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GL interns tell-all: "My Fave GL Memory"

We asked some of the girls about their fave memories while interning at Girls' Life. Here's what they have to say!
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Too bad they are leaving. Frown

by lasagna on 12/13/2009 11:43:43 AM



by lasagna on 12/13/2009 11:43:07 AM


Good Luck.


by reggee on 12/13/2009 11:19:58 AM


They were all so awesome at giving advice!

Come to my profile for any advice or questions that you have!
With warm regards,

by biskii on 12/13/2009 10:43:13 AM


Taeler was my fave mod!

by Club Middle School on 12/13/2009 10:13:18 AM


I know this is sad Molly and Olivia were my fav mods......

Comment on my profile !!!

by Style Guru on 12/13/2009 9:27:25 AM


Aw some are leaving?? Frown Please dont let it to Olivia or Molly, they're so cool!!

Check out my profile girls, and please leave a comment, thanks!

by SportyGal on 12/13/2009 9:15:20 AM

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