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My friend is chewing tobacco!

There is this guy in my class who is kind of a friend. We text sometimes and earlier this week I heard he chews tobacco...
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hey girlies everywhere! come check out my profile! my quotes will make you LOL!

by rightfield1 on 12/2/2009 6:39:40 PM


hey im so sorry bout ur freind but u need to let go of him and let him be himself im the same way i have very deep feelings bout my freinds but if they wont do the right and wont listen 2 anyone im sorry 2 say it but thur not for u so just let go


by becca-thischristmas7 on 12/2/2009 2:09:44 PM


Hey people
I need a workout buddy!Comment on my profile if ya want to be my buddy!

by XxSkilletXx on 12/2/2009 6:41:53 AM


Lots of ppl at my school do crack and weed (i dont) but like A LOT of ppl do

by oOpSiEs! on 12/1/2009 11:05:55 PM


mod mod mod
please help me!!
i was supose to kiss this guy and he knew it and said he wanted to but when we were about to kiss he spoted some people and hung around them so we couldnt kiss. but after i left i said i felt unloved and he said your loved by me(him).but now im texting him and he doesnt seem to want to talk to me. whats up with that? does he like me or just wants me to leave him alone? thanks for your help.


Hey babes, your're never SUPPOSED to kiss someone, that makes things awkward. If he doesn't seem responsive to your texts, leave him alone for a day or two, he probably feels embarrassed. xo JANA

jana k.

by sportygirl#2 on 12/1/2009 9:36:49 PM


MODERATOR!!!!!!!!!!!!!! My friend has a crush on one of the dudes I had a crush on first. During science, I was getting a pen from my backpack, her (or my) crush was starting a conversation with me. He sits behind me just in case you're wondering. My "friend" sits behind him. When I was talking to him, I saw my friend mouth,"DON'T TALK TO HIM!!!! HE'S MINE!!!!" That really hurt my feelings. She's been very rude to me lately. Help me please!



Hey girl, I would speak up and tell her that what she did in class really hurt your feelings. You are more than willing to talk it out but you would prefer to do it in private, not hash it out in front of the entire school. xox JANA

jana k.

by bombergirl97 on 12/1/2009 9:24:13 PM


So i have liked a guy a yr older then me for over 6 months. n today i got up the currage to tell him.I told him in a myspace message bc we dont talk at school n well yah. this is wat i said--Fact :I have liked u for 6 months. Fact: you take my breath away.fact: you r way too good for me . Fact: i dont have a chance with u. Fact: i dont know y but i had to tell u.--n that all is true, he is the popular goregous boy that most of my gorgeous friends have dated, but bc i dont know him that well n im not pretty. this is what he said---Some how, I knew that already. None of it surprises me, I here it alot actually. And im not the type of guy to make you feel dumb for you saying that but thanks. (:----after liking him that long i think i am literly starting to fall in love with him (i know that sounds stupid but it really is true!) and i want to be with him so badley. Which means we need to talk more, but idk what to talk about with him, bc hes popular, n how do i get up the courage to even say hi to him or good luck (he has a basketball game tomorrow btw) at school tomorrow??
Sorry it is soo long!!



Hey Babes,


You have the courage to send him a message! That is the first step. You clearly have some secret powers somewhere. The next time you see him just say hi. You dont have to have a convo with him until you're ready. Be pleasant when you see him and continure myspace conversations until you think you are ready to turn a simple Hi into a chat.


xo .



jana k.

by littlemiss139 on 12/1/2009 8:47:39 PM


i know this isn't the right place to ask but it's the only way i get answers,when do i get my prize mailed to me it's been 4 days (but i am i am impatient)and my sisters birthday is in 2 days and that's her gift from me.Smile

by kykyc on 12/1/2009 8:39:53 PM


yeah i have a friend who does that kind of stuff and i try and help him but sometmes he just ignores me.... and he says its because he doesnt have a good home life.. i feel really bad for him though....

by sweetlyssie13 on 12/1/2009 8:17:27 PM


mod mod mod
ok so there is this guy that i went to school with. and when i moved away the only way we can talk is on facebook... but before i moved away he hugged me a coupe times and he walked me to my class's and even quit siting by his friends to sit by me in lunch... and then the other day he said he missed me.. so do u think he likes me????

Yes it sounds like he likes you! Don't limit yourself though if you can't see him!  
Megan R.

by sweetlyssie13 on 12/1/2009 7:54:16 PM

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