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I can't get rid of my pimples and blackheads

My mom pops them, but it hurts! I’ve tried over-the-counter medicines, but they don’t help. Is there a way for my face to clear up? We’ll...
108 Comments | Add Yours

I use Aveeno Daily Cleansing Clear Complexion. It worked for the first few months, and then it stopped working! I wash my face 2 times a day, and it doesn't help! Do you know any face washes for under $12 that will help my face? It's not oily and it's not dry, so it's like perfect, but I need a better face wash that would be available around  MO. Like I'm going to the mall on Thursday or Friday so like even West County mall in Chesterfield would work. But any ideas? Mod!


Hey girlie, try Clean and Clear

Paige T.

by luvshorty5 on 7/25/2010 12:21:26 AM


k so i rarely get acne or anything (thank God Smile) but now i have this one very noticeable zit right by my eyebrow!! i dont really use creams or scrubs on my face but there ANYTHING i can do 2 get rid of it?
thnx bunches!!! Smile

Hey! Just try not to touch it or pop in and it will go away. I think washing your face with a scrub and using creams can be helpful too. 
Helen S.

by soccergirlie on 7/24/2010 2:27:40 PM


i used to have extreme acne-i got rid of it by finding the right face wash and use tea tree oil-available at whole foods-put it on at night cuz it really smells-it works really well overnight

by lvpgn101 on 7/23/2010 6:29:39 PM


MOD MOD i have tons of blackheads on my nose,(my nose is very very oily) and i've tried over the counter stuff and scrubbing my nose but noting seems 2 work and i dont think my parents are gonna take me 2 the dermatologist 4 a few blackheads considering moneys kinda tight now so do u no of any home remedies that i could try?


Hey girl, I'm sorry about the skin troubles.  The good news is, they are probably more noticeable to you than they are to anyone else, so I wouldn't fret.  Keeping up on washing your face daily (but not overdoing it!) will help to keep them in check.  Also, making sure to use oil-free foundation and make-up if you wear it is really helpful.  Check out this article for more tips:  xoxo

Marie H.

by DewdropCat on 7/22/2010 6:32:53 PM


I get breakouts really easy. what will help?

Hey girlie, Just wash your face a lot! You can also look for acne face wash at the drugstore! 
Alissa S.

by winneconnerocks on 7/21/2010 1:12:46 PM


I get breakouts really easy. I use these face pads and some cream but it hasn't been helping. What are some acne stuff that i should use?

Hey girlie, You can try some acne face wash from the drugstore, but if it gets really bad, you might want to see a dermatologist! 
Alissa S.

by winneconnerocks on 7/21/2010 12:51:32 PM


I have really weird skin colored bumps on my knees and face. Do you know how I could get rid of them or what they could be?

Hey chicka,

You could try washing your face with an acne- fighting cleaner.  If this doesn't work, I would totally head to the derm.  He'll prob know what's best in terms of getting rid of these bumps. XOXO 
Fallon M.

by cec on 7/20/2010 4:43:50 PM


I have really weird skin colored bumps on my knees and face. Do you know how I could get rid of them or what they could be?

by cecgirl98 on 7/20/2010 3:40:51 PM


*****MOD MOD MOD MOD MOD MOD*********************
Okay I have been using all of the stuff from the store at different times and none of them work! Do you have any advice or reccomendations? •_•

Hey girlie, if it's really bothering you, see a dermatologist about it! 
Alissa S.

by pupcake101 on 7/19/2010 8:58:54 AM


hey i have pimpiles and ive been using stufff similer to proactive it works somethime but i want all of my pig stick out pimple gone by my first day of school Aug, 18th can u help!

Hey girl, we had a Clear Skin guide we ran last summer (read part 1 here: Hopefully this can help offer a variety of tips.

Alyssa B.

by mpa122797 on 7/18/2010 6:59:41 PM

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