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My grandpa's really sick

My grandpa is sick with lung cancer. Whenever I go to his house, all I can think about is that he is going to die...
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Hey girl its ok my grndma died from breast cancer in May , an i really miss her. I am soooooo sorry .

by ilovejohn on 11/14/2009 9:45:22 PM


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by BalletDancer297 on 11/14/2009 5:57:22 PM


I am soooo sorry! I wish all the best for you

by Kristin95 on 11/14/2009 5:16:34 PM


I'm so sorry. My grandfather passed away form lung cancer. That probbably won't help, me telling you that he died from that but take a couple suggestions from me. Think of the good times. Think about how much he loves you. The next time you go to visit him ask hima bout his past. Or anything your curious about,really. i didn't get all the information I wanted from my grandpa and I regret that so much now. So, do what you can, ask questions, and remember the good times. Because I'm sure that he wants it so that when you remember him 10 years from now a smile comes to your face.

by redhead2685 on 11/14/2009 4:56:56 PM


I'm so sorry about your situation, I am going through the exact same thing right now, I'm glad you can still get to see him. I really hope you get to see him and talk to hime as much as possible before it happens... good luck. Smile

by loveinlights1994 on 11/14/2009 4:53:09 PM


i am sooooo sorry about your grandpa!!
i like really want to do something to try and raise money for a cure for cancer, but whenever i think about it, i don't know where to start and i'm afraid no one will help me or participate in it! and i don't know what i would do!! what do i do???


Hey girl! You and your friends could have a neighborhood bake sale. Hang up fliers everywhere and people are bound to come for a good cause.

Eryn G.

by PicturePerfect on 11/14/2009 4:31:22 PM


Aw I am soo sorry girlie! My Grandmom died when I was 6, and BOth my Grandpa and Pap-pap(yeahh i know funny name) were dead before i was alive. I have one grandma alive, she just turned 88 and she has Al-symers (spellin?!) so she i going to die soon, but God does what he does so I just go with it because he knows much more than i.

by peacelovecandy on 11/14/2009 3:39:51 PM


My grandpa has cancer too and I just focus on how happy he is to have me come and visit him. Keep all the happy memories! I'm sure your grandpa would NOT want you to be worried about him.

Check out my profile; I give the best advice!

God Bless!

by Abriella123 on 11/14/2009 3:11:16 PM


I'm really sorry about your granpa, you could join a support group with people who know first-hand what you're going through. My tatemogolo (grandpa) is also sick and he lost a lot of weight, I was so scared he'd die his healthy got really bad really quickly because he's diabetic but he's a fighter and he pulled through Smile. Be strong

by Rato09 on 11/14/2009 3:05:30 PM


Im so srry just spend as much time with him as you can, it'll make u feel better when he's gone
My b-day is Jan. 1st (new year's babe!) but I don't know where to go for my b-day! My bro did mini golf and bowling and I've already had a sleep over so I really don't know any ideas?


Hey girl! You could have a new years party at your house with dancing and some yummy food.

Eryn G.

by babygirlk on 11/14/2009 2:49:39 PM

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