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SO against dissection

  I'm 13 and in seventh grade. I'm also a vegetarian, and a rather strict one at that. I found out from my older brother...
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Thanks Mod I will try that and hopefully I wont mess up..


Ya welcome girl! I have faith in you, you won't mess up! lol Smile

lynae p.

by linalolo on 11/1/2009 3:27:09 PM


MODMODMODMODMODMOD I have a problem with speaking in public every time I get in front of my class to talk about a project I turn bright red automatically I just cant help it I try breathing in and out i try practicing in front of friends and family but still I get too nervous there is a project that we have to speak up coming in 1 week please .... what should I do 2 stop myself from blushing


Hey gal, yes public speaking can be very frighteneing. Did you know it was the number one fear? Beating out death, heights and insects! We have to do a lot of presentations in school and I get really nervous too, but some things that help me are breathing and water. Before I go up to present, I close my eyes and take a couple deep breaths. If I can I ask the teacher to get some water, because it helps relax me. Sometimes singing one of my fave songs helps me to be less nervous too. So try these things and see what works for you.Smile

lynae p.

by linalolo on 11/1/2009 2:56:25 PM


Hey girlies!

This is your one and only Club Girl's Only! If you love Fashion, Beauty, Makeup, School, Dance, or even shopping, THIS IS THE PLACE FOR YOU! Plus we have tons of jobs open: MODs, Head of (Beauty, BFF, school, Guys), Vice Prez, and way more! I'm Gemma, the prez of this club. If you want to join, let me know and I will send you the new member app!


by Club Girl's Only on 11/1/2009 2:24:07 PM



by 4fact on 11/1/2009 12:45:50 AM


i dissected a fetal pig and it was actually really really interesting. i dont anyone should STOP dissection, but they should have to right now to do it. i'm fine with it though. i couldn't stand being a vegetarian....

by across_the_universe on 10/31/2009 10:27:18 AM


hey guys my name is sue chi one of the members i dunno how to put questions here so here goes.1st,how?second,which is better,wii or xbow.3rd,if you buy usb for wii will it work like no chip to buy just down load from your computer in your house???????

by sue chi on 10/30/2009 11:36:39 PM



by allamericanrejectsgirl on 10/30/2009 10:56:56 PM


I don't understand why we have to use real animals when it's already been done, and can be completed by using a cpu...I just straight up refused last year and the teacher was like "You still have to do the worksheet." So I did it without even looking at any type of animal. He was mad because I proved him and his teaching methods wrong. Haha, I win...

by 24/7_daydreamer on 10/30/2009 10:52:39 PM


YOU GO GIRL! (and don't come back, jk lol) I didn't really care for doing that though it was really gross...you rock for being brave and making a change!

by i_luv_devin on 10/30/2009 9:14:40 PM


i'm not a vegitarian but i heard that there r some computer programs that use fake frogs so u don't dissect a real one.

by PicturePerfect on 10/30/2009 7:34:10 PM

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