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Bugged by mom's strict rules

My mom always has these really overprotective rules for me. I'm not allowed to date before I'm 16 and I can't walk around the mall...
123 Comments | Add Yours

I hate wearing pads and i can't wear tampons what do i do?

I used to hate wearing tampons too. But eventually i got used to them and now i love them. So keep wearing pads but keep trying to wear tampons. Trust me eventually you'll learn to love them. xoxo kerra 
Kerra S.

by avr4407 on 9/26/2009 9:09:35 PM


HEY, MOD I need advice:
My best friend's mom is super over-protective and won't let her eat off campus at lunch, but when I go out, of course I always bring her something back. But she really wants to go out, and always having to pay for her (she doesn't get an allowence) is starting to cost a lot. What can she say to her mom to convinnce her that she's responsible enough(because she is!)?

She should talk to her mom and let her know how she feels. If she has a responsible conversation with her mom about how she feels and what she wants to do then her mom should listen. Good luck! xoxo kerra 
Kerra S.

by kazthespaz on 9/26/2009 9:00:41 PM


So, my crush asked me to homecoming. Yay, right? Not right. I told him I wasn't sure if I was going to homecoming, but if I decide to go, then yeah, I'll go with him. But I've decided I don't want to go (I'm a new kid and don't know that many people, and I've never been a big dance person anyway). The decision to not go has nothing to do with him, so how do I tell him this without hurting his feelings?

I suggest you tell him exactly what you just told me. Let him know that youre not very into big dances and that since youre new you don't know a lot of people so going to homecoming is not your thing. Just make sure he knows that if you did like dances you would have loved to have gone with him. Also don't completely give up on the idea of going, because there's a first time for everything girly. Good luck! xoxo kerra
Kerra S.

by OnceUponAHappyEnding on 9/26/2009 8:56:58 PM


Acually,most parents go buy the 16 year rule.But the mall thing is ridiculous!

by actress96 on 9/26/2009 8:02:52 PM


Hey Sweeties!,

If you girls out there have any mods or questions that you need answers on A.S.A.P, I'm your girl! Just leave a comment on my profile,and I'll answer as soon as posssible!

♥Love Christina♥

by Coca-Cola Fan on 9/26/2009 7:44:31 PM


my parents are kind of strict too, but if you talk to them about it, and you don't whine too much, then they'll loosen up a bit-i know that it works with my parents Smile hope that helps!

by sunflowerlicious on 9/26/2009 5:35:23 PM


Yeah. My parents are kind of strict too. It is kind of sad because I feel like they don't trust me, but they insist that it's just out of love....


by AcePrincessGal on 9/26/2009 5:12:06 PM


im in 7th grade and hes in 8th...its soo interesting and different when were together...when its quiet its not awkward its like nice...and we have the most random convos...but the ppl who know him much better describe him differently...apparantly they say he has a drinking problem...idk what to believe i mean he told me he doesnt frink and hes told me some pretty personal things so why wouldnt he tell this one? it would make sense if he did he has a hard life and his friends do...his myspace is titled pimpin and its weird...idk because hes so different around me...what do you think? does he sound bad or??? and how do i ask him again whether he drinks or not? should i even care? is it my business?

by have_a_heart on 9/26/2009 4:46:59 PM


My hair is waist length, really thick, and is wavy, I want to do something then the old ponytail routine. Can you tell me domething to do that is easy, cute, sturdy (meaning it won't come down), and is easy to put back up after gym. Thanks!


Hey girl! You can try a bun or a braid.

Eryn G.

by Mrs.Cullen on 9/26/2009 4:41:29 PM


my parents are pretty lax with stuff like me hanging out with my friends... my sister and i can go to the mall and movies and roller rink and stuff and i'm 13 she's 10. so i guess they really trust us. however, i don't know about the dating thing. i've never really asked my mom. and i'd rather keep my personal life personal.

by smileysevvie on 9/26/2009 4:11:03 PM

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