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Undereye advice!

I'm only fourteen but I have major bags under my eyes. They make me look super tired, even though I get enough sleep. I'm pretty...
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Cucumbers are proven to reduce it! Tinted moisturizer instead of foundation! Sleep! Don't put a whole bunch of eyeline and rub while having mascara!

by popsweet838 on 2/25/2010 7:57:34 PM


hey... i alwys look tired. evn my bf and friends hav tld me tht ilook tire.... wch is tru... i no i dnt get eno sleep i ply alot of sports and smetmes i hav practices till lke 9 30 pm.

by cooline on 12/12/2009 4:36:26 PM


MOD MOD MOD!!!!!!! Help! i've never had that bad of prob. with acne(just a sore, red pimple every so often) but a few days ago i bought some "healing" cover-up and after 2 uses it DOUBLED in size! how can i stop this in the futre?


Hey girl.  Not all skin care products work for everyone.  If this so called "healing" cover up only made your pimples worse, stop using it and try something new.  Best, Kristen

Kristen Y.

by paintmylife on 10/11/2009 5:35:57 PM


MOD MOD MOD!!! I have very bad acne. I wash my face three times a day, using both facial wash and the cleansing pads. My face is also very oily, so I use the stuuf without oil. My face still doesn't get any better! I get made fun of alot, and everybody says I don't wash my face. Do you have any suggestions as to what would work?


Hey chicky, you should try experiment with different acne products. Proactiv and Neutrogena have great acne fighting solutions that quickly clear your face and leave it clean and fresh. A little dab of Witch Hazel might clear those bumps up too. Smile

Lynae P.

by munkeyzrule1023 on 10/2/2009 8:55:42 PM


Okay, I get like 9 to 10 hours of sleep every night and I drink a lot of water. But I still have theses huge brown bags under my eyes, and when I took my school photo you could see them bulging out. Is there anyway that I can get rid of these things? And my mom will kill me if I wear make-up! What do I do? Does anything at home work? I heard putting green tea bags under your eyes works, and I already used cucumbers, the cucumbers didn't help.

Hey babe,

Try the tea bags - I've heard that works well. You also might be getting TOO much sleep, so try to cut back a little and see if that helps at all.

xoxo Allie
Allie S.

by sushigirl_5 on 9/9/2009 6:06:44 PM


I get bad bags under my eyes too! I've had them since I was little, but my Dad and Mom don't get them! So cucumbers might work? I'll have to try that! Any other things?

Getting enough sleep usually helps me! 
Megan R.

by MeggieMooHoo on 9/5/2009 10:29:12 AM


Check out the hottest new "club", ha, i prefer the term "council!" The Alpha Council! It's better than your regular club. The idea is simple--the council is made up of 3 experts: Consultation, Personal Designer, and Advertiser. (I will always be one of them.) Each term lasts 2 weeks long. Then I will rotate positions and pick new people for the other two! So that means you all get a chance to join the council! Spread the word! Check it out! Positions are now available until September 8th! The Alpha Council officially starts September 8th! Questions or concerns? My personal profile is pearlnagem.
-pearlnagem, Founder of The Alpha Council

by thealphacouncil on 9/4/2009 6:14:56 PM


MOD MOD MOD!!!! this is kinda out of topic but i am 4'7 and 94 pounds. yeah i think thats overweight but i wanna know if it is or not. i dont stress over my weight just wanna be sure.


Hey girlie,


Depending on how old you are, that is probably considered to be a little overweight. Good for you for not stressing over it. Just try to stay away from soda and fast food. And make sure you drink alot of water and eat alot of fruits and veggies. You should probably make an appointment with your doctor so he can tell you what a good healthy weight for your age and height is.





Megan P.

by cnell411 on 9/4/2009 10:18:19 AM


MOD... What are 5 foods that make you bloat the most. I am so uncomfortable with my body because it is bloated a lot. So what are 5 foods that don't make you bloat also?

Hey girl, bloating's just a natural part of your body so don't sweat it. As for foods, though, while there's no distinct top 5, just try steering clear of junk food. You'll find you'll feel better inside and out if you stick to fruits, veggies, and other healthy eats. Hope this helps, girlie!

Alyssa B.

by 500935 on 9/3/2009 7:14:27 PM


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