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Online love problem

Over the summer, I met a guy online and we got really close. I like him a lot, maybe even love him. The past couple...
112 Comments | Add Yours

mod mod mod
ok sorry to bother u but i realy like my best guy friend but there is a big probalem.... i moved across town so we dont go to the same school any more.... and i cant get over him... my brother said he thinks that my best guy friend liked me before i left because he said he did every thing he would do if he liked a girl... witch made it all worse because now i no for almost certain he liked me before i left... and now i dont no what to do... ive been home schooled for like 10-12 weeks now... so i only got to see him for like a month and a half at my other school.... but i noticed that he doesnt talk to me as much on facebook any more and he quit saying he missed me and stuff like that... i was thinking about taking the city bus so i could go to the same high school as him but i dont no if i want to if he isnt going to talk to me and not only that i had some problems with some kids that went to school with me witch would be the same kids that would go to that high school.... also i no that wo of my friends liked him too... and i think one of them is made at me because i told her i liked him but she never exactly said she liked him so i told her and she got kinda do u have any advice on what i could do about this??
(P.S i would talk to other guys but since im home schooled that is kinda out of the option....)

Hey doll!  You definitely shouldn't start taking the city bus or make any other big changes for this guy, especially if he isn't talking to you as much as he used to.  Continue to be friends with him and make an effort to hang out with him on the weekends.  Also, see if you can get involved with a youth group, sports team, or any other extracurricular activity so you can meet more people.  Also, you can't help it that you like this guy so don't let your friend get ya down. 

Tyler J.

by sweetlyssie13 on 1/5/2010 5:45:00 AM


I have all thses different accounts to different websites i don't know how to get rid of. I looked everywhere it won't help. I'm so paranoid now that some creeper will find me and rape or murder me. Also Last year I talked ( I totally regret it now) and told one what state I lived in. I also told a different one what online school I went to. Mod I'm so scared! Help me please Frown

Hey chica!  Don't panic.  You weren't too specific with the information you shared but don't share any personal information with people you don't know from now on.  Try finding contact info on the websites you have accounts with and contact someone who can help you delete the accounts.  You could also ask a family member or friend for help.  
Tyler J.

by xxluvblackxx on 1/5/2010 3:26:08 AM


1. Twilight, New Moon, or Eclipes?
2. blow-dry hair, or straighten hair?
3. sand castle or snowman?
4. older sibling(s) or younger sibling(s)?
5. hamburger or chicken?
6. push ups or sit ups?
7. braces or glasses (or neither)?
8. potato chips or french fries?
9. cell phone or ipod?
10. uggs or crocs?

by rightfield1 on 1/4/2010 6:45:57 PM


Do not look for love on internet it is dangerous

by iamrockinout on 1/4/2010 6:40:18 PM


I met this guy at a camp last summer and we're friends. He's been talking to me online for a while now, and he just recently told me he had a crush on me. I dont like him that way so i tried to let him down easy and he seemed to take it well. But now it feels like he's really cyber stalking me and thinks that theres a chance that i would go out with him. And i dont want it to be awkward when i see him this summer. He's a nice guy but i dont like him like that. What should I do?


Hey babe, Be upfront with him and tell him that you don't like him that way and that there's no chance, but that you still want to be friends. It might hurt him now, but hopefully he'll get over it and be ready to be friends when you see him again.

xoxo Allie
Allie S.

by stellarsophie33 on 1/4/2010 6:29:41 PM


Thanks for the advice. He does flirt with me but he is sending me mixed signals one minute he is really into me and then the next minute he doesn't even want to talk to me. I do really like him but at the same time I don't want him playing with my emotions.

by angel4164 on 1/4/2010 6:20:36 PM


hey girly i know its hard but you have to forget about him its REALLY dangerous!

by isabella58 on 1/4/2010 5:16:23 PM


would there be a reason that my best guy friend never answers my texts? we talk all the time in school but he just suddenly stopped answering my texts!


Hey chica!

Unfortunately, there's no general answer I can give you for that, you'll just have to ask him! But if he keeps ignoring you, just give him space for a couple of days and let him come to you when he's ready.

Liz R.

by jf4eva709 on 1/4/2010 4:29:04 PM


MOD mod MOd
so i just found out that my crush doesnt like me. and im soo crushed. but we dont talk. soo anyway i want to have a boy girl party and my mom wont let me. she said no boys. but alot of my friends are guys and i want to include them. and i want to get closer to my crush to hopefully get him to be my own. how do i tal to my mom or convince her??? sorry its soo long.

Hey chica!

Aw, I'm really sorry that things didn't work out with your crush. When you talk to your mom, explain to her that you don't just have girl friends, you have guy friends too and you want ALL of your friends to be at your party. If she still puts up a fight, ask her if there's any middle ground that you guys can come to an agreement on. For example, maybe youll have less people at the party but you'll still have a good mix of guys and girls. 
Liz R.

by jf4eva709 on 1/4/2010 3:29:45 PM


Hey GL chicas! I give AWESOME advice so if you ever need any help with guys, friends, family, style, beauty, school, and more come check out my profile. I'd love to talk!

by emilyroxmysoxoff96 on 1/4/2010 12:21:33 AM

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