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I'm afraid to die

This might sound silly but it’s true: I’m afraid to die. I think about it mostly at night. I look to each birthday with dread...
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Omg i know how you feel! And i thought i was the only one! Thank you for going out in the open and saying that!

by txtr1197 on 11/7/2009 7:58:55 AM


MOD! MOD! MOD! I have a seroius problem. This guy and I were best friends last year. We used to sit together on the bus & talked all the time. I knew he liked me & my friend knew he did too, but I didn't feel the same way. Now i like him a LOT, but I don't think he likes me anymore. He never talks to me anymore & now that i like him I CAN'T talk to him. We have an 8th grade dance this year & i really want to go with him. PLZ help!

Hey babe,

You used to be able to talk to him, so just try to forget how much you like him. You can even use the dance as an excuse to catch up, since you guys haven't talked in a while. He might still like you but just think you aren't interested. You'll never know for sure unless you try!

xoxo Allie
Allie S.

by sarah97 on 11/6/2009 4:59:07 PM


Join club COLORs!!
Advice for ANYthing!
Check it out if you want to be apart of it.
Send us your problemsSmile

by club colors on 11/6/2009 10:48:10 AM


When: lunch time
Where: skl Bathroom
What happened: A girl (we shall call her T)shouted out loud, "Devin, You look like a Gorilla!" and my come back was, "Well, you look like a ***** (censoring and yes I am mad at myself for cussing) so I don't know what your talking about..." EVERYONE LAUGHED cause it was so fuuny, Then I walked away, with my 2 buds who were with me (calling them K and J). All of T's "friends" went out and said I was "funny" and so did K and J. I felt horrible about it though. No matter how funny it was.Frown
I tried apologizing ,but K and J stopped me and told me it would just ruin the joke if I said anything else. Then everyone walked away.
Why this is wrong: T is a girl who gets into fights.

Hey babe, I'm not sure what it is that you're asking but if you feel bad about saying something mean to the girl then talk to her about it. Let her know you're sorry but you were standing up for yourself since she said something rude to you. I'm sure you can work it out. 
katelin s.

by i_luv_devin on 11/5/2009 10:43:05 PM


well my parents say i have to weigh 100 lbs by christmas or i dont get presents but i am too young to be so fat help plz

by samywilla on 11/5/2009 9:11:24 PM


I'm afraid to die also but I know when I die I'm going to remember the good times the times I loved and even the ones i didn't like. It's ok to be afriad to die but don't think about death think about the good times and even the bad mabe even the big mistakes u made in life.

by lovlypop101 on 11/5/2009 7:41:35 PM


i like a guy in my class and i think he likes me to but if i say anything everyone will laugh and make fun of me because im in grade 5 people arent open about feeling like in high school. and if i tell my bff she will run screaming eww gross and i have no one to tell but my dog and my teddy bear! what do i do?

Hey girl, sounds like you've got a real case on your hands. I say instead of talking to your teddy, however, you talk to this guy and get to know him. Start as friends first. There's no need to have a BF right now (you're way young!) but there's no reason why you can't have another guy friend!

Alyssa B.

by dolcecupcakes on 11/5/2009 7:09:12 PM


Mod, I have a problem. I live in a town where it doesn't have a good reputation and I see why. But the main problem I have is the bus. Either in the morning or afternoon a fight is always started after dumb things are said or someone's opinion being to opinionated about another person. How do I block this out so i don't hear the negative things.


Hey girl! Just ignore it. You can be the bigger person and not pay attention to it! If you don't listen it won't bother you!


Taeler L.

by gabs12 on 11/5/2009 3:24:48 PM


sorry, but this is really important! im moving across the country at christmas, and im really scared. iv moved form new york to california, and now im moving to indiana. ive come close to crying many times at school and have cried once. every moment hurts because the good ones you know youll never have again and the bad ones hurt cause their just bad moments. sometimes i want to leave, and sometimes i dont. at school, im the wierdo. al =ot of people make fun of me, and that doesnt help. many of my friends i know ill never see, and i dont want that to happen. we dont know where were moveing, but were probably moving into my cousins basement until my parents get a job. im really scared and sad alot. im afraid im becoming bratty. can you give me some advice? Thank you so much!

Hey girl, I'm so sorry to hear about the moving. The thing to know though? With a new school, you can be a new you. Be confident! Know the friends you leave aren't out of your life forever. Programs like Skype let you even video chat with friends who are far away. It's like they're in the next room. Stay strong, sweetie, and take things day by day. Enjoy the time you have before you move and know that moving isn't the end. It's just the beginning.

Alyssa B.

by anne1095 on 11/4/2009 10:58:47 PM


thank you so much!

by anne1095 on 11/4/2009 10:51:51 PM

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