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Stretch it out!

Stretching your muscles and all your joints actually helps to get the blood flowing all over your body. It also makes you feel more relaxed...
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hey girlies!
I know the GL moderators do a great job of answering questions, but they are busy gals! if you have any questions about tough stuff, school work or anything else, come to my profile and I would be happy to see all your fun profiles and stories

by Olivia T. on 5/26/2010 9:38:12 PM


i have 2 ?'s. one is that i have a ache in my shin close to my ankle. i asked a friends mom who knows about this stuff and she said its just a knot but my track coach thinks it might b shin splints Frown Frown i dont know but i thinks it has gotten better and its been 3 days so what do you think? my 2nd ? is my crush gets mad when people say my name wrong adn then always says to me oh sorry i just hate it when people do things wrong. do you think taht this is a good sign?? cuz he never has done this b4 and hes been here 2 yrs. he like yells at them for saying it wrong and then he is like "right" to me and im like ya. i need to know if this is a good sign!!!! thanks

Hey girl,

First, it may be shin splints. Since it's been a few days and it's feeling better that probably means that it's shin splints and resting it is what has made it better. Just keep it rested while rotating ice and a heat pad on it...this should help! (If it gets bad, go to a doctor) Second, that means that your crush definitely likes you at least as a friend. He obviously cares for your feelings, so maybe he does like you! Keep up the interaction with him and start up convos with him. It'll let him know your interested too. 
Allee S.

by CoolBean on 4/22/2010 7:21:31 AM


My mom says i need to start watching what i eat. I am 11 and weigh 87 punds is that to big?


Hey girl! No, that's perfect! Your mom is probably just trying to get you to eat healthy, after all that's what all mom's nag their daughters for =] Don't take it as she wants you watch your weight, because that's not true at all. You're beautiful! But balancing what you eat in each food group, can help make everyone a bit healthier.

Lauren R.

by Coke-Cola on 3/6/2010 4:25:48 PM


haha i already stretch so much! im a dancer, so thats probably why! lol. but it really does make u feel more relaxed! bcuz sometimes, when im really stressed about something, my whole body just feels all tight, and then when i stretch i feel a lot better! Smile

by dancechick97 on 2/4/2010 9:13:32 PM


Thanks MOD!

by mtrider13 on 2/4/2010 1:23:38 PM


MOD!! Lately I have been so stressed out, school is really demanding and midterms just finished. I have at least 4-6 hours hours of homework each night, and I never have time for myself, not even on the weekends! What can I do to relax thats short and quick and I can do while doing my homework??? THANK YOU!!!!! Smile


Hey girl,

School can be stressful sometimes, but try to not let it get to you! Become more organized by planning out your time. Give yourself a set time for each subject and a 10 minute break in between to grab a snack or take a walk around the block. This will give you time to clear your head and think about yourself for a little while. But don't let that school work get you down, it's still important to study hard! Good luck girl!

Allee S.

by mtrider13 on 2/4/2010 1:18:27 PM


MODMODMODMOD help I have really curly hair (ugh) and I cut my bangs or the top part of my hair short (mistake) really short any ideas to controll it I have tried straighting it does not work tried moose hair spay everything nada HELP PLEASE


hey girl!


what about wax? like from Bed Head?



sammy d

sammy d.

by softball1112009 on 1/29/2010 7:10:10 PM


mod mod mod
I'm only ten and my boobs are huge. I'm really skinny and tallplus I'm not fat. Is this normal?

by emis125 on 1/29/2010 6:25:43 PM


Stretching feels awesome in the morning! Lol. & in school XD

Check out my profile girls, and please leave a comment, thanks!

by SportyGal on 1/26/2010 8:23:06 AM


will this exercise help me stay relaxed when im on my way 2 take my high skool entrance exam? cuz i took the workshop at the skool yesterday and i was rly nervous and anxiety-ridden...THANKS!!!!


Hey girl! it should help.

Eryn G.

by futurewarriorcheerleader on 1/24/2010 7:10:20 PM

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