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I can't get rid of my pimples and blackheads

My mom pops them, but it hurts! I’ve tried over-the-counter medicines, but they don’t help. Is there a way for my face to clear up? We’ll...
108 Comments | Add Yours

I broke out on my nose, cheeks, and forehead today, so I tried some natural acne remedies I read about online. They reduced the size of most of my pimples by a little bit, but they left my face really, really red! What should I do?
Thanks so much!

Hey girl, you can use foundation or concealer to even up your color. In general, however, I'd stick to gentler methods: sounds like those remedies massively dried out your skin.

Alyssa B.

by lip_gloss12 on 8/8/2010 8:26:14 PM


How do I clear up my pores on my nose? They are dark and close together. Any suggestions?

Hey girl,

A pore-refining mask {which you can pick up at any pharmacy can definitely lessen the appearance of the pores on your nose! Cleansing your skin with a gentle face wash every day might also help. 
Lauren C.

by dancergirl001 on 8/8/2010 3:12:21 PM


MOD MOD Thanks!! You Helped Alot!!

by *zaina*all*te*way* on 8/7/2010 12:58:13 PM


MOD MOD ok, so In Summer, i sweat alot.. what i didn't notice is that i got pimples between myy boobs.. how can i stop that?


Hey girl, after you work out you could take a shower or at least be sure to wipe that area with an antibacterial wipe or something like Stridex, little wet pads with salicylic acid (an acne-fighting ingredient)! You could also see a dermatologist to see if they have any suggestions.

Vanessa J.

by *zaina*all*te*way* on 8/7/2010 12:46:08 PM


if i were u depending on ur age dont use epiduo cuz that makes ur face burn and peel just wait till u get older just wash ur face every nite morning and even put like a cream or lotion towards where in the morning ur face will be fresh and also what i learn if u dont pick at ur zits they are not as noticable as u think


P.S. I just wanted to say when I said masks in the last comment, I meant face masks that harden and you peel/wash off of course, not like actual masks! Just clarifying, Lol.

Vanessa J.

by Peacetotheword on 8/7/2010 11:09:41 AM


There is a product I use called Acne Free i bought it at Target and it is the best acne stuff I have ever bought. I have boughten Proactive and to tell you the truth Acne Free worked 10 times better. It has a wash,toner, and then cream and you use it in night and morning but give it a try because trust me it works.

by taylorluvsya on 8/6/2010 12:46:23 PM


mod mod mod i have these really tiny pimples there so tiny but there all over my face do u know a good product that can take them off i use clearsill now so far i am not seeing an improvments


I'm sorry to hear about the breakouts!  I would definitely recommend reading this:  It says that what you need to take care of acne is a combo of a wash with salicylic acid and a benzoyl peroxide cream.  You'll have to do some label-reading at the drugstore, but there are lots of products out there that have these ingredients.  xoxo

Marie H.

by zubaida on 8/5/2010 7:02:04 PM


mod mod mod
what cleansers and face lotions are good for acne prone and sensitive skin?

It all depends on what works for you! You have to give different brands a chance.  Next time you're at the grocery store, or a drug store, take a walk down the face cleansing aisle.  Look for products that help fix your specific problems (blackheads, oil, pimples)! 
Katie R.

by aero12 on 8/5/2010 9:08:51 AM


my face is almost cleared up but i always have a bunch of bright red zits in between my eyebrows! I have face soap and eveything and it works everywhere else! Why don't they go away?is there anything i can do? I dont op pimples, i no that has consequences but what can i do? I keep my bangs up and off my face and its help along with soaps but they dont go away.
srry its so long

Theres not a whole lot you can do. Youre at an age where your face is going to break out and not always look its best. I wash my face every morning and night and i still break out a ton. So just put on some concealer and dont worry about it. It happens to the best of us Smile xoxo kerra 
Kerra S.

by vikingmegan on 8/4/2010 10:28:42 PM


If heard that if you mix a teensy bit of baking soda with your water it helps clear acne. I don't know how true it is but it never hurts to try!

by maremoze17 on 8/3/2010 4:57:12 PM

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