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Get Pumped with Piloxing

Part Pilates, part boxing and super fun, Piloxing is a new way to get fit! Here, instructor (and former professional ballerina) Viveca Jensen shares six body-blasting moves.
34 Comments | Add Yours

I have a problem in my leg that does not allow me to bend my knees while standing up or to jump....I walk for about 3.25 km in 45mins almost everyday and do yoga thrice a week....I want to change up my routine....so can you pls suggest some exercises I can do lying down etc...Im overweight for my age and I want to lose weight...I control my diet too but I allow myself to indulge once in a while....thnx

by Winni on 7/29/2011 7:24:07 AM


I am totally gonna try Piloxing!

by Moriahxpurple on 1/10/2011 7:21:47 PM


i rly dont understand ur instructions-- could u plese add videos or something???

xoxo skyTong

by sky:P on 1/9/2011 7:33:28 PM


Why don't you jab cross all the clubs that don't make sense (like one I think I saw somewhere else that teaches you a new way to make a paper airplane every year, ooh yay, I'll check it every year or so then... okay see you next year! uhh, no.) Okay I'll stop with all the cheesy jokes, although I can clearly *not* see that It got your attention. Okay so here is a club that all you have to do to join is comment on my pro complaining about bad things that have happened to you! (hence the name, club vent) no application! check out my pro for more info! (hey that rhymes!)
your club prezzie, Lily

by club vent on 2/18/2010 8:03:35 PM


i want to lose wait but in a healthy way do you think takeing boxing lessons are a good way along with eating healthyer and if they are how do i convince my mom to let me. also what are some healthy low callorie foods that dont tast bad

Hey girl!

Losing weight and staying in shape can be easy with the right routine. Exercising for 30-40 minutes a day for 4 days a week is so healthy for you! Boxing is a great and fun way to work out, also try things like pilates or yoga. Just tell your mom that you want to get into shape and ask her to sign you up for a gym, or maybe you two could do it together! It would be a great way to stay motivated and a bonding activity for the two of you. Also, to eat healthy is important. Fruits and veggies are always a must! Meats like chicken and fish like salmon make for a totally healthy and balanced meal! Get workin' girl!
Allee S.

by girlygirlxxo on 2/18/2010 1:18:13 AM


i really wanna increase my stamina and bcome a better runner 4 field hockey and lacrosse i also wanna slim down and tone up my upper body r there any good workouts i could do?

The best way to increase stamina is to go on runs! Call a teammate and go for long jogs together! or you could try the Treadmill, and alternating with sprints and slow jogging.  To tone your upper body, it's simple: push-ups! Smile Also try lifting normal everyday things whenever you can! Offer to help your mom go grocery shopping, and carry the larger bags! little changes like these help!  
Megan R.

by twilightgrrl678 on 2/16/2010 8:04:23 PM


*!!!Hey girls!!!*
Im guessing most of you come too girlslife.com for great advice wether its boys, friends, workouts, your body, or style. Go to my profile for some of the best advice on pretty much any thing! Im open for your questions, Just coment of my profile and put **Advice?** and your question and I will try to get back at you within 3 days!! I want to help you and I will try my best to get you the best of advice!<3! Smile

by bumblebeexo1 on 2/2/2010 8:05:33 PM


I really loved these workouts. They were intense and kept me moving...

Hey mod, what would be some good indoor winter cardio?

by stormysgirl13 on 1/7/2010 6:34:52 PM


MOD MOD MOD! hi! I was just wondering if you had any ideas on workout videos? I like yoga, dance, pilates, and a combo would be cool! Thanks!


Hey girl, I don't know much about workout videos. If I were going to do one, I would choose one of those dance aerobics one. They look like a lot of fun. xo JANA

jana k.

by ea2797 on 1/5/2010 9:37:43 PM


Mod Mod Mod Mod
what are some good work outs for thighs ?



Hey girl, squats and lunges are great. So is running. xo JANA

jana k.

by jessica127 on 1/5/2010 9:37:41 PM

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