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Cecilia Cassini: Designer, Fashionista...and Not Your Average 10-Year-Old

Take a cue or two from this young fashion designer!
136 Comments | Add Yours

she seems like she's trying to grow up too fast. it's really sad how music and tv are telling us to grow up. you can never get this time back, you can watch all that junk (gossip girl, oc, secret life, ect) when you're older. and there are some things you can't wear when you're 30, like shorter skirts, (not too short please!) and a bunch of other stuff. anyway, that's just my opinion.

by popmusic on 8/26/2010 7:34:47 AM


also, my sister is ten, she wears t-shirts and shorts and sneakers- not heals, short, strapless dresses, and skimpy tops

by Sasza on 8/11/2010 8:18:17 PM


I don't think she's aiming for little kids to wear these clothes. She's probably trying to copy some big designer. Impressive, though!

by Cresent on 7/30/2010 11:35:35 AM


Im 14 and I'm not even aloud watch Gossip Girl she should be watching disney channel not gossip girl. She is way to young to be wearing heels, pumps, or strapless dresses every where. At her age I dressed in basket ball shorts and nike tops. Honestly the designs aren't that great but it's good that shes following her dreams

by republicancowgirl on 7/22/2010 2:07:17 PM


WOW! is all i can say when i look at her stuff. i mean r u SERIOUS??? strapless dress that would only cover a two year olds butt and pumps? so u to ever no how much she charges for a dress? a dress that looks like it was just thrown together with a bunch of fabric?it cost $143.00 for a dress that barely covers someones butt!! i mean yeah it's amazing that she is following her dream but she's acting a little to old fur her age. and in her blog she is posed in every picture even when she visited the hospital!!! i dont mean to sound like a jerk but come on.

by saxophonegurlee89 on 6/28/2010 2:13:18 PM


iknow i woul dnvr wear clothes made by a ten year old and most ppl i know would nvr how ever fab they are and agian shes ten and her clothes are kinda short and that shirt in the pic beeds a tank under and she watches gossip girl and shes ten i rly adn she seems kinda cincieded and cocky
she doesnt rly seem down to earth to me and rly ppearls i dont even wear pearls are you serious and her clothes are blahhhaa uglyyy now im done my and shes to young to wear pearls rly

by music lover 4eva on 5/1/2010 4:37:28 PM


And lol, I'm 12 and I can't wear strapless yet (AA's just don't work with it) so she really shouldn't either!

by CutieWithGlasses on 3/1/2010 4:38:21 PM


I think it's great she has followed her dream at such a young age!

But seriously? At ten I was still playing with Barbies, Hannah Montana was my favorite show and my favorite outfit probably was hot pink sweatpants and my purple sweatshirt from Limited Too! Strapless just DOESN'T work for 10 year olds, it really doesn't work until your in high school!

But her designs are REALLY good. Just to mature for a little girl!!!

by CutieWithGlasses on 3/1/2010 4:10:24 PM


I'm sorry, but very few of her designs are something I would even consider wearing. Almost all of them are low-cut strapless, and they just don't seem like they would appeal to many girls. If you go on her website, visit 'The Collections', and go to the photoshoot with other girls, you'll see what I mean!
I'm not saying that she shouldn't follow her dream, but... I don't really see what all the buzz and good recognition is for.

by strawberrysmiles on 1/28/2010 3:44:54 PM


her designs r pretty good

by OMG123 on 1/26/2010 4:18:20 PM


love the outfit

by csonic1 on 1/8/2010 3:40:18 PM


i lov your clothes

by texesmama1 on 1/8/2010 3:14:43 PM


No offense but those designs do not look good on her. If I am ruining the life around here, I am so sorry, this is just my opinion. And I hope that I beecome a designer this year. And all yall girls that want to be a designer, just follow your dreams well and I will hope that you make it. And also, please answer this, if I try to get noticed will I become a designer?

by goodgirl123 on 1/4/2010 12:44:52 PM


Puh leazzzze answer this for me! I will get a sewing machine for kids like, tomorrow, and I have been designing since i was like, 6 or something.And my mom says i am very creative and she loves my designs- but I need to know, when i make my designs, how can I get noticed, without wearing some of my designs around?


Hey girl! Make some clothes for your girls! They can be walking advertisements for you! Plus, they'll love the free garb and be sure to help spread the work about your nifty trends!


Taeler L.

by goodgirl123 on 1/3/2010 11:33:55 PM


Thanks karra s. for that advice!
but also...
how do i become a designer now? i'm 13.

Theres no easy way to become a designer now. If you get a job and make some money to spend on making clothing people will buy and such, you could start your own fashion business now. But it takes a lot of work Good luck! xoxo kerra 
Kerra S.

by coco chanel gabrielle on 1/2/2010 8:23:56 PM


I know how to sew and sketch like Celcia, but how do I become big like her? I sew a lot of my own clothes and reallllly realllly realllllllllllllllllyyyyyyy want to be a fashion designer!!! My heart and soul is in this!!! PLEASE WILL YOU TELL ME HOW TO BE LIKE HER!!!!

I suggest you keep up your sketching and sewing and fashion design. Stay involved and then when you get to college apply to a good fashion school. Im sure youll be successful. xoxo kerra 
Kerra S.

by Coco Chanel Gabrielle on 1/2/2010 7:14:17 PM


MOD MOD MOD MOD MOD MOD MOD MOD! I heard there is another kid designer coming around, but im not sure.
Do you think it's true?


hey girl,


I'm not sure! Try googling it?



Sammy d.

by Glamno5 on 1/2/2010 2:39:09 PM


Oh, not only are a lot of her designs strapless, but there a little low-cut, too. BTW, im sorry if u r offended by my comments. Im just expressing my opinion and u r free 2 express yours.

by Glamno5 on 1/2/2010 2:34:55 PM


I also want to point out that in one of her collections, she is wearing an abacrombie tube top, which is seriously NOT her own design.

by Glamno5 on 1/2/2010 2:29:00 PM


I don't think GL should be encouraging fame at 10 years old! I mean, Britney was like, 10 or 12 when she became famous, and look how it turned out!

by Glamno5 on 1/2/2010 2:26:55 PM


I heared there is another kid designer coming around,
but that may just b a rumor.

by Glamno5 on 1/1/2010 12:38:04 PM


Some of her designs like "Boat" and "Province" are cute, but strapless? I'm 13 and strapless it STILL too old for me! And heels? WAYYY too old. You can really tell that she cares about fashion, but she needs to design things for her age group. Not tube tops and heels and strapless everything. Most of the stuff looked kind of ametur-ish. But, what do you expect? She's 10 years old for goodness sakes! That's great that she's following her dream, but really: she's 10. Gossip girl? Channel? Pearls? Pumps? If only she were 10 years older...

by AcePrincessGal on 12/31/2009 12:10:49 PM


I didn't like alot of that, and my parents would never let me wear some of that stuff....gossip her age.....puleze....

by ilovedancin on 12/30/2009 11:09:58 PM


Congrats for living your dream.

by JellybeanGirl67 on 12/30/2009 6:34:22 PM


Wow, no offense, but anyone can sew together scraps of clothing. I went to the site, and the clothing wasn't as good as she makes it sound like. Come on, are celebs REALLY purchasing that stuff for their kids?!?! But I will say congrats for living your dream.

by JellybeanGirl67 on 12/30/2009 6:32:39 PM


I just went on the website too, and some of them don't even look like clothes!! One just has a giant bunch of gold fabric on a striped top...

by pag53 on 12/30/2009 1:23:02 PM


I do kind of agree with all of those who have been saying she is a little too mature for her age, but I'm impressed by how much she knows!

by pag53 on 12/30/2009 1:16:26 PM


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Hey girl! You might want to go to the doctor to ask him about your problem. You should just surround yourself with fam and friends and they will all help you through this hard time. 
Eryn G.

by nemoalkam on 12/29/2009 7:27:21 AM


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by Glamno5 on 12/22/2009 5:45:20 PM


I checked out her site. I have to admit, it's pretty cool how she's become a popular designer. But a lot of her designs aren't as good as she thinks. The tube tops......Nuh-uh. First of all, it just looks weird, and second she's got nothin to hold it up, if you catch my drift...
It seems that she' thinks a little too much of herself, but that could be just me. But seriously, Gossip Girl? I'm 12 and I'm not allowed to watch it. If she changed her designs and maybe made them a little more appropiate, I would love them. I came across a few i liked, but truly, I wasn't ver y impressed.

by ActressInTheWings on 12/21/2009 9:23:11 PM


well shes my age and everything and she is an inspiration to all of us ten year-olds to follow our dreams but still i saw here fashions and whoa a whole lotta strapless which seemed really weird cause my mom would never let me wear that nor my fifteen year old sis

by lovemybff111 on 12/21/2009 2:49:26 PM


she's too young to dress that way! when I was her age I played with barbies and climbed on trees! she trys to grow up too fast! it's really sad

by Sensu on 12/18/2009 5:48:46 AM


read "the ride of 'ew'" she seems so conceited to me to now!!

by cookie67 on 12/15/2009 10:43:58 PM


whats up with all the tank dresses n tube tops?
she seems very girly
omg her fabric talks to her??
as much as i love fashion, NO

by cookie67 on 12/15/2009 10:40:47 PM


I went on her website and Cecilia is really pretty but i think she is a little over the edge with the strapless stuff!

by bamgirl101 on 12/12/2009 7:58:55 PM


ahaha NO.
Her styles are really, really pretty. however i see strapless dresses, really short skirts, like what kind of 10 year old wears that? and she has a picture on the site of her in this really dramatic pose on a piano. whats with that? i feel that fame at such a young age- especially with girls- can make them grow up to be really, really concieted and self-absorbed. its sad.

by helloimkelly on 12/12/2009 12:03:54 PM


i think for a ten year old, her styles are a little bit inappropriate, a) they're very low cut and i don't know about you, but at ten my mother wasn't letting me wear clothes like that b) they are also very short c)and gossip girl? geesh im fifteen and my mother wont let me watch it!!!! idk about the rest of you but i think she's a little snobby-ish to with her outfits....they probably cost alot of money to!

by taylorswiftqueen on 12/11/2009 6:42:02 PM


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You could jsut be spotting.. not your period yet.

Liz L.

by girlslife0123 on 12/10/2009 6:22:25 PM


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by thealphacouncil on 12/10/2009 4:23:44 PM


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by thealphacouncil on 12/10/2009 4:23:39 PM


1) Her "designs" aren't really appropriate for 10 yr olds,because A,they don't have anything to fill those tops and B,they are not original,I mean,tube tops,hello,everybody seen those before.

2) Her "poses" are silly and DONT look professional.

3) She acts like she is older and Gossip girl??? Puh-leeze!!!!

by freestuff on 12/9/2009 12:20:13 PM


MOD! Would an Irish name that means "bright" and "faithful" be a good name 4 a designer? I know someone with a name like that and i just thought of that right now.

Hey girly!

Yeah...that sounds really pretty!  I like that it means "bright" and "faithful" those are two adjectives that all designers should be!

Katarina E.

by Glamno5 on 12/9/2009 11:48:42 AM


my mom says that if u become 2 famous at an 2 young an age, u will burn out and make mistakes when u r an adult. Im not sure if it is totally true, but then again, that pretty much tells the Britney Spears or the Linsay Lohan story.

by Glamno5 on 12/9/2009 9:36:43 AM


BTW, i hear there is a new kid designer coming around. IDK who she is, or where she is, but i think she may be around 10 or 12. She has not introduced herself yet, but someday, maybe even this year, she will!

by Glamno5 on 12/9/2009 9:29:07 AM


I think she is out 2 get me in the future!!! Idk her, but she is almost just like me! She "aspires 2 b Coco Chanel(my hero!)" And is a "kiddie couture
extrodanair" MY DREAM! SHE HAS TAKEN MY DREAM! BTW, im sorry is mycomments r offensive if u like her outfits, so i will just say that im expressing my opinion and that u r free 2 express yours.

by Glamno5 on 12/9/2009 9:19:29 AM


I just read her blog and wow, SHE IS CONCEITED! Some people think im self-centered, but at least i don't talk about myself 24/7! And i really don't think it's a good idea to say "My fabric and i whisper 2 each other" If she wants to have a good reputation. And her collection is WAAAY 2 inappropriate! My mom wouldn't let me out of the house in most of her outfit designs!

by Glamno5 on 12/8/2009 9:15:36 PM


MOD! Like i said like at least one billion times, i want to b a desghner like her! Im upset that she is living my ultimate fantasy. She likes the same design line as me, (Chanel) and luvs fashion (like me) She's had waaaay more experience than me (i didn't want 2 design clothes until i was 8!) and i can't even sew! Im upset and jealous and im probably ruing the post 4 everyone else who ejoys her! I've alreadly met my futer bizz rival, and im not even in high school! HELP ME! Frown time a billion!

Hey girl! If you want to be a designer you should start learning how to sew and making sketches. Then try to create your work and show it to some of your friends. 
Eryn G.

by Glamno5 on 12/8/2009 2:20:27 PM


I agree that the strapless dresses r a ittle much, but she could always wear a tank top under them. I am sooo super uber green with envy right now! Looks like i just met my future rival in the world of fashion! Hopefully, i can get my career started by next year or so. But i will still shop at justice.

by Glamno5 on 12/8/2009 2:12:13 PM


BTW, when i becoe a designer, im going to set up a deal with JUSTICE and create my own line 4 them, since that's my fave store!

by Glamno5 on 12/8/2009 2:08:59 PM


SOOOO UNFAIR! I want 2 b a fashion designer SOOO bad! She is only a teeny bit younger than me, and she gets 2 b one! I don't even know how 2 sew! Frown

by Glamno5 on 12/8/2009 2:06:29 PM


No offense but I don't like her fashions that much. and she is WAY too young to be in strapless and watching Gossip Girl. She's trying to grow up too fast, later shes probably going to regret it.

by AlixStar on 12/8/2009 11:55:15 AM


she's a cute girl and her designs r cute but they look like something for people in their twenties.
Everything's strapless

by girliegirl11 on 12/7/2009 8:55:35 PM


i wish i were her BUT her outfits kinda OLD 4 her... seriousley!

by greenhippo97 on 12/7/2009 8:45:36 PM


uh wow...? I dont IM allowed to watch gossip girl and im 13...I wish GL would show some people who have followed their dreams and made to the top even if they started at an older age. It seems like the only people who are at the Olympics, designing clothes, are dancers, etc., started when they were like two!

by Chic chick on 12/7/2009 8:39:53 PM


i love how shes getting so much of her dream done at such a young age, but seriously?! a lot of those are way too low and short and all that. and gossip girl has stuff that is way too mature for her!!

by iliveforlax195 on 12/7/2009 7:54:50 PM


What an inspiration~ she's following her dreams at a young age...


It seems like she's acting a little to mature for her oh so very young age!

by pismosurf19 on 12/7/2009 5:41:00 PM


um strapless? she does not have anything to hold that up, which is y 10 year olds dont wear strapless

by manisha926 on 12/7/2009 5:28:23 PM


Ok,one of the tops was Abercrombie and she really doesnt have anything to put into those tops.....

by freestuff on 12/7/2009 3:55:50 PM


u go girl 4 being urself and following ur dream, but honestly? she's only 10 and she already watches gossip girl??? and i was looking thru her website and she's trying to act WAY older than her age. some of the poses shes doin r meant 4 women in like, idk, their twenties! and i think that the strapless tube tops and stuff r a little innapropriate 4 her age, and some of the skirts and dresses r 2 short. my parents wouldn't let me wear pumps and pose and dress like that in a million years! and i'm 13! sry, no offense, but she's a little 2 young 4 this right now.

by spangleangel on 12/7/2009 3:52:16 PM


no offence but i was looking through her collection and the clothes are... ugly. and she trying to look very sexy when shes only 10. i dont think gl should be encouraging this.

by winterlover1 on 12/7/2009 11:53:11 AM


she kind of sound old as if shes trying to be older than she is.That is not a good Idea she should also try to have a normal 10 year old life.

by Pretty Princess on 12/6/2009 9:26:30 PM


wow. her designs are great! but whats with everything being strapless? im 13 and my rents dont even let me wear strapless shirts/dresses. shes only ten and from those pictures she mainly wears strapless dresses! i think its alittle inapropriate. and no affence but it dosent look that good on her now. wait a couple years then it would be completely fine.

by robinn on 12/6/2009 6:49:34 PM


some of her stuff was really cute... but not 4 10 years olds. my sisters 10 and her fav show is hannah montana. not gossip girl. and in 1 of her outfits shes wearing an abercrombie tube top. not her own design.

by swimgirl4ev on 12/6/2009 5:35:57 PM


she is trying to be WAY to grown up, she is really cute and obviously really talented, but.... i mean, common!!! she's ten not twenty-five!!! i'm like 3 years older than her and i don't wear pumps, or watch gossip girl, or wear strapless dresses everyday (sometimes in the summer, tho)... i'm not trying to be mean, but really!!!

by pinkstar55 on 12/6/2009 5:16:18 PM


aw thats so awesome! u go girlie!

by vhscsoccer95 on 12/5/2009 9:21:58 PM


she's pretty cute and pretty talented, but (and i mean this with all due respect)i don't think she should be wearing a tube top/strapless for a couple of reasons:
1) she's only ten and should be dressing as one, it's almost like she is trying to be older. and
2)she doesn't exactly have a "chest". not to be weird or mean but it doesn't work without something there

by soccermicci on 12/5/2009 9:10:24 PM


omg! thats so awesome. way to go!

by giraffesrock on 12/5/2009 8:29:36 PM


so jeal!

by SpartanGal11 on 12/5/2009 7:49:53 PM


It seems like she's trying 2 grow up 2 fast.

by PrettyLittleDevil on 12/5/2009 7:16:51 PM


Aw, she's so adorable!!

by EmJ on 12/5/2009 5:06:13 PM


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by Emerald9090 on 12/5/2009 4:39:18 PM


she seems a bit young 4 strapless dresses.......and like some of her clothes r cute iguess

by livelaughlove4eva23 on 12/5/2009 4:10:38 PM


didn't mean to say that i meant i don't like em

by 7laughsalot98 on 12/5/2009 3:49:27 PM


sorry i don't like me....

by 7laughsalot98 on 12/5/2009 3:49:00 PM


ok she is way to young to b wearing some of those dresses...i think they could b cute on some one who could actually fill the top of the dress and not someone who doesnt even have breast yet

by bella<3gymnastics on 12/5/2009 3:47:01 PM


wow she's 10 but some of her collections aren't that great looking but some r ok but i think she's a little young (like music lover 4 eva said) to be wearing these kinds of teenage-grown women fashions like strapless dresses, pumps and stuff.

by hit.the.surfs. on 12/5/2009 2:44:39 PM


and no effense to anyone her clothes arent rly vute now im thionk im done lol

by music lover 4eva on 12/5/2009 1:44:12 PM


iknow i woul dnvr wear clothes made by a ten year old and most ppl i know would nvr how ever fab they are and agian shes ten and her clothes are kinda short and that shirt in the pic beeds a tank under and she watches gossip girl and shes ten i rly adn she seems kinda cincieded and cocky
she doesnt rly seem down to earth to me and rly ppearls i dont even wear pearls are you serious

by music lover 4eva on 12/5/2009 1:37:54 PM


I think she is a little old to wear strapless and 'pumps' and to watch gossip girl, but cute girl!

by decemburr96 on 12/5/2009 1:37:05 PM


It's wonderful that she's following her dreams, and she's very talented at improvising, and I really wish I could have a design company, and she's awesome. But she is growing up way to fast, I mean, she watches Gossip Girl? I dont even watch Gossip Girl, it makes me uncomfortable. And that outfit is EXTREMELY cute, but pumps? I dont wear pumps! But she is very talented.

by lindiezz on 12/5/2009 1:05:30 PM


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Hey girl! Just leave it alone.. it will go away on its own.


Liz L.

by bl0ndiegrl1 on 12/5/2009 12:02:53 PM


There's this guy who i think is gonna ask me to the dance next week, because my friend asked him and he said he likes me. Anyways, i don't have a crush on him or anything, but i would say yes. The problem is one of my friends has a huge crush on him. But she says it is ok. What should i do??!!!
Thanks Smile

Go with him!

Liz L.

by DramaQueenMachine on 12/5/2009 11:13:31 AM


I looked at her website, and I don't really get what you guys are saying about being conceited. I mean, if I was 10 and famous, it'd probably be hard to stay grounded, but in her blog she just sounds like a normal kind of silly 10 year old.

But her collections aren't really collections, they're just one piece photographed a bunch of different ways. And I don't admire her parents for letting her watch GOSSIP GIRL at ten years old. I'm 13 in two months and I don't even like to watch it because it's kinda uncomfortable.

by E4ever on 12/5/2009 10:26:16 AM


Wow she is way to old for strapless dresses and pumps. And in her "provence" collection, she is wearing an abercrombie shirt! It has the moose on it! How can she say she makes her own clothes if she wears abercrombie???

by SummerRox on 12/5/2009 10:22:44 AM


some are pretty cute, but she shouldn't be wearing strapless at age 10.

by alora on 12/5/2009 9:42:50 AM


Woah!!!! Ummm I checked out her website and WHAT???????? What 10 year old wears STRAPLESS?????? GOD! Wow and how can she like Gossip Girl, it's not exactly the type of show for kids!!!!!
I'm pretty sure at 10, I was watching Disney channel 24/7!!!!!

This kid is growing up WAY to fast and she seems really selfish in her blogFrown

by peacelovepuppies on 12/5/2009 9:10:13 AM


im going to a play today with my besties. i already kno what im going to wear but i have no idea how to do my hair! any ideas? thx so much

Hey girl! I would go with something simple. Either wear it down or pull back the sides with a pretty barrette. If you're feeling super fancy, you could try some cute, little braids pinned back.


Liz L.

by bichonmo123 on 12/5/2009 9:02:42 AM


Well with a name like that of course she's gotta be a fashion designer. ;P

by chocoholic4ever on 12/5/2009 3:16:45 AM


Thats amazing. I looked at her collections and they're really great! Smile good job 2 her, hope she goes far.

by Girly Girl on 12/5/2009 12:05:39 AM


I don't even watch Gossip Girl. I'm not sure why though. No one ever introduced it to me. Plus, it's in the far channels on my TV so I never stumbled upon it.

by njessican on 12/4/2009 11:53:29 PM


wow that's all i wanted to be when i was little, me and a friend would trade shoes that we hated and stuff but i grew out of it and now im back in it =) lol

by mangoGL on 12/4/2009 11:10:55 PM


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by *Club Cucumber&Company* on 12/4/2009 10:25:41 PM


shes pretty good for a ten year old... a little conceited, and her clothes are NOT for ten year olds.... i mean, strapless and short???? thats not right! and she should NOT be watching gossip girl.

ask me anything!!!

by chocoholic777 on 12/4/2009 10:14:17 PM


How old is she again? 10 right?? And her mom lets her watch Gossip Girl? Uh, not a show for kids. And the strapless dress thing? She's way too young for that. But I have to admit it's all pretty cool. She's doing what she loves and making a whole bunch of money off of it. I would love to do that.

by selenaFan97 on 12/4/2009 9:50:48 PM



by readerhi1234 on 12/4/2009 9:45:11 PM


I agree, her blong is a little bit concieted. and her fashions arent for ten year olds, a lot of the dresses are tube dresses, and they are short! were talking 1o year olds! and she watches gossip girl... again, not for 10 year olds.

But its really great she following her dreams.

check out my profile

by horseloverhgv on 12/4/2009 9:38:29 PM


oh my god mikimoto pearls are like $30,000 a strand- she must sell alot of clothes

by izzymello on 12/4/2009 9:01:46 PM


that is so cool! she sounds way older than 10!!!



by bubbles1215 on 12/4/2009 8:59:36 PM


thats pretty dang cool!!!!!!!!!!!

by littlestarr22 on 12/4/2009 8:05:51 PM


hey girls! if you need help with anything check out the advice section of my profile and leave me a comment! i have lots of experience giving advice and would love to help you out! talk to you soon!

by hugatree95 on 12/4/2009 7:48:54 PM


OK so i like this guy and he is nice or likes ALL the other girls BUT me! he litterally laughs with them and smiles at them or acts a lil flirty with them! but with me nothing he just is a little odd, or mean!
we arent going out, but i like him!


Hey girl!


He sounds like a really fun guy! Don't worry about how he talks to the other girls. Just be yourself and he'll like you for who you are.




Sammy d.

by fali897 on 12/4/2009 7:16:59 PM



by Angee125 on 12/4/2009 7:06:08 PM


she seems sophisticated, and definitly
is talented & has a passion for design!

but she does also seem her age in the way
that she's a little full of herself...well,
u can read her blog in see.


by sleuthgirl101 on 12/4/2009 6:46:54 PM


Cool! She is really young too!

Check out my profile; I give the best advice!

God Bless!

Jesus is the reason for all of the seasons!

Merry CHRISTmas!

by Abriella123 on 12/4/2009 6:38:34 PM


cool! but her website was no good! i wanted to buy her stuff!

by Photochickie on 12/4/2009 6:31:38 PM


wow that's really great. i like sewing too, and would love to make my own clothes!

by pearlnagem on 12/4/2009 6:07:59 PM


AHHHHHHHHH SHE IS SOOOOOOO CUTE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Smile Smile Smile Smile

by jayjai19 on 12/4/2009 6:06:13 PM


My mom wouldn't let Me wear pumps. Not until I'm like 14, but only for special occasions. I love love love lovvvvve her skirt though!!!

by nerdykitty97 on 12/4/2009 6:03:44 PM


hey everyone, i've been getting really bad tension headaches lately, does anyone know how to get rid of them?? please comment on my profile if you know. thanks!

by softballx10 on 12/4/2009 5:12:38 PM


thats pretty cool but shes 10?! shes wearing pumps! and well i think most ten year olds woudlnt say their favorite outift is a high waisted skirt and black ruffeld blouse! i think its a little grown up....but way 2 go 4 her! ok im done Smile lol oh and she also watches gossip girl which is kinda for older ppl....NOW im done haha.... Laughing

by Elysee101 on 12/4/2009 5:05:40 PM


Hey! I'm Aubrey and here is an article from on vegetarianism that I would like to share!
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by glamgirlteen on 12/4/2009 5:02:13 PM


How much does the Ucreate Music plyer thingy cost.
Also, where can I find it?
Thanks for answering all of our questions.

by indigogirl1 on 12/4/2009 4:46:40 PM


MOD MOD MOD I have a habit of looking at my brother's facebook. it is always logged on and a look at it because alot of people in my school have one and I like to look at there accounts. Help me stop the bad habit please.

by jessicasway17 on 12/4/2009 4:29:17 PM



by pointeprincess on 12/4/2009 4:25:33 PM


I which i could make clothes like that!!
but it seems that she has 2 much going on.
Buti LOOVE her designs!! Especially the Purple Zipper and Boat

by Cookiemonster1 on 12/4/2009 4:21:01 PM


cute pic lol! but she says she wears pumps? i don't even wear pumps!

by trackgirl000 on 12/4/2009 4:14:23 PM


~*~*~*~ MOD ~*~*~*~
I have a winter band concert coming up and we need to dress nice. I am going to buy a dress, but i was wondering what i should look for to flatter me. I have brown curly hair to my colar bone. I am sort of short. I dont want the dress to be skimpy or grandma looking either.
Thanks for your help!

by HOLLYWOODANGEL1 on 12/4/2009 4:10:56 PM


She sounds awesome!!! It inspires me to really step up to the plate with my designs. Yes, I am an aspiring young fashion designer. (: I'm probably not as far along as her, but I'm getting there. I love changing clothes around to make them my own. The other day I wore a super cute outfit...I re-designed the short, and everybody loved them.

by hannah7banana on 12/4/2009 4:07:41 PM


hey girls if you have any problems that involve mental/emotional issues come check out my club.

by Club Talk It Out on 12/4/2009 3:58:18 PM


a ten year old wearing pumps????? okay then

by horseloverhgv on 12/4/2009 3:55:45 PM


i am so jealous! i love designing but i could never make my own clothes! but she is adorable and she has really good taste for her age. she reminds me of my little friend lara =}

by strawberri101 on 12/4/2009 3:42:23 PM


Hey gurls!

Alll dancers comment my profile! tell me what type of dance you do, your fav thing about dancing, and whether or not u compete or go 2 conventions!

Dancing is my passion, and I would love to hear from ya!!!

by dancintwin on 12/4/2009 3:41:28 PM


It seems to me she is influenced by adult designs since she loves them. Is that good for a ten year old I ask?

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by lasagna on 12/4/2009 3:40:46 PM


Oh my god she's REALLY good!

by biskii on 12/4/2009 3:33:39 PM


MOD! ok so my b-day is coming up and im having a party. The only problem is that i invited some girls that r my friend and now they r like begging me to invite their other friend. Two problems w/ that. One: she is the mean girl of our class (popular somehow too). Two: I rlly dont like her!!!!!! i wasnt going to invite her but i want my friends to still like me and hav fun! HELP!!!!

by cooligurl13 on 12/4/2009 3:25:43 PM


Ummm...she's 10? I mean what ten year old's favorite outfit is "A ruffled black blouse with high waisted silver shorts and pumps!”???? I'm pretty sure when I was 0, my fave outfit was sweatpants and a t-shirt from limited 2Smile
I just think she dresses old for her age, cuz i mean seriously!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

by peacelovepuppies on 12/4/2009 3:12:10 PM


wow!!!! shes only 10?! she dresses a little old for her age, like with the high heels and all but thats ok. shes a cutieee! :]

comment my profile. i give advice on anything!

by volleyballer27 on 12/4/2009 2:25:17 PM


I Wish I Had My Own Designs.
Cute Kid(:


by reggee on 12/4/2009 2:22:32 PM


i cant believe she's only ten. she seems so sophistacated. i hope she has time 4 fun and isnt always working!

by ktisjewels on 12/4/2009 1:28:20 PM


woah that girl sounds like she's 20! she seems really cool and i love that outfit but im not sure if older girls and teens wud want 2 wear clothes designed by a 10 year old, no matter how fab they r.

by ktisjewels on 12/4/2009 1:18:58 PM


Check out my pro!!

by SillyKool on 12/4/2009 11:43:05 AM


New club!!! Come check it out.

by WholeNewYou on 12/4/2009 11:09:58 AM


JOIN CLUB GLAMOUROUS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

by CLUB GLAMOUROUS! on 12/4/2009 9:56:11 AM


wow!! this looks a little old for a ten yr. old


by buttercup33 on 12/4/2009 9:35:44 AM



by kgirlpanda on 12/4/2009 8:39:05 AM


wow, that's so cool !!!!!

Comment on my profile !!

by Style Guru on 12/4/2009 7:18:32 AM

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