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I SAT on the Kid I Was Babysitting For

One time I was watching a six-year-old girl and she wanted to play hide and seek. I agreed, letting her hide first. I turned my...
24 Comments | Add Yours

You SAT on the kid?! Well, now that kid knows not to do it again!

by wesdelwarrior on 12/22/2012 12:34:51 AM


Oh my gosh!!! I would feel so bad if I were you!!!

by music191 on 2/23/2012 5:04:06 PM


was she hurt? Did yall tell the parents

by 23victoria on 6/22/2010 3:32:08 PM


You SAT on the kid you were SITTING- totally ironic! Was she ok tho??

by pippip24 on 4/29/2010 9:18:26 PM


OMG! Was she hrunt? Were the parents mad?

by MileyCyrusROX! on 3/25/2010 8:43:06 PM


so thats why its called babysitting...
i thought it meant u sit and watch the baby

by actress2b_<3 on 3/1/2010 6:21:57 PM


thats funny how did the girl react?

by twilight95 on 2/27/2010 11:10:08 AM


Thats the most funniest story i've ever heard on this website!
on my profile

by jodij123 on 2/21/2010 7:36:52 PM


at least u were doing you job babySitting ..lol

by Michelle98 on 2/9/2010 4:41:10 PM


gawd that's gotta be awful!!

by lixire123 on 1/27/2010 6:49:33 AM

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