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57 Comments | Add Yours

57 Comments | Add Yours

whenever i put my hair in a bun it never looks good,how would you make a messy bun, ive tried it but it never works and whenever french braiding would it look better with two braids or just one, btw when doing a low side ponytail, do you need to have super long hair or does shoulder length work?? because i think they are kind of cute but whenever i do my hair like that it doesnt really stay so it looks kind of wierd thanks for the help!


Hey girl! You just put it in a pony twist your hair and then use bobby pins to keep it in tact. You can put them in loosely so that its messy. You can do that with any length hair

Eryn G.

by auburngirl220 on 9/26/2009 3:44:45 PM


what is a good hairstyle for super thick shoulder length dark brown hair. all i do is a ponytail or straighten or put in mouusee! what would be some other good styles?


Hey girl! You could try to curl it, french braid it or wear it in a cute bun

Eryn G.

by auburngirl220 on 9/26/2009 3:37:14 PM


Hey Eryn!=)
I have a question. I'm mixed, half Puerto Rican and half Black, so I have somewhat ethnic hair. It's a dark shade of brown and it's really choppy, but for the most parts it's around my shoulders. I want to get highlights just in my bangs, which are in the front and sideswept. I heard about the lemon juice lightening, and I was wondering how long it lasted for and if it would work on my type of hair. =)
Thanks, Anna
Check out my profile=)


Hey girl! Lemon juice does work, but I am not sure how long it lasts. It might be better to go somewhere to get highlights

Eryn G.

by xxxAnn_Crushxxx on 9/26/2009 2:30:01 PM



by sugarbaby12 on 9/26/2009 11:14:44 AM


These are so cool! Laughing Too bad I have to share a bathroom with my brother... Frown

by the brave little toaster on 9/26/2009 10:40:46 AM


I am getting so jealous because every article I read is about kids who go to school and stuff like 1 minute hair do's before you get on the bus or stuff about homecoming and I don't get to go to homecoming or any thing because I am homeschooled. I HATE homeschooling but I already started 7th grade and I am going to ask my parents if I can go to 8th grade next year but I don't know if they will let me. I don't know what to do! Please help me! How can I stop being jealous and how can I ask my parents if I can go to public school next year?

That's tough to feel like you're missing out!

You should definitely let your parents know how you feel! If you have friends who are not home-schooled you could try to see if you could go to school where they go! You could point out all the benefits, socially and academically, if you were to attend a school outside of your home. Good luck!  
Megan R.

by beautybabe11 on 9/26/2009 10:39:39 AM


wouldn't that make my hair look even thicker if it were volumized!?!?

If you blow-dry it ? Possibly.  Try a straightening/anti-frizz balm before you blow-dry.  

If you're referring to curling your hair...yes it may make it look thicker.  
Megan R.

by trackgirl000 on 9/26/2009 10:38:43 AM


love it!

check out my profile,thanx!

by iheartnickjobro on 9/26/2009 9:51:49 AM


MOD MOD hey okay so how do you curl your hair and what kind of curling irons would be best if you want curls but wavy too when you don't want to go all out? THX and love all the bathroom decor but i share w/ my bro (: THX!!!

Try starting by pulling your hair half up, into a pony tail. I usually do this so that way I can start curling the pieces underneath first! Then I gradually let out pieces from the half-pony and curl them in small sections. If you use a large curling iron it's good for big waves, and smaller curling irons are usually better for tighter curls! Hope this helps! 
Megan R.

by sugarbaby12 on 9/26/2009 9:28:53 AM


Cool, these are nice!

by sparky4me on 9/26/2009 8:35:19 AM

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