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Mix it up! Refresh your room for free

Tired of looking at the same ol’ room setup that you had since you were in kindergarten?! GL’s got the scoop on how to spice up your room, and make it sooo much more special!
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this helped alot i just spent 4 hours making my roo totally cool!

by budgiebonkers101 on 7/27/2009 2:36:40 PM


MOD? Hi how are you? Okay so my room is a mess sometimes. Right now its on the better side of messy but it'll get worse eventually. My dad said that once our room is close to 100% clean he'll repaint it and we'll redecorate but it seems impossible! What do you suggest for cleaning? I share a room with my 8 year old sister and she hates cleaning. Thankyouthankyouthankyou! Love you!

Hey babe,

As a fellow slob, I can only tell you that you have to just suck it up and do it. Even if you start with one corner or section and do another one each day, it won't get done unless you get started on it. It's much easier to keep it clean once it gets there once, but that first time will be tough. Look at it as a fun way to go through stuff you may have forgotten you had and that might make it easier. Get your sister to help out and listen to your favorite songs to keep up your morale. Once it gets done you'll be soooo glad!

xoxo Allie

Allie S.

by animal_lover119 on 7/27/2009 2:27:41 PM


Love to write?

Have a passion for pen and paper?

Then join the Writing Club!

Post your work, get feedback, and give advice!

The one place on GL to let your writing spirit free!

Open spots:

~ VP of Novels
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And members for Novels, Poetry, Songwriting and Short Stories!!

You won't regret it! Laughing

Love you all,
The Writing Club President

by The Writing Club on 7/27/2009 2:23:03 PM


Cool ideas, but my room is really messy, and I should probably clean it first... haha.

by supersingershannon on 7/27/2009 1:35:19 PM


hi can u pleese answer my facebook guy question and the one about well, how can i spend $7.50 at walmart today to do something cool to my room

Hey babe,

sorry, there are a lot of questions to answer today, but I should get to your question pretty soon. If you haven't had an answer in an hour or two, ask again. As for your Walmart question, they have a lot of great, cheap fabric that you can do practically anything with! There are some ideas for stuff like that in our crafts section or I bet you could ask the person working there. He or she might have some great ideas.

xoxo Allie
Allie S.

by happyhamsters! on 7/27/2009 12:38:11 PM


hi. this facebook guy that i knwo from middle school that were both going into middle school i found out that he think s that im cute. my friend set up that were going to facebook talk today how do i ask him out b4 school starts!

Hey babe, 

Try to think of something you both want to do - like a movie you want to see or a concert you want to go to or a store you want to hit - and casually ask him to come with you when you go. It won't put too much pressure on him and you'll both be guaranteed to have a good time.

xoxo Allie
Allie S.

by happyhamsters! on 7/27/2009 12:17:43 PM


yeah girl it takes longggg time

by happyhamsters! on 7/27/2009 11:52:33 AM


how long does it normally take for one comment to be posted? ive never posted one, so...? does it take a while?

by L8EBUG96 on 7/27/2009 11:01:55 AM


***MOD MOD MOD*** my room is really cluttered and like im sorta i guess a contradiction myself because i am a pack rat but i am like OCD about stuff being organized so do you have any tips for me to organize my room?? Laughing


Make sure you are setting aside space for the various necessery objects a room must have.  Organize your clothes in specific drawers and prepare important papers or keepsakes in folders and such!  Put them away in places YOU'LL remember and that will be out of the way for you and your family!

Brooke E.

by L8EBUG96 on 7/27/2009 10:44:12 AM


awesome ill try it!

by twilightfan77 on 7/27/2009 10:34:24 AM

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