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DEAR CAROL: My Chica's Been Smoking

I just found out my best friend smokes. She acts like it’s no big deal, but it is. She is only 13 and her parents...
24 Comments | Add Yours

I have the same problem.. My best gye friend began to smoke a couple of weeks ago, its not just that but hes also steeling. When I found out about the smoking I made sure to contact his parents so they would know. I've confrunted him about it and have done everything I can to help him understand how unhealthy of a habit smoking is but its no use. We have been friends since kindergaten and it scares me to see him doing this to himself, it really dose. We have been more distante lately and I'v realized that I might be loosing him as a friend. What can I do????, sorry this was so long

Hey babe,

It sounds like you've done all you can. It's too bad that he's changing and becoming the kind of person that you don't feel comfortable being friends with but maybe if show him how serious you are about this by taking a break from your friendship until he cleans up his behavior. It might be the push he needs to change.

xoxo Allie

Allie S.

by elene on 11/20/2009 5:23:05 PM


i agree with dolliegirl. and smoking is part of some ppl's religion. but smoking can harm not only the one smoking but others around them and the earth. it is not cool it is a way of killing yourself. actually smoking is also considered using drugs. SAY NO TO DRUGS!!! SAY YES TO (insert favorite food here......preferably tacos...yum :p)

by SweetStrawberry101 on 10/28/2009 12:43:37 AM


I don't like the use of the word "dumb." If I was smoked (hypothetical, I don't smoke), I would feel bad and ashamed after seeing "dumb," 'cuz it would kind of imply that I was dumb...Basically, I think it was a poor choice of words.

by the brave little toaster on 9/4/2009 4:04:57 PM


that's terrible, her mom is not a good mother, she is practiclly killing her daughter. smoking is harmful and pointless. it does not make you cool, it makes you unliked

by dolliegirl on 8/30/2009 9:28:13 PM


my friends the same way and is 13. but i dont want to interfear w/her life. we both have our lil probs. and at our skool smoking cigarettes isnt something that makes u cool. only if u smoke something else they think its cool. and iv lived around smoke my whole life! its bad but who cares? pollution is just as bad!

by ~*Brook!e~*10 on 8/25/2009 8:51:03 PM


MOD MOD MOD my friends think it's weird i don't shave and they make fun of me. should i shave my legs arent that hairy


Hey girly! It's totally up to you; whatever youre most comfortable with! You def don't have to if you don't want to!


Taeler L.

by sparklegirl96 on 8/25/2009 3:34:17 PM


OMG! her mom gives her cigarettes?! That's terrible!

by flowerpower29 on 8/25/2009 6:56:25 AM


How sad and disturbing that her mom wouldnt care that she smokes and irrisponsible that her mom gives them to her
ew i hate smoke

by volleygirl4ever123 on 8/24/2009 7:17:19 PM


is not really a big deal if its hur mom givening them to hur thats hur choice and it was her choice to try u probably cant do anything now if she adicted thoguh not for months at least i know alot of people who do alot a lot of crap haha but its all there choice on what to do with there lives not yours. and don't spend your life stuck in a bubble be a risk taker
ps leave comment on profile !!

by dolly<3 on 8/24/2009 4:53:09 PM


OMG smoking is gross!

by BuzzBee10 on 8/24/2009 4:25:00 PM


Mod!! How can i make new friends? im really shy and im not big on talking so its really hard 2 make friends!help!!


Hey girl!  It can be really scary to put yourself out there, but talking more will help you start a lot of great friendships.  When you get to school, ask the person you're sitting next to how their summer was.  Tell them a little about yours, or even just ask them about the outfit they're wearing.  Plenty of topics will come up for you to talk about, so take a dep breath and relax.  Things will be fine. best, Kristen

Kristen Y.

by SarahKay3397 on 8/24/2009 4:24:56 PM


13 and smokes! Is she dumb or what!!

by SarahKay3397 on 8/24/2009 4:15:40 PM


OMG seriously! ok i know this probably wont help but my ex-friend now smokes, drinks does drugs, is not a virgin anymore and everything bad you can think of...she does. any body know what to do? what to SAY to her? i still wanna tell her everyone is there for her and stuff but idk how HELP

by swimmerxox on 8/24/2009 8:09:43 AM


what a horrible mom!!!!

by lollipopgirl98 on 8/24/2009 2:31:24 AM


that's horrible!!! that mom needs to get some help bc shes the one giving her ciggarets

by chocolatelover13 on 8/23/2009 6:37:45 PM


Gawd, that's terrible!!! You know if you need any advice... I'm here. My Uncle smokes and I know how hard it is to tell someone about how dangerous it is to smoke (make me sick typing it).

Comment on my Profile!!

by volleyballstar123 on 8/23/2009 4:21:37 PM


i have a friend who used to smoke and she got busted for it at school. then she realized how bad it was for her and she wanted to quit. so i helped her find a support group and we saved up our babysitting money to buy some of that stop-smoking gum my advice to you is to just support her the best you can and try to convince her to stop

by smileygirl131 on 8/23/2009 3:21:57 PM


Wink Wink Wink Wink Wink Wink Wink Wink Wink Wink Wink Wink Wink Wink Wink

I’ll MOD for anyone who needs any help. If any of you guys need advice, I’M ALL EARS!!! Just post a comment on my profile and I will reply ASAP since I check my profile like 3 times a day LOLZ.

Wink Wink Wink Wink Wink Wink Wink Wink Wink Wink Wink Wink Wink Wink Wink

Come check out the polls posted at the bottom of “My Healthy You Profile” section on my profile and comment on it so I know what your choice is! Don’t worry this is not a club. It’s just something fun to do and you can see what other girls say too!

Wink Wink Wink Wink Wink Wink Wink Wink Wink Wink Wink Wink Wink Wink Wink

by musicrox on 8/23/2009 9:43:48 AM


Did you know that there are some Cemecals in Cigarettes that they use to make rat poisson?

Yeah. bet You didn't. That's gross, Eh?

by Smile_if_U-want on 8/23/2009 9:20:44 AM


I WOULD tell! I would tell my parents. That mother
doesn't sound very 'motherly'. Giving her kid(s)

by nerdykitty97 on 8/23/2009 1:41:30 AM


Wow, it is good that you are concerned about your friend, because smoking is one of the worst things you can do to your body! And why would her mom be giving her the cigarettes?! That is just plain irresponsible.

by dancerhn on 8/22/2009 2:27:13 PM


well i think thats horrible her own mom would give her them. maybe u can try and help her to stop. it might be a while but u can try. im really sorry though...... Frown

by cutieme03 on 8/22/2009 11:07:44 AM


Her MOM?Wow,that's just wrong.COMMENT ON MY PRO!

Join club PEACE GIRL today!

by actress96 on 8/22/2009 9:24:49 AM


Not the best advice GL has to offer but yeah avoid smoking urself! also, i'd talk to the mom or have ur parents talk to her!

Check out my profile girls, and please leave a comment, thanks!

by SportyGal on 8/22/2009 9:19:36 AM

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