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My grandpa's really sick

My grandpa is sick with lung cancer. Whenever I go to his house, all I can think about is that he is going to die...
42 Comments | Add Yours

I'm so sorry. My mommom died of lung cancerFrownI miss her so much. If she was still alive I wouldn't have moved. I miss her so much. When she died, it was the first time I saw my daddy cry and I didn't know what was happening. I just thought she was asleep. I didn't even cry because I thought everything would be okayFrown

by peacelovepuppies on 11/14/2009 2:29:26 PM


Frown that is so sad, I have had 2 family members die a few years ago.

by spyygrrl on 11/14/2009 2:20:42 PM


i am really sorry your grandpa is sick



by GLEE club on 11/14/2009 2:12:53 PM


i am so sorry!

by wednesday1408 on 11/14/2009 2:06:35 PM


My grandpa has colon cancer, he had surgery to get it out 2weeks ago. he's still in the hospital and the hospital wont allow kids 16 n under in to visit patients.

by littlemiss139 on 11/14/2009 1:10:47 PM


I'm so sorry to hear that!
Enjoy your last minutes with him.
I endured chemo last year, and if your grandpa is anything like me, he just wants those he loves around him.
Support him. Smile

by 202119 on 11/14/2009 12:41:34 PM


Im so sorry girl. My grandma passed away from cancer. It was really hard but shes never really gone. Her spirit is still here with my entire family.

by piggie783 on 11/14/2009 12:34:13 PM


Frown Sorry, keep being close to him. Smile
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by lasagna on 11/14/2009 11:51:52 AM


I'm so sorry. I am in the same situation. Just talk to someone who you trust. Good luck.

My birthday is on December 17th (8 days before Christmas Tong)and I need some birthday party help!
What I was going to do was go to Olive Garden and eat there with my 4 friends then have a sleep over on top of that. But I kinda am unsure to do that because I think it would be to much.
My other idea was just to have it be a Christmas theme. Have Christmas music and Christmas crafts, but I did a craft last year for my birthday.
Tell me what you think I should do. And if you had a fun sleepover idea, tell me about it! I want this to be a memorible b-day party!

by decemburr96 on 11/14/2009 10:48:25 AM


im so sorry, but he'll enjoy his last moments with you. Just remember that he is going to a better place and that should make you feel better a little bit. When my great uncle turned 100 i spent many days with him. Then he died. I felt a little better that I spent time with him and he knows that I'll miss him forever.

by club everyday life on 11/14/2009 9:43:07 AM

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