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Embarrassed in gym class

This year we have to change for gym. I hate changing 'cause I'm a lot more developed than the other girls. Also, when we swim...
107 Comments | Add Yours

i had the same problem at first. once you get used to it its not biggie. im on my high schools swim team so that means naked time it was awkward at first but its not really anymore we dont care and everyone is just used to it! good luck girlie!

by swimmerxox on 11/25/2009 10:48:59 AM


haha u ask alot of questions

by football playa 4eva! on 11/23/2009 3:45:48 PM


Hey girl! It's just a growing up thing. You're interested because you don't know. Don't be too worried!


Taeler L.

by luckykel on 11/22/2009 11:10:41 PM


What do I do if I am shy but I want to talk to my crush?

by ace3499 on 11/22/2009 10:42:01 AM


I def know what your talking about. We have always changed in my gym class, but I try not to talk to my gym teacher about ANYTHING!!!!!!!! If Miss Monthly's got ya, I would go to the nurse. Maybe you can at least tell the gym teacher you have to go to the nurse? Hope this helped!!!!!! If it didn't, sorry!!!!!

by hbpear on 11/22/2009 7:42:43 AM


MOD! i really like this guy and when i was in gym and was running and i was trying to talk to him i said hi and how r u and he said hey and just ran off and i like him it seems like he doen't like me but i want to go out with him please help

Hey girl, I know it may be hard, but you can't make a guy like you. What you can do, however, is get to know each other. Try talking to him and asking about his classes. Become friends and see where it goes from there. And try talking when he's not running, 'k?

Alyssa B.

by helokitty336 on 11/18/2009 8:45:25 PM


There is a new club out colors!
Here we need members and job people!
Come here to get advice we REALLY can help you and FAST!
Join club colors!
Anyone is WELCOME!

by club colors on 11/18/2009 6:53:55 PM


I am only in 5th grade and am in the same situation Every year since 3rd grade! I really hate that! Last year, every girl wuz like that!

by lillian.warner on 11/18/2009 6:42:55 PM


hey girlies everywhere! come check out my profile! my quotes will make you LOL!

by rightfield1 on 11/18/2009 6:15:03 PM


MOD! Ok, so I really like this guy "James" but the problem is, I get really tongue twisted around him and I don't want to sound like a weirdo because his friends already think i'm weird. I don't know what to say, i cant be myself entirely cause I already did that once with a guy named "mccabe" and now he hates me. So i see that you answer these girls probs and all so I was wondering if you guys can help me. Thnx, luv luv luv ~R


Hey girl! The biggest thing is to be yourself and have someone like you for that. Maybe he's not the right guy for you, if he's not feeling who you are. That's okay though, there are plenty of guys out there! Just be confident and be you!


Taeler L.

by ambercombiegal on 11/17/2009 1:23:49 AM

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