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I feel like I'm the mom

Lately, my mom has been making me babysit my brothers after school and on school vacation days because she works a full time job and...
48 Comments | Add Yours

how do i tell my mom i want to start wearing makeup. not a lot- just a little concealer, and maybe some clear mascara. I already wear eyeshadow, lipgloss, and nail polish. thanx.


Tell her why and ask her to be open minded about it. You feel ready and would like her support. Best, Miliana
Miliana B.

by artist13 on 10/4/2009 12:19:46 PM


omg! this is mine thanx so much!

by blondchocolovr66 on 10/4/2009 11:55:48 AM


Ugh I'd hate that! I would maybe ask ur mom if like a friend could help u with babysitting by coming over and u two could still have fun and be together Smile

Check out my profile girls, and please leave a comment, thanks!

by SportyGal on 10/4/2009 9:27:29 AM


Our sadie hawkins dance is coming up and there's this guy I want to ask but I have no idea how to ask him....also my 2 good friends have already asked who they want to go with (both the guys they asked said yes) but I don't know if we would go together because my friend "A" asked a guy from another school, my friend "L" asked the new guy at our school, so none of dates would know each other which would be awkward and the other option of going with my (maybe)date would be that his friends are really outgoing (but nice) but I'm kinda what do you think I should do????


Go for it! Youve got nothing to lose so just ask him ASAP! I know it's tough. Believe me, I do. But go ahead and get it over with. As far as groups, maybe suggest that you and your friends and their dates go with your date's group. If they're nice and outgoing, what a perf way for all of you to get more comfortable with each other! Best, Miliana
Miliana B.

by goldilocks on 10/4/2009 5:43:34 AM


I was flipping through a magazine and I read somewhere that chest exercises can make your breast skin tissue seem firmer and higher. So I searched it up on google but I didn't get that great of results. Can you suggest websites that can help? Thanks SO SO SO much!


Im not allowed to link you to outside websites, but that's an interesting topic and I'd say trying a search on some health magazine websites instead of on a main search engine. Best, Miliana
Miliana B.

by Rato09 on 10/4/2009 5:15:10 AM


MOD MOD I have to have a backhandspring for my first competitive cheerleading competition. it is on November 7th. SInce I only have a month, the pressure is on. My coach, my teammates and my parents are pressuring me. Ahhh! I just feel like I wont get it! If if I dont, I will be letting myself and everyone else down. Everytime I try to do my backhandspring on the wedge, I freak and i am too scared. How can I achieve my goal (make it by nov. 7). And if I dont make it, what should I do?! thx lots


It's best to talk to your parents and coach about how much  this pressure is getting to ya. No girl can perform her best when she's super stressed! It's okay if this doesn't work out and although Im sure youd like to master a backhandspring, it's not the biggest deal. Remember that and you'll feel calmer. Best, Miliana
Miliana B.

by sabrinacheer87 on 10/4/2009 1:41:06 AM


MOD MOD MOD I really want to get a spray tan. DO you think 13 is too young to get a spray tan? My mom said maybe when I asked her. My sister wamts a tan too but shes only ten. So how young is too young do you think? thx

I've never gotten a spray tan. I suggest you wait until high school before you get a spray tan. xoxo kerra
Kerra S.

by sabrinacheer87 on 10/4/2009 1:06:09 AM


Mod how can i get up real early in the morning say around 6:30. And every time i wake up my feet and nose are cold literally. What should and can i do?????????

Set an alarm! That will help. Also if you wake up cold wear socks and for your nose, cover your face with your blankets. Hope it helps. xoxo kerra 
Kerra S.

by Shopaholic55 on 10/3/2009 10:14:25 PM



by Katy Perry2 on 10/3/2009 10:13:12 PM


I really want to model, it's been my dream since i was 6. I've been seeing so many chances to do it but my parents always says no and that 7th graders shouldn't be getting caught up in that kind of stuff. They even tell me I would be a good model, but when i get a chance they say no. I really want to do this. any tips?

I think you should keep being a model as your dream, however youre a little too young to do anything about it right now. So keep your options open and as you get older you'll have many more opportunities that youre parents will let you take. Practice being a model and I know you'll succeed in the future. You have plenty of time to become a model Smile good luck girly! xoxo kerra 
Kerra S.

by jonasNtwilight3 on 10/3/2009 10:06:57 PM

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