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My brother's been diagnosed with Asperger Syndrome

My five-year-old brother was diagnosed with Asperger Syndrome, I love him more than anything but I don't know what to do. He has lots of...
62 Comments | Add Yours

Mod Mod Mod!!!!!
i got myself into a real pickle! so im in 8th grade and there is a freshman boy on my bus named allen who is my BFF's brother. so one day i (jokingly) asked him out. he said no way and i said good because i don't want to go out with you either! the next morning he got on the bus and said, "hey girlfriend" so jokingly said, "hey boyfriend" back to him. well it went on for a while and then he started saving me seats and such. then one day out of no wear he starts bragging to people on the bus that we are in a "serious" relationship. he said that we had kissed and had sex and all kinds of stuff that him and i have never done! he took everything i said and twisted my words to make it sound gross and perverted! it really got on my nerves and was giving me a bad rep, so me and my friends came up with a plan to get him off my back. we made up a fake boyfriend for me named "Tommy". We brought up my "boyfriend" the next day on the bus. allen completely ignored the comments. we realized it wouldn't work. but we decided to still say i had a bf just in case we could use it later. well today at lunch my BFF accidentally made a loud comment about my "boyfriend' at lunch and all the boys heard. so they started teasing me about it. my friends told me just ignore them and that i had to pretend i actually had a bf. so i did. now i have all this drama buzzing around me and half of it is fake. heres my questions: 1.should i tell people that i broke up with "tommy" so they will get off my back, or should i just come out and say he was fake? 2. how do i get allen to stop with all the perverted stuff?
thx soooooooo much mod!
-Liz <3


Hi doll, the RIGHT thing to do would be to come clean but kids are going to tease you about it. I would just not say anything and people will forget about it. If you pretend you have a boyfriend you will make the hole even bigger and you will be even more stressed. xo JANA

jana k.

by rightfield1 on 1/19/2010 9:16:52 PM


MODERATOR!!!!!!!!! Thanks Megan! When I told my Mom this, she said the same thing! lol

by bombergirl97 on 1/19/2010 8:40:54 PM


MODERATOR!!!!! I have two questions. 1. I feel like I'm the only mature person in my class! All of the rest of my classmates are rude and mean! Most of the 5th graders (I'm in sixth grade) want to hang out with me. They always say that I'm more nice and more mature than the rest of the sixth graders. There's always horseplay, smack talk, cussing, and bad grades. I never do that. Why do you think I feel this way?
2. I got highlights on Saturday. There's this VERY rude girl in my class that said,"you got higlights and you're only 12!!!!" in a VERY rude voice and a mean look on her face. It sorta sounded like I didn't deserve them. Before this, she said that if I color my hair, she'll get mad. What should I do?

Hey babe! Try not to let that girl who commented about your hair bother you. To be honest, she's probably just jealous of you! That's what it sounds like!  They may be immature now, but they'll catch up eventually. For now, hang with the people who are the nicest and most genuine. Ignore the others!  
Megan R.

by bombergirl97 on 1/19/2010 8:32:05 PM


Oh my gosh! I'm SO sorry for you! Cry

by bombergirl97 on 1/19/2010 8:24:44 PM


Make him feel grateful to have a sis like you! Spend time with him and show him that you'll be his best bud! make note to lots of people that he is an awesome little brother! make sure he gets some sunlight instead of hiding in a shadow

by Amelia J. on 1/19/2010 8:06:00 PM


im sorry girl....i got a friends whos older bro has tht...

by livelaughlove4eva23 on 1/19/2010 7:43:11 PM


If you love your brother that's all that matters. If he has behavior problems you should try to teach him from his mistakes. It's not a bad thing that your brother has asperger syndrome.

by jfkjfk123 on 1/19/2010 7:20:12 PM


So sorry, girlie! I would be devastated if this happened to my bro.


by jonasNtwilight3 on 1/19/2010 7:17:04 PM


Well, Aspergers is a high-functioning form of autism so it could be worse Smile But yeah I have a sister w/ special needs so I know how much it sucks too.

by chic chick on 1/19/2010 7:04:13 PM


Alright, so I've been best best friends with this guy for years now. he's seen me at my worst, been there for me through tough times, and is always on my side. He's always been protective of me, and has always stood up for me, even when i don't deserve it. After a particularly tough break up, he came over and played his guitar for me to make me feel better. He's never liked any of my boyfriends and now I know why. He has feelings for me. Problem is.. i don't feel that way about him. I've been with someone for about a month, and he's great and i really love him. What do i do bout my bgf... I want him in my life still but i feel selfish keeping him around when its hurting him! i love him but not the way he loves me... help!!!

Hey babe! It's good you realize that keeping him around is hurting him.  Try to give him some space, continue to be friends with him, but make sure you're spending more time with your bf than your best guy friend.  Have you read Twilight? this is similar to Bella's initial dilemma with Jacob.   
Megan R.

by nickj29 on 1/19/2010 5:19:34 PM

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