me. how can we become buds??
and one of my friends (not close) is sad and idk y... so, i wanted to send her a message saying it's going to be ok. but, idk wht to say.... Frown i'm not good at this kind of thing....

Hey babe,

Try to find common interests with this girl you want to be friends with - maybe you like the same movies or music or books - and find opportunities to talk to her about them or invite her to hang out with you and do something you both like. You'll bond much quicker if you have something in common. As for your sad friend, I'm sure she would appreciate even a quick text or e-mail just letting her know that you're thinking of her and hoping she'll be okay. Just keep it simple. Anything you do will probably make her feel a lot better.

xoxo Allie
Allie S.

by blondie323 on 7/21/2009 11:42:58 AM


Thats really tough.

Check out my profile; I give the best advice!

by Abriella123 on 7/21/2009 11:40:38 AM


aww my friend is always fighting with her mom and bro Frown

by Photochickie on 7/21/2009 11:17:24 AM


HEY have you heard of the newest and kewelest club on GL club chick talk u girlies can be yourself and have fun i really hope you join to join just go to the club profile clubchicktalk


by bballer51 on 7/21/2009 11:14:00 AM


Today's Verse:

Proverbs 3:5-6 Trust in the LORD with all your heart, and lean not on your own understanding. In all your ways acknowledge him, and he will make your paths straight.

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by DailyVerse on 7/21/2009 11:08:06 AM


MOD hey u guys give awesome advise!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

by bunny128 on 7/21/2009 10:31:01 AM

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